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39 Highest Sign Up Bonus Apps with Instant Withdrawal (2023)

Who doesn’t love free money? Especially when it only takes a few minutes to sign up for an app or website, you can withdraw your bonus instantly.

That’s why I’ve compiled a list of the best sign up bonus apps that offer free money and instant withdrawals.

From cashback on online shopping to earning points by completing surveys or even simply downloading an app, these apps have something for everyone.

So, let’s dive in and explore the different ways to earn free cash with just a few taps!

🏆 9 Best Instant Sign-Up Bonus Apps (Editor’s Choice)

Looking for the best sign up bonus apps with instant withdrawal?

Look no further!

I’ve found the top 9 best apps that offer cash bonuses upon signing up.

These include popular apps like Albert and Chime, which instantly offer free money after successfully creating an account.

Fetch Rewards is another great option that provides users with a $2 bonus when they sign up using a referral code.

Meanwhile, Swagbucks offers new customers a chance to earn free cash or gift cards by completing online surveys and playing games.

Some other options include Cash App, Honeygain, Netspend, and Slide App – all of which provide easy ways to earn extra cash without spending any money.

These nine instant sign-up bonus apps make it incredibly easy to earn extra income immediately.

Whether you’re looking for quick rewards or ongoing passive income streams, these app options can help you save money while enjoying your usual activities, such as shopping online or completing simple tasks.

🥇 1. Albert App – $150 Bonus


Albert App is a must-have financial app for anyone looking to make the most of their money.

The app offers $250 cash advances and a $150 sign-up bonus, making it one of the best options out there.

So if you’re looking for an all-in-one solution for your finances while earning some extra cash through their generous sign-up bonus offer, then Albert App is worth checking out.

🥈 2. Ibotta – $30 Bonus

If you love shopping for groceries, the Ibotta app is perfect. This cash-back and rebate app offers the most deals compared to similar apps.

You can earn cash earnings through various offers and redeem them once you hit a minimum balance of $20.

New members at Ibotta get rewarded with a $10 welcome bonus.

All they have to do is create an account and make their first purchase using the app.

Users can also refer friends and family to earn even more rewards making it one of the best apps with sign up bonus available in 2023.

🥉 3. Chime – $100 Bonus

Chime is a popular mobile banking app that offers cashback rewards and automatic savings.

One significant advantage of signing up for Chime is the chance to earn a sign-up bonus worth up to $100.

Users can claim this bonus by setting up direct deposit within the first 45 days of opening their account.

Moreover, there are referral bonuses available for users who invite friends to join the platform.

4. Fetch Rewards

This free cashback app lets users earn points for scanning their digital or print receipts from grocery stores, restaurants, and local shops.

The app rewards its new subscribers with a welcome offer worth up to $4.50.

With Fetch Rewards, users can redeem their points for gift cards to popular retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and more.

Apart from earning points by submitting receipts, they can also earn extra bonuses by inviting friends to use the app through shared referral codes.

5. Cash App

Cash App is a finance app that lets users pay anyone instantly, save money, and invest in stocks or bitcoin.

And as a bonus for new users, Cash App often partners with various apps to offer sign-up bonuses ranging from $5 to $200.

To claim the initial sign-up bonus on Cash App, new account owners need only send five dollars via their already-linked bank account debit card.

The process is fast and easy and can even be done within minutes of signing up.

6. Swagbucks

With Swagbucks, you can earn points by playing games, completing surveys, shopping online, or watching videos.

These points can be redeemed for cash via PayPal or gift cards from popular retailers like Amazon and Walmart.

One of the best ways to maximize your earnings on Swagbucks is by using a sign-up code. By entering a referral code when signing up, you can get an instant $5 bonus added to your account balance.

There’s no minimum withdrawal amount with Swagbucks, so you can withdraw your earnings as soon as they’re available.

7. Slide App

Slide is a cash-back app that offers users 4% back on eligible online and in-store purchases.

With a $20 Sign up bonus, this app is an easy win for anyone looking for free money instantly.

With instant cash back on every transaction made through the app, Slide provides an excellent opportunity for smartphone app users to earn free money quickly and easily.

8. Honeygain

Honeygain is the first app that allows users to earn money online by sharing their internet connection.

By simply downloading and installing this app on your device, you can start earning a passive income without any effort on your part.

As an added bonus, Honeygain offers a $5 sign-up bonus which can be withdrawn once you reach $20 in points.

