49 Things to Sell to Make Money (That Sell Quickly & Easily)

Looking for some ideas about things to sell to make money?

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We’ve got TONS of ideas ranging from quick extra cash to higher scale stuff that will net a decent profit, PLUS a variety of methods to sell to make money.

Whatever your situation, you may wonder what the easiest things are to sell online.

You can use this article for ideas on things to sell to make money and also for basic entrepreneurial advice.

So let’s dig into the good stuff!

49 Things to Sell to Make Money & Quick Cash: Things That Sell Easily

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of 48 items that you can use to get started selling online.

Remember that it’s also important to search for the best prices for what you’re selling so that you can earn your profit without any loss.

So let’s look at what things you can sell to make money starting now!

1 – Sell Old Clothes

Old clothes are always useful, but it can be difficult to actually get rid of them without a little push.

You can use eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, and Facebook groups for this purpose or you can choose to sell your goods locally by setting up a table with an ad that tells people what you have and what you’re asking for it.

Selling old clothes is always one of the easiest ways to make money because most people have things they don’t want anymore, but typically buy new clothes every few years.

If you find that selling your clothes online doesn’t work as well as selling them locally, try selling used books, toys, or other personal items.

2 – Make Jewelry and/or Sell Old Jewelry & Watches

These are some of the best things to sell for various reasons.

It doesn’t cost too much to make jewelry for yourself or as a gift.

You can easily make your own bracelets, friendship necklaces, rings, earrings, etc.

The most important thing is that you’re willing to put in the work.

Jewelry is typically one of the easiest things to sell on Etsy.

Buy some old jewelry at a local thrift store, fix it up, and you have new jewelry that’s ready to sell.

If this doesn’t work or you can’t stand making your own things, try selling used jewelry and watches from your home that you don’t need or use anymore.

3 – Repurpose Old Phones

Phones are one of the things that people always want to replace.

Even if you have an iPhone, you probably already know how much it will cost to get a new one or even fix your screen if something happens to it!

The best thing about selling phones is that there’s often high demand for them and most people don’t bother repairing the old ones.

When selling things like phones, try to be as honest as possible and never send a broken phone to someone else.

4 – Make Decorative Coffee Mugs

To print a message or design on a coffee mug, you’ll need a machine that applies heat to the image so that it can be baked onto the mug.

This is a great way to make money with things you already have at home and it’s also pretty cheap if you own all of the necessary equipment.

You’ll need to buy some ceramic mugs, oven-safe paint markers, an oven, spray sealer, and a kiln.

To make money with this, try selling personal mugs for things like family reunions and weddings or selling them to local coffee shops that will use them as giveaways or promotions.

Depending on how much you make, you can spend a lot of time working on creating something unique or you may be able to sell them quickly as they are – as long as your clients like what they see and know what they’re getting themselves into before making any purchases.

You can find a lot of great ideas for things to sell and how to sell them on your own if you spend a little time looking around online.

5 – Make T-shirts

If you’ve already made a few decorative coffee mugs, why not make a few T-shirts to go along with them?

You can use the same process as above but the only difference is that T-shirt transfers are available for purchase online or at your local craft store.

You can put whatever designs on shirts that you want as long as the image you’re putting it on are 100% cotton.

This is a great way to make some extra money and you can always try new things instead of sticking with what you’ve already made if they don’t sell right away.

Even if shirts don’t seem like the best thing to sell, try going for something that you really like the most.

This way, you’ll be more motivated to create and market your products.

6 – Sell Furniture

If you’re not too picky about what furniture you sell, you’ll have a lot of luck with this idea.

Depending on the condition of what you need to get rid of, some people may want it even if it’s been used for a while.

Think about trying things like nightstands, consoles, dressers, bookcases, etc.

If you don’t already know what’s in high demand or what people are looking for when they decide to purchase used furniture, try getting a few things out there and seeing how they sell before deciding on what else to sell.

