31 Online Proofreading Jobs from Home with No Experience (2023)

Wondering how lucrative online proofreading jobs could be?

How do you get started?

When it comes to proofreading jobs from home (especially without experience), there can naturally be a lot of questions to ask.

We’re here to help!

Online proofreading jobs offer a simple, flexible way to make money from home.

Many people have turned their love of reading into a full-time job by opting to find freelance proofreading jobs.

If you have strong English language skills and enjoy editing work, this could be the perfect opportunity for you!

What Is a Proofreader?

A proofreader is essentially what the name implies: one who reads & edits work to ensure it is free of errors.

Proofreaders are expected to be fluent in English language usage and proficient in grammar, usage, punctuation, syntax, formatting, spelling, vocabulary/diction, and style.   

Because proofreading jobs involve online projects, online proofreaders do not need to be able to work in specific locations.

They’re flexible!

Proofreading jobs allow proofreaders to work online with a variety of types of documents and with a variety of clients in various time zones.

Proofreading can take place in just about any location that has an internet connection.

Proofreading vs. Editing & Copyediting

In these types of jobs, proofreaders typically perform less substantive editing than editors or copyeditors.

What’s the difference?

Here are some of the job duties of these different remote proofreading jobs for comparison.

Editors/Copy Editors

  • Examine several versions of the document (often beginning the early revision stage).
  • Offer corrections and suggestions to authors to improve spelling, grammar, clarity, tone, and style.
  • They may also be responsible for fact-checking or copy-editing content in online publications.  The editor/copy editor would typically have a much bigger role in projects than proofreaders do.


  • Only the completed work should be reviewed.
  • Their review is intended primarily for catching obvious errors in online spelling, grammar, usage, punctuation, formatting, etc.  Their role would be smaller than that of editors or copyeditors.

Who Uses Proofreaders?

Proofreaders are often sought after by online publications, businesses, individuals with an online presence, or online companies.

Many proofreading jobs involve articles, advertisements for products, resumes and cover letters, e-books, book reports, book reviews, business plans, video scripts, etc.   

It’s hard to get your own words right, so a freelance proofreader can be a great tool.

Proofreading services are used by many different people including:

  • Authors
  • Marketing teams
  • Academic papers (journals, papers, manuscripts)
  • Bloggers & brands (blog posts, Instagram captions, etc.)
  • Small & large businesses (proposals, website copy, reports & communications)
  • ESL students (thesis, essays, admission papers), individuals (resumes, applications, submission papers), websites owners (copy editing)
  • English paper online

Proofreading is an important part of the publishing process that can be found in many different industries:

  • Publishing
  • Legal
  • Academic
  • Marketing & advertising
  • Customer service
  • Litigation support
  • Medical & pharmaceutical
  • Research & online research

How Can You Get Started as a Proofreader?

You can get started with these types of jobs by applying online.

Freelance proofreaders usually do not need proofreading experience, proofreading courses, diplomas, or certificates.  

There is no job interview required for most freelance proofreading jobs and there are no education requirements to become a proofreader either.

At least for most proofreading work.

It does vary from site to site, offer to offer, etc.

Best Companies for Remote Proofreading Jobs

Looking for the best online proofreading jobs?

As far as ratings go, these are some of the best proofreading jobs available out there.


If you want to work at Scribbr, the first step is being a native English speaker.

This applies equally to all applicants.

Next up in your application process?

Demonstrating technical grammar skills and understanding editing principles through an interview or test question-and-answer session with one of their recruiters.

Proofreading Services

Proofreading Services is a great proofreading company for writers, bloggers, authors, businesses, and anyone else who needs proofreading tasks done.

They’re a reputable site for job listings.

They are also highly rated when it comes to customer service so you can be sure that they have your back for any legitimate proofreading jobs you may need to be done.

More Companies for Online Proofreading Jobs

Whether you’re looking for proofreading jobs for beginners, job listings for more experienced editing and proofreading services, or any proofreader jobs in between, here are a few sites to check out.

There are many more proofreading companies that offer proofreading jobs from home with no experience required.