9. Netspend

Netspend is a versatile financial management app that offers personal bank accounts, prepaid debit cards, and business cards all in one place.

Additionally, the company provides referral bonuses where signing up with a referral code and adding $40 to your account earns you a $20 bonus.

30 More Instant Sign Up Bonus Apps

I’ve got you covered if you’re looking for more apps with sign-up bonuses. Dosh is a cashback app offering a $5 sign-up bonus and cashback on purchases from participating retailers.

Titan Invest is an investment app that gives new users $25 to start investing in their portfolio without any minimum deposit requirements.

Another popular app, Acorns, offers new users up to $10 in bonus investments when they link their bank account and make their first investment.

Robinhood also provides a free stock valued between $2.50 and $200 after opening an account with the commission-free trading app.

For those who enjoy taking surveys or giving opinions, Branded Surveys rewards new users with 100 points equal to one dollar as a welcome bonus while Zap Surveys offer an instant sign up bonus worth five dollars through PayPal or Amazon gift card.

Furthermore, InboxDollars will give you a $5 sign-up bonus just for registering and additional ways to earn money, such as watching videos and completing surveys, among other tasks.

1. Dosh app

Dosh is a popular app among smartphone users, and it’s easy to see why.

By linking their cards to the app, users can receive automatic cashback rewards for purchases made with those cards.

This means that the more you spend, the more you earn – without having to lift a finger!

Dosh is worth checking out for anyone looking to earn extra cash on their everyday spending.

And with no specific bonus amount mentioned, there’s no telling how much you could earn just by signing up!

Whether you’re an avid online shopper or prefer in-store purchases, Dosh can help you save money and earn cash back effortlessly.

So why not give it a try and see for yourself how much money you could be earning?

2. Titan Invest

Titan Invest is an innovative app that provides a $10 bonus for new users who open an account.

It’s a robo-advisor platform allowing investors to create personalized portfolios of stocks, crypto, real estate, and private credit.

Users can also access informative videos and push notifications that provide insights from the company’s investor relations team.

Titan Invest might be worth checking out if you’re searching for investment options beyond traditional stocks and bonds.

The app has gained popularity in recent years due to its unique approach to investing and user-friendly interface.

Additionally, many reviews have praised the platform for its transparency and low fees relative to other brokerage firms.

3. Acorns

Acorns is a popular investing app that has been gaining popularity in recent years.

With a $10 welcome bonus for new users who open an Invest account, Acorns is definitely worth considering.

Additionally, Acorns offers referral promotions to its users, with the potential to earn up to $700 for referring four new customers in March 2023.

One of the best things about Acorns is its spare-change savings tool and cash-back rewards program, which makes investing easy, especially for those who are just starting out.

However, some may find the management fee on small accounts steep. Despite this downside, there are related searches online for potential sign-up bonuses and referral rewards from

Acorns includes a possible $1,000 referral bonus and a $300 bonus listed on Reddit, making it clear that Acorn’s sign-up incentives are worth taking advantage of if you’re looking to start investing or grow your portfolio.

4. Robinhood

Robinhood is a popular commission-free investing app that a free stock and offers new users the chance to receive free stocks for signing up.

With a potential bonus of $5-$200, this app can be an excellent choice for beginner investors looking to start building their investment portfolio quickly.

Although Robinhood is not listed as one of the 9 best instant sign-up bonus apps, it’s still worth considering if you’re interested in investing.

When using Robinhood, it’s essential to consider if the app is safe and reliable.

The good news is that Robinhood has grown rapidly over recent years and continues to expand its services with features like options trading and cryptocurrency trading.

However, some concerns have been raised over the company’s practices in the past – so make sure you review all available information before deciding whether or not to use this investing platform.

5. Groupon

Groupon is a popular app that offers instant sign-up bonuses for its users.

The app provides exclusive deals and discounts on local products and services, including travel packages, spas, restaurants, and more.

With Groupon, users can save money instantly while exploring their community’s best offerings.

Along with the immediate sign-up bonus, Groupon also offers cashback rewards for purchases made through the app.

Users can earn up to 10% cashback on select deals, redeem them for future purchases, or transfer them to their bank accounts.

With over 187 million active subscribers worldwide, Groupon is undoubtedly one of the most reliable apps for saving money and enjoying life to the fullest.

6. Drop

Drop is an app that offers cash-back rewards for purchases at participating merchants.