Trying to figure out how to sell furniture for money is easy when you know what people are looking for!

7 – Kids’ Old Toys & Clothes/Shoes That No Longer Fit

Young kids go through toys and clothes like it’s nothing.

While some things may still be in good condition, other toys have been broken or worn out from being played with so much!

You can create a list of what people are looking for when they’re trying to buy used items that were once owned by children as a way to get a little extra money.

Just make sure that anything you try selling is clean and in good condition – these are things that people will actually be getting for their kids after all!

There are so many things that parents need to buy for their children, making it easy to find things you can easily sell in this category.

8 – Sell Paintings or Drawings

If you’re an artist, this is a great way to make money off of what you do!

You can sell paintings that are already done or try selling things like drawings for money if they’re in good condition.

There are definitely people out there who would love to buy your artwork when it comes down to it.

If someone is interested in what you have for sale, but you don’t want to lose rights to the images, look into selling exclusive rights to them or even letting them purchase things like posters or prints of what you’ve already done.

You can also throw in some prints or even let people buy paintings that you’re still working on!

9 – Create a Recipe Book

I absolutely love making my own recipes because I can do things that would never be available anywhere else.

There are a lot of people who feel the same way about cooking and creating their own recipes as well!

If you’ve been thinking about trying this, you’ll definitely find some success with it.

Do a little research to see what people are looking for when they’re trying to find new recipes and remove things that you wouldn’t normally have in a recipe book from yours.

Just make sure that you keep your ingredients low or that everything is easy to get and mess around with so it’s easier for anyone who buys the book!

People with allergies might need to check what you have for sale, but if things are easy to find and use, it shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.

Offer your best recipes instead of making something that people can easily create by themselves at home.

10 – DVDs/Blu-Rays 

People love watching TV and movies.

If you have a few things that you’ve already seen and know that no one in your family really wants anymore, try selling them for money.

You can see what people are looking for when they decide to purchase DVDs or Blu-Rays online and make sure there aren’t any scratches on the discs themselves.

Is there anything you can do to clean them up before selling?

If not, don’t let that stop you from offering something that people are looking for at a fair price!

There are definitely people out there who’d love paying for items like this if they know what they’re getting.

If you don’t want to sell things like movies or TV shows, try selling things like music CDs or albums because people still love buying things related to their favorite artists.

11 – Collections of Coupons

Coupons are great ways for people to save money when they’re buying things that they need or want.

If you have things like coupons, gift cards, or tickets that you know no one in your family will use anymore, try selling them instead!

Collecting these things is a good way to make some extra money on the side.

Do a little research to see what people are looking for and if they’re willing to purchase things like these online because you never know who might be looking to buy things like this!

12 – Check Your Storage Unit for Miscellaneous Items to Sell

If you’re moving and will be getting rid of things that you don’t need anymore, go through all the items in your storage unit too!

Or even if you’re not moving and just want to clear out some space.

Things like electronic equipment might still work or can be made to work with a quick fix or by purchasing new parts.

You could also try selling other things like sporting equipment if people are looking for things like baseballs, gloves, or even balls or other things that are used to play specific sports.

People are willing to purchase these items if they know it’ll be worth their while!

You can also try selling things like personal care items or household appliances that people would find useful, just make sure that they’re in good condition before offering them for sale.

13 – Sell Old Books

Books are things that people love reading, especially since you can get almost any book online these days.

But there’s just something about a physical book that people love.

It’s pretty easy to sell books on websites like eBay or Amazon because people tend to buy lots of things related to what they love.

If you have books out of your collection, try selling them online!

You never know what people might be looking for, but you won’t get rid of what you don’t want anymore by trying to get rid of things online.

Try selling your old textbooks too.

People are always searching for good deals on books that they can use in college or simply read to learn something new.

14 – Sell Dishes

Are there any dishes and cookware that you’re planning to get rid of?

