Apps Like Venmo: Alternative Money Transfer Options (2022)

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The best money transfer app for you will depend on what you’re trying to do with your money.

Are you trying to send money to friends and family?

Make online payments?

How about receiving money without having to go to a physical location or wait for them to transfer funds?

In this article, we’ll discuss:

Yes, bank accounts have many of these issues.

We’ve got a better way…

…And we want to share!

Best Apps Similar to Venmo (What Makes Each Unique)


You probably know of quite a few payment apps and money transfer apps already from just sending money to friends and family in the past.

Other payment apps are better for specific tasks.

If you don’t want to give someone else your bank account details, there are many options out there for peer-to-peer payments that allow you to send money (or receive it) with just a few taps.

Here are a few of our favorite apps for secure payments…

Billvacy’s Picks for the Top Apps to Send Money

  • Best peer-to-peer payment app: Venmo
  • Best for banking: Zelle
  • Best for flexibility: PayPal
  • Best for newbie investors: Cash App
  • Best international money transfer app: Remitly
  • Best for sending quick payments to friends: Facebook Messenger
  • Best for Google accounts: Google Pay

Best Peer-to-Peer Payment App: Venmo

Venmo is a free mobile payment platform that allows users to transfer money between one another.

Your Venmo balance is based on the accounts in your phone and can be used at millions of retailers and apps that accept debit card payments. [1]

Key features:

  1. Mobile-only bank account: Rather than using a credit or debit card, Venmo deposits directly into your bank account (assuming you link it). This means that payments are immediate — there’s no waiting for transactions to clear like there would be if you were paying with a card. They also can’t ever overdraw your bank account since all transactions go through Venmo’s app first.  
  2. Pay anyone without their financial info: While some apps require the person you’re sending money to have an account with them, Venmo is unique in the sense that you can pay anyone through their app without their financial info. This is handy if you’re paying a coworker, for example.
  3. This option to send money without using an account is also convenient if you don’t have the person’s bank or routing number on hand, which can be time-consuming to dig up when all you need is quick cash (instead of going through Venmo’s whole signup process).
  4. There are no fees whatsoever for paying people who don’t use Venmo — they even waive your first cash transfer fee!  
  5. It works anywhere: If you lose your wallet and all of your credit cards in the middle of town, it would take forever to replace them since banks require proof of identification. But with Venmo, you’re good to go!

These reasons are why Venmo tends to work best when you need to pay friends and family, or even a coworker.

Whether they have a Venmo account or not, this free app gives you the ability to send or receive money so easily & quickly (much quicker than financial institutions).

Best for Banking: Zelle

Zelle is a person-to-person payment app that was launched in 2017 by nine major US financial institutions.

The apps mentioned elsewhere in this article are great for sending money directly to another individual, but what if you need to pay the rent for a house or apartment?  

Or what if you want to give your mom and dad some cash for Christmas?  

Zelle is where it’s at! [2]

Zelle is linked with bank accounts and allow users to send others money either using their phone number or email address.

The transfer occurs almost instantly, and best of all, no fees apply (the only time you’d be charged is when you withdraw from your own account).

Using Zelle can also help level the playing field between the unbanked & underbanked, as it’s available for use by anyone with a checking or savings account.

But wait! Also…

…This is particularly helpful when buying and selling goods online.

Third-party apps like Venmo can be used to pay for things through various apps & services, but if you want the money right away or just don’t have an app on your phone to do so, Zelle will get you there in a hurry!

Best for Flexibility: PayPal

PayPal is one of the largest apps like Venmo and is used to transfer money between people using email or mobile numbers. [3]

It’s quick, easy, and free!

You can receive money without having to pay a cut for transactions, and you can send up to $10,000 per month if you have your account verified.

PayPal also has an entire section dedicated to apps that work with them, which makes it one of the best apps like Venmo for payment apps that want integrated payment options available!

You can use PayPal to save & spend on eBay, purchase things through in-store retailers, etc., making this app extremely versatile.

The best alternative is PayPal. If you’re looking for a different free alternative, you could try Zelle or Cash App. Other great apps like Venmo are Remitly, Facebook Messenger, and Google Pay.

Best for Newbie Investors: Cash App

Cash App is a great payment app to use especially if you’re just starting to get interested in investing. [4]


It’s a great way to make and accept payments quickly.