It’s a great way to save money while shopping, especially if you frequently shop online.

The Drop app is available for iOS and Android, making it accessible to most smartphone users.

As one of the best sign-up bonus apps with instant withdrawal, Drop potentially offers a sign-up bonus to new users who download and start using the app.

Similar to other apps on the list, the sign-up bonus can range from $5 to $200 depending on various factors, such as completing certain actions within the app or referring friends.

So if you’re looking for an easy way to earn some extra cash while shopping, consider giving Drop a try.

7. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one of the best survey apps for those looking to earn free money, gift cards, or quick cash.

It is a legit survey platform that pays users in points that they can redeem for gift cards and cash via PayPal.

Signing up is free; users can earn points simply by completing surveys.

Survey Junkie remains a reliable way to earn money online through simple tasks such as taking surveys.

Even if users don’t qualify for certain surveys, the app still rewards them with some points.

In fact, Survey Junkie has been included in the list of the top 25 legitimate paid survey sites this year, proving its credibility and popularity among smartphone app users who are looking to make extra cash effortlessly.

8. Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys is a legitimate survey site that rewards users with cash and gift cards for their opinions.

Users can earn money by taking paid surveys, which offer competitive rewards and have a direct deposit payout option.

Branded Surveys has a newly launched mobile app, making it easy for users to take surveys on the go.

The article’s author tested Branded Surveys and earned money in just a short time by completing surveys.

The payouts were fast, accurate, and hassle-free. Branded Surveys also offers high-paying opportunities compared to other survey sites, making it an excellent choice for those looking to earn extra income from their smartphones.

9. Zap Surveys

Zap Surveys offer up to a $50 instant sign-up bonus for completing surveys, making it one of the highest-paying survey apps on this list.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to earn extra cash – keep reading and discover more apps with instant sign-up bonuses and withdrawal options!

10. Fundrise

Fundrise is a unique investment app that offers real estate investment opportunities to anyone, irrespective of their income or net worth.

By signing up for Fundrise and investing a minimum of $10 within the first 30 days, new users can get $10 worth of shares in the Fundrise Real Estate.

With the minimum investment and no brokerage fees or commissions, it’s an excellent way to start building an investment portfolio with passive income potential.

In addition to offering sign-up bonuses, Fundrise provides a hassle-free way to invest in commercial properties without having to buy them outright.

This diversifies your investments and provides monthly dividends as long-term wealth-building strategies.

As part of our list of top instant withdrawal apps with sign-up bonuses in 2023, Fundrise remains one of the best ways to earn money through smart investing while avoiding hefty financial advisor fees or market volatility risks like stocks and bonds.

11. Rakuten

Rakuten is a popular shopping app that offers cashback rewards to users for making purchases through the platform.

When you sign up for Rakuten, you can earn a $10 welcome bonus after your first purchase of $25 or more.

Not only that, but Rakuten also has an excellent referral program where you can earn up to $25 for each friend that signs up using your unique referral link.

In addition to earning cashback on purchases, Rakuten also has a survey section where you can answer questions and earn even more rewards. Some surveys pay as much as $50 per completion!

Plus, with its large selection of participating online retailers and easy-to-use interface, it’s no wonder Rakuten is one of the best sign up bonuses and bonus apps in 2023.

Overall, if you love shopping online and want to earn extra money while doing so, signing up for Rakuten is a no-brainer.

With its generous referral program and lucrative surveys on top of regular cashback rewards, this app is definitely worth checking out.

12. Toluna Influencers

Toluna Influencers is a paid survey site that rewards users for completing tasks.

With a proven track record of paying members, Toluna is considered a legitimate survey platform.

Users can earn points by taking surveys, participating in daily polls, and testing products.

One notable feature of Toluna Influencers is its mobile app, which allows users to complete surveys on the go easily.

Although ratings and reviews for Toluna are mixed, the free app has higher ratings on mobile platforms compared to review sites like TrustPilot.

If you’re looking for an easy way to earn extra cash through online surveys, Toluna Influencers may be worth checking out among other free money sign up bonus options.

13. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is an app that rewards its members in cash for participating in activities such as surveys, sampling products/services, and shopping.

It has a wide variety of options to choose from, making it easy to earn money passively by doing things you already do on a daily basis.

With over 17 million active users, InboxDollars also offers new members a $5 sign-up bonus.

One unique feature of InboxDollars is its Spin and Win game, where users can earn up to $100 by spinning a virtual wheel.

