Ibotta referral code bonus

HIGHEST Ibotta Referral Code 2023: PJDLSCG (Free Bonus)

⚡ Enter the official Ibotta referral code PJDLSCG during sign-up and redeem your first offer within 30 days to earn a $10 referral bonus, a $20 welcome bonus, and additional cashback on select offers while supplies last. Users can also gain extra bonuses by referring friends to the app.

On the hunt for a good Ibotta referral code 2023 that works?

🛒 Ibotta Referral CodePJDLSCG
💰 Referral EarnsUp to $30
🤑 Get Paid WhenAfter Completing An Offer
💸 Cash OutSame Day
🎁 All BonusesReferral, Welcome, Seasonal, and Limited Time Bonuses

Dying to snag that sweet $20 welcome bonus?

You’re in the right place!

We’ve got an official Ibotta referral code: PJDLSCG, that works beautifully, along with step-by-step instructions to help you earn that referral bonus while continuing to earn extra cash every time you shop.

Plus, get an extra $10 to $50+ with the seasonal bonus and even more for referring additional friends.

A screenshot of your referral code from the ibotta app

How many bonuses is that?

Completing everything listed in this guide will boost your bonus to $58!

🔥 Don’t miss this! The best referral bonus apps for 2023 is a list of instant real cash bonuses that payout directly to your bank account, similar to Ibotta!

In this guide, we’ll discuss the following:

Does all of that sound good?

Let’s dive in!

Does Ibotta Have a Referral Code?

As of March 2023, an official Ibotta referral code is PJDLSCG. Enter this code and submit your first receipt to earn your $10 referral bonus plus a $20 welcome bonus while supplies last.

A graphic of Ibotta referral code hacks to get a sign up bonus

You’ll get that bonus if you enter this code during sign-up and redeem an offer within 30 days.

You can snag $30 right off the bat (the first $10 is for using the referral code, and the remaining $20 is for redeeming that first offer).

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How to Use Ibotta Referral Code

When looking at any referral program, people often wonder about many things.

A screenshot of the Referral Code for Ibotta with Welcome Bonus & More

Such as?

  • What does the Ibotta referral code do?
  • How can I earn cash?
  • Does it work for online shopping?
  • Is it only for new users?
  • Is this a free app?
  • Is it just the signup bonus, or can I keep earning cash back when I invite others?
  • Is it just for grocery shopping?

To get some things out of the way, Ibotta is a free app.

It’s a rewards app that allows you to receive cash rebates and earn money back from your favorite grocery stores…but it’s not just groceries.

You can save at SO MANY retailers; it’ll blow your mind.

And the Ibotta referral code hack we discuss here is the BEST.


Because yes, you can earn the Ibotta sign-up bonus, but you can also keep earning cashback by using your referral link to invite friends to sign up for Ibotta.

And you can continue to redeem offers as often as you want and earn other coupons, too; no referral code is needed.

What is a Referral Code for Ibotta?

An Ibotta referral code 2023 is the best way to get a good start. Enter this code PJDLSCG in the Ibotta app to earn an additional cash bonus when you redeem an offer while supplies last.

The Ibotta referral code is a unique string of letters that Ibotta users can share with friends and family to get a referral bonus when that referral signs up and completes an offer.

You may use the Ibotta code to earn one of the largest sign-up bonuses and significant savings on your regular purchases.

Below, we’ll tell you how to add this referral code to your Ibotta account.

How to Enter the Ibotta Referral Code

To enter a referral code for Ibotta, you need to:

  1. Download and sign-up for the Ibotta app
  2. Enter the code PJDLSCG during the sign-up process
  3. Redeem an offer or upload a receipt

But don’t miss the rest of the bonuses too!

Let’s break it down first.

All the Ibotta Bonuses

A graphic for Ibotta giveaways and bonuses

The first is the referral code you’ll need to use during sign-up.

Here are all of the bonuses you can grab hold of:

  • Earn $10 when you use the referral code at sign-up
  • Add another $20 for completing a qualifying offer within 30 days (this is the welcome bonus)
  • Redeem an additional $10 for each friend you refer to Ibotta (this is unlimited!)
  • Another $10-$50 (or more) for special bonuses (typically, they’re seasonal)

That’s a total of $48, even before referring friends!!