If you have things like cast iron skillets or other items that can be used in the kitchen, try selling them instead!

You’ll find that people are willing to pay for these items to save some money rather than buying them at a store.

Try selling things like glassware too because glasses make great gifts for people who are getting married or moving into a new home.

People will pay you to get rid of the glassware that they would otherwise be throwing away!

Dish collections are also a good sell if you have matching sets of plates, cups, bowls, etc.

15 – Sell a Collection of Things You Own

People love collecting things, so why not sell what you already have?

You can collect things like vinyl records or try selling other things like comic books or perhaps even movie posters.

If you have a collection of something that people think is awesome, you’ll find that they’re willing to pay money for it because it’s worth their while and they’ll get to add something cool to their collection.

If you can part with it, of course.

16 – Rent Out Some Space in Your Home

Are you thinking about renting out some space in your home?

You might find that you can make some good money if you rent out a room or two to college students.

It’s common for people to be willing to pay small amounts of money to stay somewhere that’s convenient, especially if they’re just looking for a place to stay while they’re going to school.

You can also try renting out a room or two if you have a rental property or a room in a house that you’ve been trying to sell but it’s still not being sold, your roommate could move out, and for the meantime, until you get rid of what you have, rent out one of the rooms!

You could also try renting out things like a garage if you don’t need it anymore.

If people are looking for parking space, they’re willing to pay you money to park there even just for a few months while they’re trying to sell what they own and looking for other places to live.

17 – Sell Outdoor Tools & Appliances You Don’t Use

People who have a garden or outdoor area will be willing to purchase these things because they could use them if they wanted to.

You can try selling a small trampoline for a child that no longer needs it or other things that you don’t need anymore.

It’s common for people to want to spend money on what they need, especially if it’s useful to them.

18 – Outdoor Furniture/Patio Furniture

If you have any old outdoor furniture or patio furniture that you don’t need anymore, try selling it online.

You can easily get rid of things like this because people are always looking for good deals when it comes to buying outdoor things to use in their yard or on their patio.

19 – Sell Your Shoes

If you have any extra shoes that you don’t need, try selling them online.

You’ll find that people are willing to pay money for this because they might be able to give their old pair of shoes to someone who doesn’t have them anymore or use the new ones during the summer.

It’s also a lot less expensive for people to purchase used shoes than new ones from a store, especially if they’re only gently used.

20 – Make or Sell Decorations

Are you good at doing your own decorating?

You can end up selling home accessories to people who are trying to get their homes in order but don’t have much skill when it comes to interior designing.

You’ll be able to sell things like the decals that people usually put above their kitchen sink or in their bathroom, potpourri decorations, handmade throw pillows, you name it.

People are willing to pay money for this because they don’t have anything like it in their home without doing all of the work themselves!

21 – Sell Your Old Computer or Laptop

If you have an extra computer or laptop laying around that you’re not using, you could consider selling it.

You’ll find that plenty of people are willing to invest money in something like this because they know about the importance of having one when you’re trying to work from home.

It’s also much less expensive than buying new.

You’ll want to make sure that you’re ready and able to negotiate when it comes to selling anything of this nature.

22 – Sell Anything Antique or Vintage

People are always willing to pay money for what is antique or vintage.

If you have anything like this around your house, try selling it online at any of the sites that are dedicated to selling things like this.

Before you sell it, make sure that you’re well informed about the value of what you’re selling because you want to get your money’s worth.

23 – Collectibles

If you have any rare or limited edition items that are still in their original packaging, try selling them online.

People who collect things like this would be willing to pay money for something like this without having to think about it twice!

You could be wealthy without even knowing it if you’re sitting on a mountain of collectibles.

Or you could at least make some extra cash.

You might sell the following items:

  • Jewelry
  • Old vinyl records
  • Music or movie memorabilia
  • Collectible coins
  • Vintage toys
  • Sports memorabilia
  • Antiques
  • Porcelain dolls
  • China dishware
  • Movie posters
  • Stamps
  • Toys
  • Vintage clothing or clothes from famous designers

This is not an exhaustive list, though.