The app also offers some of the highest-paying surveys compared to other survey platforms, with some paying up to $50 each.

Additionally, InboxDollars pays out in real cash rather than gift cards or points and requires no minimum payout amount.

Overall, if you’re looking for an easy way to make extra money online with minimal effort, signing up for InboxDollars is worth considering, especially since you get instant withdrawal access when using their platform.

14. Upromise

Upromise is a loyalty program that helps users save money for college or pay off existing student loans.

Users can earn cashback on purchases from participating retailers by linking eligible credit or debit cards to their Upromise account.

Additionally, Upromise partners with Zap Surveys to offer bonus rewards when completing surveys.

Members of the program can also earn cashback by booking travel through the Upromise website or using its dining features at select restaurants.

The earnings are then deposited into the user’s account and can be withdrawn as a check or used to make payments towards eligible student loans.

With over 1 million registered members, Upromise has helped families save over $1 billion for education expenses since its inception in 2001.

15. Capital One Shopping

Capital One Shopping is a free browser extension that helps you save money while shopping online.

Once you download the extension, it will automatically apply coupon codes at checkout to ensure that you’re getting the best deal possible.

With over 30,000 retailers in its database, Capital One Shopping can help you save on everything you shop online, from clothes to electronics.

You can also earn rewards with Capital One Shopping by making purchases through their affiliate links or referring friends to the service.

Rewards can be redeemed for gift cards at popular retailers like Amazon and Walmart.

Additionally, if you already have a Capital One credit card, using Capital One Shopping can help maximize your rewards by showing which stores offer bonus cashback when using your card.

This makes it an excellent app to use for those who want to shop wisely and get more bang for their buck.

16. Discover

Discover is a popular banking app that offers a range of benefits to its users.

With Discover, you can earn up to $360 in cashback rewards per year just by spending on your debit card.

What’s more, new users are also eligible for a sign-up bonus of up to $360.

One unique feature of Discover is the ability to freeze your account if your debit card is ever lost or stolen, keeping your funds secure.

Plus, you can easily manage and monitor all activity within the app, including making transfers and deposits on-the-go.

Discover is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable and user-friendly banking app with great rewards and security features.

17. TopCashBack

TopCashBack is a cashback site that allows users to earn money back on their online shopping purchases.

It offers sign-up bonuses for new users and a referral program for additional earnings.

Users can earn cash back on online purchases from hundreds of different retailers by simply clicking through the TopCashBack site before making an online purchase.

One great feature of TopCashBack is the ability to withdraw rewards as soon as they become available, which makes it one of the best sign-up bonus apps with instant withdrawal options.

Users can receive their earnings via direct deposit or PayPal transfer, easily accessing their rewards immediately.

Overall, if you love online shopping and want to earn extra cashback, TopCashBack is worth checking out.

With its sign-up bonuses and instant withdrawal options, it’s a great way to save money while also enjoying all your favorite products and services!

18. Opinion Inn

Opinion Inn is an online survey platform that connects users with businesses looking for consumer opinions.

With a sign-up bonus of $10 and 100 points, Opinion Inn offers users the opportunity to earn extra cash by completing surveys on various topics ranging from health and fitness to technology and entertainment.

In addition to cash rewards, users can also exchange their earnings for gift cards from popular retailers.

The platform has received mixed reviews regarding payout rates and technical issues experienced by some users.

However, with over 20 million members worldwide, it is clear that many people have found success using Opinion Inn.

For those willing to put in the time and effort, this app could be worth trying out as part of a list of other instant sign-up bonus apps discussed in this article.

19. Public

The Public app is an investment platform that offers a free stock worth up to cash value of $70 for new users who sign up using a referral link.

The app’s brokerage services are commission-free, making it an affordable option for first-time investors.

Users can invest any amount of money they want and can choose from over 5,000 stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Public aims to create a community-driven investing experience by allowing users to follow each other’s portfolios, share insights about the market, and engage in discussions about specific companies or industries.

Investors can also earn more free stocks by referring their friends or family members to the app.

With its user-friendly interface and emphasis on transparency, Public is an excellent choice for beginner investors looking to grow their wealth without breaking the bank.

20. MobileXpression

MobileXpression is a great app for smartphone users looking to earn extra cash. The app offers new users an instant sign-up bonus of $5, which can be easily withdrawn once they reach the payout threshold of $15.

