13 Free Apps That Pay You to Walk (2023)

Are you looking for apps that pay you to walk?

You’re in the right place!

Yes, you can get paid to walk – and we’ll show you how.

Apps that pay you to walk are the perfect way for busy people on the go to make a few bucks.

You can earn extra money every month just by walking around your neighborhood!

Whether it’s raining, snowing, or 100 degrees outside, these apps will help you work out while making money.

The best apps are also designed with a healthy lifestyle in mind, so they allow you to earn points (usually points based on your walk and the chance for more points for added tasks), enter into weekly prize groups, and ultimately redeem rewards for healthy choices.

Let’s dive in!

How Do You Get Paid to Walk?

Apps that pay you to walk work by using apps and programs on your phone to track your steps.

Most offer free memberships (typically, there is also a paid option for more features).

For example, the app ShoeBox uses other apps like Uber, Spotify, and RunKeeper to determine how far you’ve walked.

You can then cash out when you reach a certain amount in rewards!

Depending on how often and how much you walk, the cash rewards could be a few dollars, more points to go towards grocery stores or other needs, or a pretty good chunk of change.

13 Highly-Rated Apps That Pay You to Walk

Did you know that nearly 70% of adults in the United States are considered overweight or obese? 


One of the most challenging things about losing weight is getting started. 

The good news?

There are apps out there to help motivate us and keep us on track with our health goals. 

In fact, some of these health apps even pay you for walking! 

These include some popular, well-known options and other fitness-oriented companies trying to incentivize people to live their healthiest lifestyle. Many of these other health apps feature the ability to join challenges (that’s always motivating for me).

Here’s a list of 10 of the best apps that can help get your fitness journey started on the right foot.

Most are available on the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.



The Sweatcoin app is the only one that pays you to walk in all 50 states.

It’s a well-known app that pays you to walk and for good reason.

All you have to do is walk or run outside, track your steps with the app, and earn coins. You can make up to $1 per 1,000 steps. 

That’s pretty cool!

You can also compete against people from around the world by sharing your leaderboard rank on social media



This is a great app that pays you to walk.

You can get paid with PayPal cash or Alipay and make money while walking around your neighborhood!    

After accumulating enough points, you can redeem them for cash and gift cards.



Another app that pays you to walk!

You can make up to $1 for 10,000 steps when downloading this great fitness-tracking app.

All you have to do is earn points by walking and running.  

Then, you’ll get paid with PayPal cash when you reach $12!



The more steps you take, the more money you can make!


You get to choose which cause your money will be donated to when you download this app for free.

Plus, if you invite friends who download the app using your referral code, you will get 100 Lympo tokens.


Fitpotato App

All you have to do on this app is follow your fitness plan, track your progress, and get rewarded for being healthy.

The app will credit your FitPotato wallet daily with up to 50 coins.  

Then, cash out your coins for money once you have enough.

Easy peasy.


All you have to do on this app is walk, run, or bike outside while tracking your steps with the GPS tracking function on your phone.

Every mile you walk will earn you cash that can be redeemed instantly.

This app lets you earn up to $10 daily.

Evidation (Previously the Achievement app)

You can win money just by walking, hiking, or running outside.  

Every mile you walk earns you points which you can redeem for cash and gift cards at any time.

It’s a simple achievement app: the more you walk, the more points you earn.


All you have to do is bet money on how many steps you want to take in a week.

Pretty cool, huh?

Then, if you don’t meet your goal by Sunday night, your money will go into the jackpot for all other players who succeeded.  

The top scorers get cash prizes!

A fun way to turn your lazy days into money 🙂

This is a uniquely effective model because most people don’t want to lose money, so the incentive to complete their steps is strong.


All you have to do is walk outside and track your steps with this app!

You get rewards every time you reach a set amount of miles.  

Your EarthMiles can be redeemed for merchandise, gift cards, or even donated to select causes.

That’s an awesome feature.

Charity Miles

All you have to do is download the app and start walking.

Every mile you walk, run, or bike gives money to help find cures for 12 different diseases like cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.    


When you sign up with your Charity Miles link, you’ll get an extra 10 miles!


This fantastic fitness tracker pays you just for walking at your own pace.

The more steps you take, the more money you can make when downloading CircleCare free of charge.

Then, simply redeem your earnings in the mobile application once they reach $2.