How does Cash app work?

Cash App works just like Venmo in that you can send money to or request it from another person instantly.

You can also purchase things via the app. 

In addition, Cash App lets you request a cash card, which is basically a debit card with a linked bank account (your Cash App account).

It’s pretty fantastic!

It’s considered one of the apps like Venmo because of its instant transfer feature.

It’s great for newbie investors too, because Cash App allows you to invest in stocks as well as Bitcoin, all right through their app.

The Cash App Bitcoins features are great!

If this sounds like your style but you want more options, check out our guide to Cash App alternative options.

Best International Money Transfer App: Remitly

Remitly is the best of the payment apps when it comes to international money transfers. [5]

It’s the new kid on the block and it’s a great alternative to Venmo and the others because it is efficient, secure, and convenient.  

If you need to make international payments or bank transfers, this is the best of all the payment apps for you.

Remitly won’t cost you an arm and a leg either. 

They have extremely competitive fees for both receiving and sending cash internationally:

  • Send up to $2,999.99 = 1% flat fee
  • Transfer amounts between $3,000-$9,999.99 = 0.5% + $5 flat transfer fee (which can be paid in installments)
  • Transfer amounts over $10k = free

The only downside of Remitly is that they are not available worldwide, so be sure to check for its availability if you’re considering using it to send money or receive money.

Best for Sending Quick Payments to Friends: Facebook Messenger

If you’re simply transferring money between friends and family, Facebook Messenger is a seriously convenient & quick option in lieu of a bank or credit union. [6]

Other money transfer apps typically require having an account (some just an email address, but still), or you need to process personal data to get set up with your digital wallet.

Is the person you need to send or receive money to/from is on Facebook?

The odds are pretty good, right?

You can easily link your debit card or bank accounts for super quick payment options.

Best for Google Accounts: Google Pay

Google Pay is super convenient and easy to use. [7]

It’s the best of the payment apps for those who spend a good deal of time online.

That’s a lot of us, am I right?

Whether using mobile apps or visiting websites, you’ll never be far from your Google wallet.

You can link it up with any major credit card or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), and all you need is an email account.

It takes just seconds, and you’re set to go!

Google Pay works in apps that already accept Google Wallet payments so there is zero effort on your part.

Similarly, when checking out at places like Walmart or Kohl’s online, many will automatically offer Google Pay as another option for payment.

You can use your digital wallet and don’t need to find your real one!

Comparing the Best Cash Apps & Their Features


Want to send and receive money with an app that offers other cool features too?

Yep, we hear you.

Let’s dive a little deeper into this.

List of payment Apps That Offer a Linked Card

Payment apps that offer a card with the account include:

  • Venmo
  • PayPal
  • Cash App

If this is a dealbreaker for you, you’ll want to look at one of these payment apps to send and receive money without using your bank account.

Apps Like Venmo That Work Internationally

If you’re looking for payment apps that work internationally, your best bet is really just to stick with Remitly.

When it comes to international transfers, you really need to watch out for those who charge fees and you know you’re in good hands with Remitly.

Some apps work internationally…

…but only through their own apps.

For example, you can use Google Pay for online purchases in apps (but not on websites).

And PayPal is known to work internationally as well, so that is a sound alternative, especially if you need domestic digital payment options as well.

Payment Apps – FAQs

Can I make credit card payments through my PayPal account, or just send money to others?

You can send money, request money, and yes, make credit card payments (or other one-time or recurring payments) using your PayPal balance, PayPal credit, or by using your PayPal account as a link to your bank or credit union to pay through that account with PayPal as the middle man. It’s super flexible!

How do I get an app? I don’t see it in app stores?

You usually have to download apps from the store where they are based–not from one store and then install them on your device. Try the app’s website.

Which app is best if I want to do money transfers & send money to others but also want investment opportunities like stocks and Bitcoin?

You’re definitely going to want to look at Cash App for this type of capability! They don’t charge fees, and they keep your financial data safe while offering investment options and spending options just like a checking account.

What’s the deal with Cash App bonuses?

For the full gamut of info on Cash App welcome bonuses, check out our Cash App referral code guide. There are rumors of an elusive Cash App bonus $1000 or so, but if you see that anywhere, it’s actually a scam. Our guide goes over everything you need to know to earn a legitimate bonus.


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