There are so many different items out there that qualify as collectibles that people would be willing to pay good money to acquire.

24 – Make Coasters

Coasters are a necessity for everyone, and if you’re resourceful, you may make your own.

Rather than buying coasters at the store, you can make some with a variety of different materials and design ideas.

People tend to love creative homemade items, so making money from items such as this shouldn’t be too difficult.

25 – Sell Your Gym Equipment

Are you moving out of your home or apartment?

Why not sell off the equipment that is unnecessary to you.

Or, if you have equipment that you just don’t really use anymore, that would also be a good reason to sell it off and make some extra money.

You can sell your gym workout equipment, including treadmills, exercise bikes, and weights.

Just make sure they are in good condition before trying to resell them.

26 – Gifts You Didn’t Like or Won’t Use

If you’ve received a gift that you don’t like or won’t use, sell it!

Try Craigslist, local Facebook groups, and other online outlets.

The seller can be anyone from your next-door neighbor to someone who lives hundreds of miles away.

27 – Sports Equipment

If you have sports equipment that your children or family members do not play with anymore, try to sell them.

You can sell pretty much anything in this category to haul in some extra cash, such as baseball bats/mitts, kids’ sporting equipment such as t-ball, golfing equipment, basketball hoops, footballs, soccer goals, volleyball nets, tennis rackets, etc.

The possibilities are endless.

28 – Make Homemade Candy & Baked Goods

You can make your own candy and baked goods to sell.

One of the most popular homemade candies is fudge, but you can also do other things like chocolate-covered pretzels or mini cookies.

You could even try making specialty desserts for birthdays.

29 – Holiday Decorations (Or Any Household Decorations)

You can sell holiday decorations that you don’t use anymore during the holidays.

Or any home decorations, really.

If you’re looking to slowly declutter your home, go through each room and see what you haven’t used in a while or what you just don’t need.

Maybe there are things like Christmas ornaments, Christmas lights or other household decorations that people may want to buy for their own homes.

Not just decorations, but other related items also, such as Halloween costumes, Easter baskets, etc.

Keep an open mind as you’re looking around and you’re bound to come across some great ideas for things to sell to make money online or locally.

30 – Musical Instruments

If you have musical instruments that you no longer use, try to sell them in your local area.

You can post an ad on a local site in your area for larger items.

You could probably put these up for sale online as well, but you’ll want to pay attention to the cost of shipping before putting anything like this up for sale, because instruments can be heavy and may have a large shipping cost.

If this is the case and you still want to sell it online, you can have the purchaser pay for it, but you’ll have to be transparent about this in your sale listing.

31 – Formal Clothing (Dresses, Suits, etc.)

Try selling your formal wear like dresses and suits to others in your community.

You can sell any type of formal wear, even wedding attire, school dance clothing, etc.

If you don’t have a specific need to hold onto it or aren’t sentimentally attached, people will pay good money for quality items such as these to save money from higher store prices.

32 – Purses & Accessories

If you have a favorite purse or accessory, but don’t use it as much anymore, try selling it.

Purses, wallets, overnight bags, duffel bags, clutches, and even tote bags are so useful and people love them!

Even luxury handbags collecting dust.

These should be pretty simple to sell as long as you’ve got items in good condition.

33 – Scrap Metal (Old Appliances, etc.)

You may make money by recycling or scrapping metals and plastics.

Check out businesses that recycle scrap metal, tin cans, glass, and other materials you would normally put in the garbage.

Most of them will accept your items and provide payment for them based on weight or volume.

We’d suggest calling ahead to verify their policy, of course.

34 – Recycle Cans & Glass

Aluminum can collectors are popping up everywhere to buy cans.

You may have days where you have leftover cans from the week, so why not recycle them?