Fit For Bucks

Fit For Bucks is one of our favorite apps.

All you have to do on this website is take surveys about your health, fitness goals, lifestyle choices, and more.


You must watch videos, play games, and complete surveys while tracking your steps with a pedometer or fitness band.

You can also win contests through the app.


You can use this app site on your smartphone, tablet, or computer to complete surveys and watch videos for cash.

Optimity (Previously Carrot Rewards)

All you have to do on this walking app is walk outside!

To get paid, download the free app and start walking like normal.

myWalgreens Health Goals (Previously Walgreens Balance Rewards)

Apps that pay you to walk are intriguing!

This one is specific to Walgreens – you might know it as Walgreens Balance Rewards – and provides the opportunity to earn points to use towards a healthy lifestyle.

Or, maybe putting real money towards a monthly bill will make a difference for you.

With this great cash-for-steps app, you can download the app and track your healthy choices.

Every little bit of incentive – and cash – helps towards your health and fitness goals.

PK Rewards

Get paid for walking – or biking – outside!

You get points for each mile traveled, which can add up to big earnings over time if you stay consistent.


Runtopia is a great app to use if you’re a beginner.

All you have to do to earn money by walking is keep track of your workouts and stay active on their platform.

More Ways to Make Money That Involve Walking

If you want to walk for money, there are more ways to do so.

Here are some more ideas to dig into!

Delivery Jobs/Gig Economy Apps

Many apps in the delivery apps-for-hire category will feature ways for you to get paid just for walking with them.

These food delivery apps pay you for deliveries, right?


Well, all of them require a good bit of walking from your car to the restaurant and to your destination, etc.

You’re essentially getting paid for those steps!

There are many apps such as this in the on-demand world these days.

Let’s take a look at a few of our favorites.

DoorDash – food delivery

Uber Eats – food delivery

Postmates – food delivery

GrubHub – food delivery

Instacart – grocery delivery

Favor – get paid to complete tasks for others (lots of walking involved)

Shipt – grocery delivery

TaskRabbit – get paid to complete tasks for others (lots of walking involved)

Get Paid to Lose Weight with HealthyWage

The HealthyWage app is a little different than the apps mentioned above, but it’s definitely worth a mention! [1]

HealthyWage allows you to place a wager on your weight loss goals.

If you reach your goal?

You can earn up to $10,000!

The HealthyWage app seems to be the only ‘get paid to walk app’ when you walk for a specific goal and apps with an average payout of up to $100+, so it’s worth trying.

Earn Money Walking Dogs

Now – apps that pay you for walking are not limited to weight loss apps.

There are apps from side hustlers and apps from pet lovers.

Lots of choices 🙂

Let’s take a look at some dog-walking apps.

  • Wag
  • Rover
  • Tailster

These apps pay out various rewards for walking during your own hours. You can earn coins, extra cash, or gift cards the same way. Many also offer walking challenges and allow you to challenge friends as well.

The only downside is that demand for these services might be unsteady, so it isn’t as secure as other forms of earning income.

It could make a fantastic side hustle, though!

Making Money While Shopping

Some apps allow you to earn money while shopping at different types of stores or just walking around your neighborhood.

Many apps will pay you for the miles you walk each day, week, etc.

Let’s check out some of these money-walking/shopping app hybrids.


BestMark is an app that pays you to walk into stores and complete tasks for businesses.

When you open the app, it gives your three options:

  1. Pick up or drop off a package
  2. Survey tasks
  3. Mystery shop tasks

Picking up a package is easy – you can drop one off or pick one up for the app.

Survey tasks are surveys that companies want to get feedback on their products or services, and you earn money for taking them.

Mystery shopper tasks will show you a picture of an item in a store, then tell you how much it is selling for at different places around town.

It’s pretty straightforward.

You then tell the app what you think is a fair price for that item and are paid accordingly.

Bestmark pays in cash through PayPal after you’ve earned $20.

Apps like this are great when you’re looking to earn some extra money but don’t have time to do traditional jobs since Bestmark only requires an hour or two of your time every few days.

Or, if you’re looking for PayPal games (legit cash games that pay out funds via PayPal), there are many options out there for game apps that pay real money.


Shopkick rewards you for walking into stores.

You get points when you walk in and then money or rewards that you exchange your points for at the end of the week if you have a certain amount.