This means you could get paid quickly by installing and using MobileXpression.

One thing to note is that MobileXpression has been around for over two decades and is entirely legitimate.

It’s associated with Zap Surveys, meaning you can also earn additional money taking surveys through the app.

On top of that, member reviews on SurveyPolice indicate that this app pays out regularly and reliably- making it a highly trusted option in 2023.

If you’re looking to make some extra cash without putting in too much effort, consider downloading MobileXpression today- who knows what kind of rewards await!

21. SoFi

SoFi is a reliable online cash management app that offers both interest and cash-back rewards. It’s an all-in-one solution for investing, borrowing, and saving money.

With SoFi’s savings account feature, users can earn higher interest than the national average.

Moreover, SoFi offers $50 sign-up bonus for new members who deposit at least $500 within 30 days of opening an account, as well as a referral program where you can earn up to $310 by inviting friends and family to join the platform.

Overall, SoFi provides excellent value and is highly recommended to those looking for a user-friendly financial management app.

22. Shopkick

Shopkick is a widely used smartphone app for earning rewards while shopping at various retailers such as Target, Walmart, and Amazon.

With its exciting features like walk-in rewards and scan product incentives, users can earn points called “kicks” that can be redeemed for gift cards or PayPal cash.

Shopkick also has easy-to-complete tasks like watching videos or visiting online stores to earn more kicks.

In addition to offering kick rewards for shopping, Shopkick partners with Zap Surveys to provide users with surveys that pay out instant sign-up bonuses.

Users who sign up through the app will receive a welcome bonus of 250 kicks worth $1 just by joining Zap Surveys from their phone.

The survey platform provides location-based surveys that allow users to effortlessly gain cents in reward earnings without leaving their comfort zone.

Overall, Shopkick is an excellent choice for anyone looking to earn some extra money while completing routine errands or hanging out at home.

23. KashKick

KashKick is one of the apps mentioned in the list of best sign-up bonus apps with instant withdrawal.

While it does not offer a sign-up bonus, KashKick allows users to earn money by completing surveys and other tasks.

However, registration is only available in select countries such as the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

It’s important to note that KashKick has received mixed reviews from users. Some have found success earning extra cash through completing surveys, while others have encountered poorly compensated surveys.

Overall, it may be worth trying out KashKick if you’re looking for a way to earn some extra money online but keep your expectations realistic based on user experiences.

Additionally, other survey websites such as InboxDollars and Branded Surveys are also worth exploring for potential earnings opportunities.

24. PointClub

If you’re looking for an app that rewards you for completing surveys, then PointClub is worth checking out.

It’s a legitimate survey platform paying its members cash or gift cards.

Like Zap Surveys and PrizeRebel, PointClub offers legit Cash App surveys where you can earn money by taking online surveys about various products and services.

The app also allows users to redeem their earnings through PayPal or other popular retailers like Amazon or Walmart.

Overall, if you want to make some extra cash in your spare time, PointClub is definitely an app worth considering.

Just keep in mind that, like with any survey platform, the amount of money you can make may vary depending on how many surveys are available at any given time.

25. Trim

Trim is a unique app that helps users save money by analyzing their spending habits and finding areas where they can cut back.

It’s perfect for anyone who wants to be more mindful of their finances without having to do all the work themselves.

With Trim, you can link your bank accounts and credit cards, and the app will automatically analyze your expenses.

In addition to helping you save money, Trim also offers various cashback rewards through its partner programs such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, or Hulu discounts, and even commission-free stock trading.

The best part?

Signing up for Trim is completely free of charge! Just connect your accounts and let the app do the rest.

Whether you’re looking to get your finances in order or just want to earn extra cashback rewards, Trim is an excellent app choice.

Plus, with its sign-up bonus cashback offer available upon registration (and instant withdrawal), there has never been a better time to try it!

26. Aspiration

Aspiration is a platform that offers its users a unique approach to banking.

They provide both an online account and debit card, allowing users to earn interest on their deposits while supporting sustainable business practices.

Aspiration has no monthly fees and doesn’t charge for ATM withdrawals, making it highly cost-effective for users.

By signing up with Aspiration, you can receive up to $200 in cashback rewards when you spend money at environmentally conscious businesses.

Additionally, new customers can earn a cash bonus of up to $100 by setting up direct deposit or referring friends who sign up for the app.

With Aspiration’s unique features and rewards program that aligns with their core values of sustainability and ethical business practices, it’s certainly worth considering as your go-to bank account app.