People are willing to pay money for your scrap metal.

These collectors will often come to pick up your recyclables at no cost to you.

So if you end up with extra cans at the end of the week, you can recycle them and make some money!

35 – Pick Up Free Items & Resell (Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, etc.)

See if you can find some good things to make money off of by reselling them.

Sometimes (and especially with this method), it’s better to sell items in an online marketplace because the prices tend to be higher.

But of course, be careful when you are both purchasing & selling items online.

You never know who you could be interacting with.

Make sure that once the money has been exchanged, to meet in a public location and even bring someone else with you if you can.

You don’t want to end up getting scammed for your items!

36 – Sell Event Invitations/Tickets Online (Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, etc.)

If you no longer want to go to an event that another person is holding and want to sell your invitation or tickets online, try Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.

You could also see if other people in your community would be interested in purchasing the invite or ticket from you.

37 – Gift Cards

Gift cards are a common gift option, especially when it comes to shopping for people who aren’t sure what else to buy.

However, we sometimes receive gift cards to businesses we don’t frequent or enjoy.

Why not sell it online for cash rather than letting it go to waste?

You can sell your unwanted gift cards online, or you may trade your gift card for a fresh one from certain websites as well.

38 – Sell Unused or Gently Used Makeup

If you’re someone who loves to try out new makeup, there’s no need to hide away what hasn’t been opened!

You can sell your unused or gently used products.

Just make sure you’re completely honest about the state of your product if it’s gently used so the buyer knows what to expect.

39 – Kids’ Games & Board Games

If you have a big collection of kids’ board games or video games that your child no longer plays, try selling them.

You can either sell them as a set or each individually.

You could also take those items and donate them to a local sale, thrift store, or charity event.

40 – Kitchen Appliances & Cookware

You probably don’t need an extra toaster, food processor, or mixer.

There are a lot of kitchen items that we tend to purchase thinking that we’ll use them, but then they just sit there in a cabinet instead.

See if you can sell it online and get some cash for your kitchen items that you no longer use!

41 – Video Games & Gaming Equipment

Like most things, video games have a life span.

If your child has grown out of her gaming phase or you want to pass on your systems and controllers, then sell them!

Be sure to check for dust and clean accordingly, and make sure any discs are free of scratches as well.

42 – Tools

If you have any old tools lying around, see if anyone would like to buy them or take them off your hands.

These are great items to sell both locally and online.

Heavier items would probably do better as a local sale unless you check the shipping cost ahead of time and either agree to pay it or transfer that cost to the buyer with their consent.

43 – Baby Items

If you had a baby and don’t need all of their things anymore, sell them!

You can try to sell the items one by one or in bulk.

Just make sure that whatever you decide to do with them, they are in good condition when you send them off.

44 – Bedding

If this is something that you have extra of, why not sell it?

You can sell unused items or used, as long as you’re honest in the listing about the item’s condition.

Many people are looking for good prices on sheet sets, comforters, pillows, bed frames and mattresses, etc.

Be sure to clean them before handing them over or shipping them and you’re good to go!

45 – Exercise Equipment

You may not want to keep your old exercise equipment taking up space in your garage or home.

Do yourself a favor and find someone who could use it!

Try selling it through a local site, or you could take it to a local sale, thrift store, or charity event.

You can sell pretty much any type of exercise equipment and people will be interested in buying it, so long as you’re honest about its condition.

46 – Crafts and/or Crafting Supplies/Equipment 

If you’re into crafts, then it’s probably safe to say that you have more crafting supplies than necessary.

Or maybe you used to do crafts but don’t use that stuff anymore.

Whether it be scrapbooking, jewelry making, sewing, crocheting, etc., check out local sites to see if anyone in your area is looking for what you have!

47 – Unused or Gently Used School Supplies

If you’re the parent of a kid who doesn’t use certain school supplies, then sell them!

You could do a yard or garage sale for this sort of item.