When you first download Shopkick apps, they ask for permission to access your location services.


This is so they can accurately track how long you walk-in stores and how often.

Some apps ask for access to your camera to earn extra money when you upload pictures of receipts from the store you went in.

If you don’t want to allow access to your location or camera at all times, then they give you the option to deny apps that part before you download them.

How does it work?

Shopkick gives you kicks, or points, for walking into a store and scanning products.

Kicks vary in how many points they are worth, but some items will get you 20 kicks while others only get 10.

Some tasks require you to scan certain products (like all cereal) before getting kicked.

When you get a certain number of kicks, apps like Shopkick give you money or gift cards to places like Amazon or Starbucks.

Field Agent

Field Agent apps reward you for walking into a store and taking pictures or checking prices.

You get points for doing this, but the app will also pay you money for tasks you complete.



Gigwalk works the same as apps like Field Agent apps.

You get tasks to do and money or gift cards for completing those tasks.

The only difference is that Gigwalk apps pay you more money than Field Agent apps.

Gigwalk pays through PayPal.

Other Mystery Shopping Opportunities

Apps that pay you to go about your normal routine may be a fantastic way to supplement your income without putting in much effort.

Many people prefer shopping and trying new products to actually walking.

Enter mystery shopping apps!

These apps allow you to get paid for doing things like playing games, exploring apps, filling out questionnaires, and testing apps.

Plus, apps like these can be located anywhere and pay you!

GBW Solutions

GBW offers several apps that pay you to play games and explore apps.

In most apps from GBW, you can get paid up to $10 for testing an app or spending time with it on your smartphone.

Market Force

Market Force also offers apps that pay you to shop.

In apps from Market Force, you will have the opportunity to get paid up to $20 a month for trying a product and filling out questionnaires about how it works or tastes.

This app allows users to get paid cash by taking pictures of purchased products.

From there, you can get paid money for sharing the pictures with them on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.


Ipsos i-Say is also a great way to earn money by shopping.

All you have to do is take short surveys after trying products or apps that are available on the market.

You can even get paid simply for playing apps!

By doing so, Ipsos will send you miles and air miles which you can use to get anywhere you want.


Intelli-shop works by giving you a list of apps and products to try.

After that?

You just need to take pictures of the receipts and send them in.

They also offer other ways to make money, such as mystery shopping, but those opportunities are usually location-dependent.

Secret Shopper

The Secret Shopper app works by hiring people to go into apps and stores and report back with what they find.

By doing so, apps like this will give you money for your time and hard work.

These apps pay users for shopping apps and testing products.

On apps like these, you can get paid to go into stores and test new products or try out apps on your phone.

These apps will typically give you points when you walk.

These points can be turned in for cash via PayPal, Venmo, Dwolla, Square Cash, etc.

It may also be converted into miles that can be used to get things like gift cards or airline miles.

The apps will also typically work with apps like Shopkick, Gigwalk, Field Agent, etc.

United Healthcare Motion

United Healthcare works with app companies like Fitbit, Apple Health, Samsung Health, etc.

All you have to do?

Download the apps using one of these services and let them track how many steps you take in a day.

The apps work with these companies to give you certain points for each step you take.

You can connect your Apple Watch or another health app (fitness tracker) to make it easy to jump-start your progress.


The Vitality app is a lot like the United Healthcare Motion app.

The only difference is that Vitality offers more options for redeeming your points.

For example, you can get gift cards, product discounts, or even cashback.

Humana Go365

The Humana Go365 program lets users track their miles and points using a fitness tracker or apps like Fitbit, Apple Health, and Samsung Health.

Humana Go365 also pays you for logging your workouts and keeping track of how many steps you take in a day.

You can connect to your Apple Watch or a similar device.

Employers may even give you incentives to keep track of your health with apps like these!

Plus, it’s fun to compete with other users and see how well you can

Being a Tour Guide

You can make money walking by being a tour guide!

This can be done by using certain apps that allow you to check in at locations and get paid for doing so.

Many apps and programs pay people to walk, but this list is just the beginning!

Or you can go the traditional route and become certified to become an official tour guide somewhere as well. [2]

Tours by Locals

Tours by Locals is a website that allows people to adventure around their city and is a tour guide.

The app pays you for guided tours that you sign up for.