27. LifePoints

LifePoints is a popular sign-up bonus app that rewards users with gift cards and cash for completing surveys.

With LifePoints, you can earn points by taking part in online surveys, product tests, and mobile diaries.

The platform has a user-friendly interface and offers interesting industry survey topics.

One of the standout features of LifePoints is its low minimum cash out and payout threshold.

After accumulating 5500 points (equivalent to $5), you can convert your earnings into PayPal cash or gift cards from popular retailers such as Amazon and Walmart.

Additionally, new members receive 10 free points just for signing up on the app.

28. Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is an excellent app for those who love to shop and save money.

Scanning your receipts can earn cashback on items you purchase regularly.

The app also offers a $5 welcome bonus for new users, making it easy to sign up and get started right away.

One of the best features of CheckOut 51 is that it works with any grocery store rather than just one specific chain.

This means that no matter where you prefer to shop, you can still take advantage of this money-saving opportunity.

Simply scan your receipts after each shopping trip and watch your savings grow over time!

29. TradeStation

TradeStation is a commission-free trading app offering new users instant sign-up bonuses.

The platform provides a crypto bonus for traders who fund their accounts with at least $0.01, guaranteeing a $10 bonus.

TradeStation also has an investment portfolio, which allows users to buy and sell various stocks and ETFs.

With TradeStation’s user-friendly interface, creating an account and investing in just a few minutes is easy.

Additionally, the app offers free educational resources such as webinars, videos, articles, and more to help beginners understand how to invest wisely in the stock market.

For anyone looking for extra cash or passive income opportunities from trading on their mobile phone apps, TradeStation is definitely worth considering as one of the best sign up and get money instantly apps.

30. FusionCash

FusionCash is a survey company that pays its members to complete surveys, test new products, and complete offers.

The company offers new members a $5 sign-up bonus. Members can also earn money by referring friends to the platform.

Referral bonuses include $1 when a referral confirms their email, $2 when they complete a paid-to-sign-up offer, and $5 each time they cash out.

Other Ways To Sign Up And Get Money Instantly

Apart from the instant sign-up bonus apps mentioned above, there are other ways to earn free money instantly just by signing up for various services.

Many banks offer cash bonuses when new customers sign up and open a bank account with them.

Depending on the bank and its specific promotions, some of these bonuses can range from $100 to even $500 or more.

Another option is downloading browser extensions like Honey that help you save money while shopping online.

With this extension, users can apply coupons and promo codes automatically at checkout, ensuring they get the best deal possible.

Users can also earn cashback rewards for eligible purchases made through participating retailers.

Additionally, some investment apps offer instant bonuses when new users open an account and deposit funds into their investment portfolio.

These platforms provide a great opportunity for individuals looking to start investing but may not have much capital initially.

Lastly, completing surveys through sites like Survey Junkie or Branded Surveys can also lead to instant payout in the form of gift cards or PayPal cash.

It’s important to note that although these payouts may be smaller than what’s offered by other sign-up bonus apps, it requires only minimal effort and time commitment – making it worth considering as another way to make extra cash instantly.

Bank Apps With A Sign-Up Bonus

Banks are not left out when it comes to instant sign-up bonus apps. Many financial institutions now offer incentives to new customers who open an account with them.

For instance, Chime offers a $75 welcome bonus when you set up a direct deposit of at least $200 on the account within the first 45 days of its opening.

Similarly, Capital One 360 Checking Account gives users a $100 cash bonus for signing up and making at least three debit card purchases or mobile deposits within 45 days of opening the account.

Another bank app that rewards new users is SoFi Money. The platform provides a minimum cash out and a bonus of $50 when you sign up through a referral link and make an initial deposit of at least $25 in your account.

Also, if you’re looking for investment opportunities with bonuses attached, the Robinhood app allows new members to earn one free share worth between $2.50 and $200 after they sign up using someone’s referral link and create an approved account by linking their bank details.


In summary, these instant sign-up bonus apps are a game-changer for anyone looking to make free money online.

These apps offer a variety of ways to earn extra cash, from completing surveys and shopping online to playing games and investing in stocks.

The best part is that many of these apps offer no deposit requirements and provide a sign-up bonus ranging from $5 to over $20 or more! So why not take advantage of this opportunity and start earning some free money today?

Don’t wait any longer, download these free apps here now and start building your passive income stream!

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