It wouldn’t be too hard to find someone who would love to buy or take all your items off your hands.

48 – Recreational Vehicles

If you have an RV, camper, or boat that you don’t use anymore and won’t find a new owner for it by selling it privately, try to sell it!

Perhaps someone will buy it from you even if they aren’t looking to buy one now.

It never hurts to put it out there and see what comes.

49 – Cardboard Boxes

Getting used cardboard boxes for moving can save a lot of money!

People will be willing to pay for these, and even though they probably won’t sell for a ton of money, it’s quick money and you’ll be able to clear out some space at home.

If you have a stack of boxes that you want to trade for money, there are a few websites where you can sell them online:

  • U-Haul Box Exchange
  • Craigslist
  • BoxCycle

Or you can go the route of selling them through Facebook groups or just to someone locally.

5 Great Methods to Things to Sell to Make Money

There are multiple ways to make money with things you have lying around the home.

You can sell things online, such as on eBay for example, and you can also sell things at local flea markets and similar marketplaces โ€“ but let’s focus on what we can do using tech today.

Here is a great list of methods you can use to sell things to make money; you can stick to one method or spread your items for sale among several methods.

It’s all according to your preference.

You could also try your hand at playing legit cash games via an app or website (there are many available choices). There are many options available for those looking to play games that pay real money directly to their bank account, but it’s important to do your research and choose a reputable platform to ensure your earnings are secure.

1 – Host a Garage or Yard Sale

To host a garage or yard sale, you first need to determine the items you want to sell.

Next, make a list of things you want to do or find at your sale.

This will increase the chances of selling all your items!

Then it’s just a simple process of setting up your “space” for the sale and inviting people.

You could try asking people that you know, such as family and friends or even your neighbors to come to your sale.

This is a great way for you to make an easy buck!

2 – Donate Items & Take a Tax Deduction

You might have some items that you can donate to local thrift stores or charities, thus allowing the charity organization to resell them for a profit.

In return, the donation is tax-deductible and your total adjusted gross income (AGI) will be reduced by an itemized deduction.

Be sure to get a receipt that shows the estimated value of your donation so you have it when you file your taxes.

3 – Sell Online (eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, etc.)

There are several websites that allow individuals to sell their used items.  

Sites like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist will give you more local options, although you also have the option to ship out with these sites as well.

eBay gives you also the option to list your item on its online auction site (or you can choose a Buy It Now price also).

4 – Sell Homemade Items on Etsy

You can create your own Etsy online store and sell handmade items.

This allows you to make decent money without having to leave your home.

You can sell things that you create, but the limit is that they must be handmade.

5 – Host a Bake Sale for Food Items

You can sell anything edible.  

For example, you might want to create some baked goods using your own recipe and then host a bake sale so that others can sample the food.

By selling food items, you can make money quickly and easily (as long as the food is good!).

3 Smart Ideas: What to Do with the Money You Earn?

If you earn a lot of money selling things online, then be sure to use it responsibly.

You might want to start your own business or teach others how to make money with stuff they already have lying around the house.

If you’re financially able to, using the money you make on something smart and not spend it on things that will depreciate in value is a great idea.

Don’t feel bad if you don’t manage to sell everything you try to sell either.  

You can always try again with something else, but whatever you do, don’t get discouraged when trying to make money fast.

1 – Create a Special Savings Account

If you make a good amount of money in a short space of time, then create a special savings account where you can put the money and leave it there.

By leaving your hard-earned money in the savings account long enough (generally 30 days or longer), then you will earn interest on that money.

Don’t touch the money in the special savings account unless absolutely necessary in order to keep that interest accruing.

2 – Use the Extra Savings to Invest

If you really want to make things easier on yourself, then don’t touch the money that you will put into your savings account.

Use that saving money for investment purposes instead to build it up even higher.