That’s wild.

What is the Best Ibotta Referral Code to Use?

There are hundreds of Ibotta referral codes, but which is the greatest?

When you download the Ibotta app and make a qualifying purchase using one of these referral codes, you’ll get an Ibotta welcome bonus.

The best Ibotta referral code to use is:

This code works!

It’s been verified hundreds of times and doesn’t send anyone away with error messages and frustration.

Just a good ol’ simple Ibotta referral code hack for free money.

How Do You Invite Friends with the Ibotta App?

You’ll get a referral bonus when a buddy joins with your code and uses the app to shop in-store or online.

You’ll receive $5 for each friend you refer and possible Ibotta referral bonuses throughout the month.

More money for your friends, more money for you — that’s a no-brainer!

To enter the Ibotta referral code into your app:

  1. Download the Ibotta app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store if you haven’t already
  2. When you’ve opened up your account, click on “Invite Friends.”
  3. In the referral code box – enter the following: PJDLSCG
  4. Press “Submit” and share!
  5. Double-check that it shows your Ibotta cash balance updated with a referral bonus! ♥️

That’s all there is to it.

You’ll earn a referral bonus for adding a friend to Ibotta without sacrificing cashback savings — everyone’s a winner!

Ibotta Referral Bonus Requirements

There isn’t much in the way of red tape for using an Ibotta referral code.

There are a few small requirements to keep in mind, however. [2]

Here they are:

  • Ibotta referral code users (the people entering the code at signup) must be new users to the app (there are other ways for existing users to earn cash back)
  • You must make a qualifying purchase before the signup bonus pays out
  • This qualifying offer usually has a time frame attached to it (typically redeemed within 14 days, but it sometimes varies)
  • Any items listed in the Ibotta app qualify to meet these requirements
  • The cashback will process to your account before it officially becomes a ‘qualifying purchase,’ and the signup bonus will be paid.

What is Ibotta & Why Do I Need It?

Ibotta is a user-friendly platform that makes it simple to get the best deal available, making it a popular choice for customers seeking the most bang for their buck.

For even more significant savings, Ibotta coupon codes may be used.

A graphic of Ibotta and Walmart partnership

Ibotta works with several major retailers, allowing customers to save on everyday products.

Ibotta collaborates with Walmart, The Home Depot, Amazon, Macy’s, and Adidas. [1]

But there are MANY more.

Customers may also get cashback & savings (or even a gift card) at pharmacies, convenience stores, and grocery stores by using their phones or making in-store trips.

The options are pretty limitless.

An Ibotta account allows you to save extra money from the grocery store, online purchases, and a whole load of other everyday purchases you already make.

Plus, Ibotta referrals can snag you some extra money just by spreading the word.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Great Ways to Use Ibotta to Save Money

A graphic of Great Ways to Use Ibotta to Save Money

Do you love saving money?

There are many ways to save (or earn cashback) when you sign up for Ibotta.

Plus, since the free app, all of these bonus methods are stellar ways to get cashback on stuff you’re already buying (plus another mention of that sign-up bonus in case you missed it above).

Here are some excellent ways to earn cashback with Ibotta.

Another fantastic app that gives you cash back at the pump is Upside.

Generic & Any-Brand Item Offers

Often overlooked, the Ibotta rebates hack is to earn cashback from generic items or ‘any-brand’ items, meaning you can get the discount regardless of which brand you choose. [3]

This is a great way to save at certain stores every time you shop.

Many times you’ll earn this simply by watching videos in the app.

Get Cash Back for Items You Already Purchase

Ibotta graphic for How to Get Cash Back for Items You Already Purchase

Doesn’t everyone have to eat?

Ibotta simplifies saving money on food you are most likely already buying.

No extra purchases are necessary!

There’s no need to clip coupons or register for every grocery store’s newsletter; instead, Ibotta allows you to use it quickly, as follows:

  1. Look for offers on items you intend to purchase
  2. Purchase those items as you usually would
  3. With the Ibotta app, please take a photo of your receipt and upload it (or connect your loyalty account to upload it automatically)
  4. You will see your savings in your Ibotta account typically after 24-48 hours
  5. Redeemed rebates can be used to purchase other products using PayPal, or you can cash it out to a bank account if you prefer

Looking for a quick Ibotta discount?