Also…you can earn money by getting people on your tours to sign up with Tours by Locals.

Tours by Locals runs in over 1000 cities worldwide, so if you are local to one of the cities where Tours by Locals is available, this might be a great app to try.


Sidewalk is an app similar to Tours by Locals in that it pays you to walk.

What’s different, however?

Sidewalk is an app that pays you to explore your city.

They offer “missions, ” tasks, or things that need to be done in your city.

After completing the mission, you can offer tours to your friends, who will, in turn, be required to complete a mission in their own city.

Context Travel

Context Travel is a different kind of tour guide app that pays money for people to walk by letting them experience cities with the locals themselves.

You can sign up to take tours with Context Travel in your city and get paid just for walking around the city with other tourists who are also participating in their apps.

Lots of tour possibilities!

When doing Context Travel, your tour might take you around a local museum or teach you how the locals get their favorite foods at farmer’s markets every Saturday morning.

Earning money while doing something like that sounds fantastic, right?

Rent a Local Friend

Rent a Local Friend is an app that is a little different from the other apps on this list.

This app connects people needing tour guides with locals who want to make extra money.

Rent a Local Friend allows you to be a tourist in your own city and get paid for it!

Become a Caregiver Companion

One way to walk for money is to become a caregiver companion.

This can be done through apps that offer this service or through apps that don’t specifically have the word “caregiver” in their title but are actually apps that do pay you to walk when you care for someone else.


You will help clients by watching their kids (under the age of twelve) and getting their groceries for them at times they can’t make it out.


Sittercity is very similar to UrbanSitter, but the money you get paid might be a bit more.

You can make money by watching kids or caring for the elderly – depending on your client’s needs.


Helpr is another caregiver app that can help you make money by walking.

You go through a quick process of creating an account, selecting the apps you want to use, and then Helpr will match you with clients who need your services.

Once matched, you can set yourself up by earning money while helping others in the process.


Honor is an app that works the same way Helpr does.

There will be a selection of apps to choose from, and then you can work with clients who need your services (and get paid for walking as a result). has you create your own profile page, and then people who need care for children or the elderly will look at your page and request care from you if they think it’s something you can do skillfully.

And all caregiving incorporates a lot of walking, so it fits here.


It’s really easy to sign up, and then you have to wait for clients to contact you if they think your skills are what they need.

You get paid for your time and skill, and apps like this can help you make money by walking while you’re providing care.

Other Miscellaneous Ideas to Get Paid While Walking

Apps that specifically promote walking and weight loss challenges aren’t the only ones out there that pay users for completing tasks.

Some apps pay users to walk in a different way.

You can still reap the benefits and healthy rewards of walking more but in the process of doing something else. This is great for those who don’t want to walk just to walk. They still strongly enforce good walking habits, which is fantastic.

Here are a few ideas, although there are many more, I’m sure!

Get Extra Steps with a Treadmill Desk

When you have a treadmill desk, you can earn money for walking while doing other office-related or work tasks.

You can get a treadmill desk for around $200 and up, and some companies even offer a rent-to-own program for people who want to try out this type of desk before they fully commit.

These desks also have many benefits, even beyond the possibility of getting paid to walk. [3]

Picking Up Litter

You can get paid for walking outside while picking up litter.

A few apps out there pay users to walk around their neighborhoods and pick up litter.

They’re saving their communities while earning some money.

Pet Waste Removal

You can earn money by removing pet waste for others as well.

There are apps that exist solely for this task, and they’re usually very easy to use.

Sign up, select your service area, and you’re ready!

Apps That Pay You to Walk FAQs

Do walking apps really pay you?

There are different apps for which customers pay for it or sign up (although many are completely free). Some platforms pay in cash, while others pay in points or vouchers that you redeem at popular outlets such as Amazon or Walmart. Before joining or beginning walking, ensure you understand every walking app’s rewards before submitting your initial entry (and checking ahead if there’s an entry fee).

Are there any apps where you can get paid to walk?

Most of these apps are smartphone-friendly; you can simply download and track your exercise. Apart from the walks, these apps can also reward you for performing various chores such as exercising, meditation, jogging, and sleep tracking.

Helpful Resources

  1. HealthyWage
  2. How to Become a Tour Guide
  3. Benefits of a Treadmill Desk

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