3 – Build a Rainy Day Fund

If you don’t have a rainy day fund/emergency fund already then it’s never too late to begin building one.

You can start small with a few hundred dollars and build it up from there, but the most important thing is for you to actually get started with it so it can grow.

7 Unique Ideas: What Can I Things to Sell to Make Money on a Higher Scale (MORE Money)?

What if you want to make extra money online (or locally, it doesn’t really matter) at a higher scale?

These methods typically take longer than the other ‘make money fast’ ideas above, but they have the potential to earn passive income and a much higher retail price.

If you’re serious about this extra income, these are some great ideas to start with to make the most money.

1 – Sell Your Time, Services, Talents & Knowledge

If you can’t find anything to sell, then try selling your time by working on projects for other people.

In today’s competitive job market, many people have turned to freelance as an alternative way of making money.

Plus, there is demand for this type of work and it’s a great way to achieve financial freedom for many talented people.

Here are a few skills for which you might get paid: 

  • Become a scheduler
  • Create websites (your own site or for others)
  • Do social media marketing
  • Give advice by blogging or on YouTube
  • Do email marketing
  • Babysit friends’ kids
  • Mow lawns
  • Walk neighbors’ dogs
  • Clean people’s houses
  • Tutoring kids in school
  • Shovel snow
  • Wash cars
  • Helping people move out
  • Being a workout buddy
  • Driving friends around (like a taxi)
  • Video editor
  • Taking surveys
  • Transcribing interviews
  • Write short stories
  • Sell an eBook on Amazon 
  • Do administrative tasks for businesses
  • Graphic designer

This is not even close to an exhaustive list of creative ways to make money in your spare time, but it’s a great place to start ๐Ÿ™‚

2 – Sell Printables

You can sell printables such as calendars and planners – make them yourself or buy them wholesale for cheap!

If you’ve got an abundant life and ideas worth sharing with people, this is a great purpose to start your own blog or your own website selling this type of stuff.

People are always looking for ideas to help them organize their lives better, and printables are a great way to do so.

If you don’t go the route of starting your own website to sell them, you can sell these types of digital items on Etsy as well.

3 – Sell Courses

Start with something that is not too difficult to make.

It can be about your passion or expertise, but make sure it isn’t labor-intensive – meaning the course will sell better if you are able to quickly create it.   

On the other hand, you want people to feel like they’re getting their money’s worth.

So you should have a good amount of content but look for a balance between that value that you’re offering and the amount of time you’re putting into its creation.

4 – Do Photography & Sell Your Photos

If you love taking photos, then why not start making money from them?  

Take pictures of what you see around you and sell them to a stock photo agency.

If your photos are spectacular enough, then they might even be eligible for print on merchandise – like mugs or fridge magnets!

5 – Make & Sell Crafts

Selling crafts online is a great way to make money with things that would otherwise be possibly thrown away.

If you’re good with sewing and buying the right craft supplies & materials, then why not try making some cute stuffed animals or pillows?

And if you can spin crochet, knit, or weave – no matter what it is – you can find a way to sell your unique creations online.

You can make money selling anything if you offer a good value to people.

6 – Do Virtual Assistant Work

Virtual assistance is a way to work online while you are sitting in your pajamas.

It’s perfect for stay-at-home moms and dads out there, but anyone can do it!  

Plenty of people need help with virtual tasks, and if you’re computer-savvy, being a virtual assistant is a great way to earn money but keep your schedule flexible at the same time.

Also, being a virtual assistant can happen in just about any industry, so you can look for something that fits with your personal & professional background.

7 – Write Articles

You may develop a client base that will return to you piece by piece if you know how to do research and are good at writing articles (especially high-quality ones) quickly.

Freelance writing is a fantastic way to earn money!

List your services on sites like Fiverr and look for bloggers and other internet companies in need of writing assistance.

You may be paid more for writing about subjects that demand specialized knowledge or experience to write.

FAQs – What Things to Sell to Make Money

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