You can combine sales, coupons, and other offers with Ibotta deals to save even more.

I’ve been able to get things for cents by doing this, so you may still coupon while saving money using Ibotta.

It’s a win-win all around 🙂

Use the Ibotta Browser Extension

A screenshot of how to get cashback online using the Ibotta extension

The Ibotta browser extension is a great way to save money when shopping online. [4]

All of the Ibotta requirements for a cashback bonus are met through this method, and it’s super easy to use!

The extension will show discounts while you shop at any site that supports Ibotta.

You can even get notifications about offers from your favorite stores so that you don’t miss out on one.

Here’s how it works:

  • Visit an online store by typing in their web address or clicking a link from another page (the browser plugin works with over 40+ popular retailers)
  • You’ll see Ibotta offers details on special savings for the products available from the selected retailer
  • Proceed to checkout as normal
  • After payment is processed, a confirmation message will appear on your screen.

Earn Cash Through Special Bonuses (up to $45+)

A screenshot of the Ibotta app showing the bonuses available

Ibotta offers various bonuses, including receiving a certain number of rebates before a specific date or referring a particular amount of people.

It’s an excellent method to boost your Ibotta earnings.

Not to mention that tremendous initial welcome bonus!

Their seasonal bonuses change often; for example, they typically have a back-to-school bonus around August/September and holiday bonuses towards the end of the year.

This bonus typically provides $10-$50 for redeeming more offers.

A screenshot of seasonal bonuses you can redeem on Ibotta

Some users have reported higher bonuses for this one, up to even $45!

The bonus amount seems to vary by user.

Of course, this higher bonus amount may come with higher redemption requirements, so check your account to know your specific requirements before you go for it.

It may seem like quite a lot of offers, but you can rack up quite a few with a big shopping trip, especially if you go to more than one store.

Free After-Rebate Offers

Ibotta publishes “free after rebate” deals a few times each month. [5]

What does this mean?

This implies you get the item for free after receiving your rebate payment.

You save money because the rebate amount equals the item’s price, so you receive food for free!

These offers don’t happen often, but keep an eye out for them.

Ibotta Referral Bonus – Refer Friends & Family

A screenshot of the refer a friend program page on Ibotta's official website.

If you want to spread the love, Ibotta offers a referral bonus.

They’ll give you $10 for every person you introduce to Ibotta.

Awesome, right 🙂

Plus, this is unlimited!

You can refer as many people as you’d like without reaching any limit.

The person you’re referring to will also receive a sign-up bonus of $10 for using your referral code and a $20 welcome bonus once they redeem their first offer.

It’s a win-win all around.

screenshot of the refer friends section of the Ibotta app with the referral code.

To refer someone to the Ibotta app:

  1. Log into your Ibotta account
  2. Tap the menu (top left corner) of the app; it should expand on your screen
  3. Tap ‘Refer a Friend’
  4. Enter the email address of the person you’d like to refer
  5. Tap their name once it pops up, and the app will send your referral code to them for you

Prefer to send it manually?

That’s fine too!

Simply give them our referral code to be super quick about it.

Or, you can go through the above steps but send the code to yourself, then copy & paste it however you’d like.

Can You Use Ibotta for In-Store Shopping?

Yes, you can also use Ibotta when shopping in brick-and-mortar stores.


You can get cash back by scanning your item’s barcode or QR code at the checkout and uploading a photo of your receipt to Ibotta to redeem the offer right inside the store.

Just buy all your regular groceries and other items as you usually would, then do the uploading/scanning.

They’ll send you money back for what you bought!

The cashback is typically anywhere from $0.20 to $5 per item, and you can expect to see that money deposited into your Ibotta account within 48 hours of uploading your receipt.

Getting Savings with Online Retailers

You can use Ibotta to save when shopping online!

Ibotta alerts you to great deals and promos at your favorite retailers, like Target.

Simply open the app, find the stores you love (Target included!), and browse the offers online.

If there’s an offer available for that retailer, click through to start shopping.

You’ll get savings on all sorts of items just by making purchases as usual—no coupons or promo codes needed!

Ibotta Referral Program & Bonuses

You’ll get a referral bonus when a friend uses your code to make a purchase in-store or online.

You may earn $5 for each friend you refer and look for additional Ibotta referral bonuses monthly.

Now that’s something extraordinary!

More money for your friends and more money for yourself — it’s winning all around!

What Happens Next With the Ibotta Sign-Up Bonus?

$10 in Ibotta cash will be rewarded to each new user who completes the app’s activation process and, within 30 days of creating their account, refers a friend who downloads the Ibotta app (“New Users”) to make a qualifying purchase.

Do you want to get your friends on board?

You may earn a $10 Ibotta referral bonus for each friend you bring aboard!

You must go to your profile in the app and find your Ibotta referral code (it will be listed there). Now you may share it with your friends.

Tips for New Ibotta Users

  • Make sure the individual joining your Ibotta referral code 2022 is someone you’re familiar with, not a stranger (friend, family member, coworker, etc.)
  • Don’t forget about “buy one, get one free” and other shop discounts during the holidays; it’ll help you save money on all of the things you usually purchase
  • Use a gift card to get things from shops we wouldn’t usually purchase to make it seem like we’re saving money.
  • Install their browser extension to get even more slashed off your purchases while you’re browsing different retailers already, saving even more money and getting cash back when you shop online
  • Connect your loyalty accounts to save even more and make the process go more quickly and smoothly

What Do You Need to Check for During the Sign-Up Process?

During the initial sign-up process, here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • If you’re unsure whether your Ibotta referral code has been verified, check the status of your verification (which should say completed).
  • The verification request also includes any tasks or offers that must be completed for you to complete the verification process (for example, “Verify my phone number”).
  • To make the bonus with Ibotta work, you must complete a qualifying purchase within a specified period. Check that immediately so you don’t miss out or wait too long to redeem your first receipt.

Ibotta Welcome Bonus Not Showing Up

What if the Ibotta referral code seemed to work fine, but the bonus isn’t showing up? [6]

Frustrating but probably an easy fix.

Here are a few things to try:

  • Clear the app’s cache
  • Uninstall & reinstall the app
  • Delete your account & re-sign up with our referral link or enter the Ibotta referral code

If none of these work, feel free to contact Ibotta support; they should be able to help you redeem your Ibotta code without too much more hassle.

The Ibotta Saver Community

Want to maximize your savings?


You should check out the Ibotta Saver Community! [7]

This is a forum for all Ibotta savers to talk about how they maximize their savings, talk strategies, and more.

It’s a wealth of tips & tricks.

They have various topics, including a deals forum, deal stacking, bonuses, and hauls & wins.

FAQs – Ibotta Referral 2023

What is the Difference Between an Item’s Rebate Price and Its Grocery Store Sticker Price?

The difference between an item’s rebate price and its grocery sticker price is that Ibotta sets one while the retailers fix the other.

How Does Ibotta Determine Their Item’s Rebate Price?

Ibotta determines its item’s rebate price based on qualifying purchase history, historical data related to an item or category, market research, and information supplied directly by brands.

Can I sign up for multiple accounts to get more welcome bonuses?

No, a maximum of one account is allowed per person, and you cannot redeem a single referral code across multiple accounts.

What is the Ibotta sign up bonus?

Ibotta does not offer a sign up bonus, but they do offer a referral bonus and welcome bonus when completing an offer after you first sign up.

What is the Ibotta promo code?

Ibotta does not have promo codes, but they offer a referral code you can enter when you first sign up.

Ibotta referral code not working

If your Ibotta referral code is not working, it may be because the person you referred did not enter your code when signing up[1][2]. If they did not use your code, you will not receive a referral bonus[1]. There is no limit to the number of friends you can refer, so refer as many as you’d like[3]. If you have any issues with receiving a referral bonus, contact Ibotta support for assistance[1][4]. A referral code is a unique code assigned to you at registration that allows you to refer others and earn bonus cash when they sign up using your code and redeem their first offer[5].

How to fix Ibotta referral code

If your Ibotta referral code is not working, it may be because the person you referred did not enter your code when signing up[1][2]. If they did not use your code, you will not receive a referral bonus [1]. If you have any issues with receiving a referral bonus, contact Ibotta support for assistance[3]. Referral bonuses may not be received due to the referral not completing the sign-up or redemption process[4]. To find your referral code, go to your Account in the Ibotta app and tap “Invite friends”[5].


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