Looking for your first proofreading job?

As an online proofreader in a remote job, these are some great options based on your needs.

Cactus Communications

Cactus Communications is one of the leading proofreading companies that hire remote proofreaders.

They are often hiring for remote proofreader jobs with no experience required.


At Prompt, they offer a range of proofreading services to suit various needs.

From quick and easy proofreading jobs for ESL students through to a complete proofreading and editing service for businesses, they can help to get written work online ready to publish or send out.


Gramlee takes up to 3000 words for $0.03 per word, with senior editors charging more than that depending on the project size.

It’s still worth trying as a beginner proofreader; you might just end up making some good connections and gaining experience!


Sibia is a company that provides proofreading services to many different types of clients, including students and professors.

Sibia’s goal?

To make their clients’ work as easy for them as possible by providing quality copies in the shortest turnaround time possible!

OneSpace Freelancers

This company mainly focuses on the health care niche which is a very popular choice from home because of its complexity.

It pays only $0.04 per word but you can also improve your skills with this company and you can proofread online up to 100 words at a time.


They mainly focus on the life science niche which has demand because of its complexity as well.

It also typically pays $0.04 per word, but you can proofread up to 150 words at a time.

Words RU

Words RU is another proofreading service paying between $0.04 – $0.07 per word for beginner proofreading jobs.

Words RU pays their workers every Friday by PayPal, Payoneer, or transfers to e-currencies like BitCoin and Perfect Money for work done in the previous week.


Wordvice is a company that hires proofreaders to work from home.

They do not require any experience, and they offer competitive pay and benefits.


Kibin is a proofreading business that hires for freelance proofreading services.

To become a member of their team, you must pass an online test to show that you understand how to proofread.

However, they do not require any experience whatsoever.

Polished Paper

Polished Paper seeks out competent proofreaders and editors, usually with prior experience.

To be considered for a position with them, you must first create an account and submit your resume.

If you are a good fit for one of their open positions, they will contact you for an interview.

Hello Essay

Hello Essay is a proofreading and editing company that hires for freelance proofreader positions.

To work for them, you must have a college degree and at least two years of proofreading experience.

However, if you do not have the required experience, they do offer online proofreading courses to help you get up to speed.


Toogit is a company that offers online freelance work with proofreading, typing, and data entry as well.

The website allows users to work on word documents online by copy-pasting the contents provided.

This job is flexible and you can choose when to work.

Wood Vice

The company offers proofreading and copyediting services for businesses, students, and writers.

It also offers transcription and translation services.

The company employs a team of experienced professionals who have worked in the field of proofreading and editing for several years, so it’s great for more experienced proofreaders on the job search.

Edit My English

Edit My English is another proofreading company that offers freelance jobs in proofreading, editing, and writing as well.

They hire editors with experience in the language industry.


…they also offer a proofreading course for beginners!

This is a good one for either a beginner proofreader or someone more experienced in their freelance proofreading career.

Book in a Box

Book in a Box offers proofreading and copyediting services for businesses.

They are looking for experienced proofreaders with a graduate degree in English, journalism, or a related field.

Writer’s Job Shop

Writer’s Job Shop is a proofreading company offering great job opportunities online.

They hire proofreaders to edit content from the comfort of their own homes.

They do not require any experience, so long as you have a home computer, an internet connection, and a good grasp of the English language, you’re good to go.


In their system, you may create a profile and resume.

Clients will look at your samples to see whether you’re a fit for the position.

One thing to keep in mind is that all communication must go through the EditFast system, which keeps 40% of the total project cost.


Babbletype is all online, so you can do it at your own pace anywhere.

The editors are often paid between $4-$5 per hour.

The tone of voice is also very important for this position because you are writing content directly for businesses’ websites and digital marketing campaigns.

Be sure to read the job description carefully to ensure you understand the client’s needs.


Konsus hires proofreaders to work online with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.

Your work will be proofread by another proofreader before it goes to the client, so you must have excellent grammar and spelling skills.

Pay is typically around $10 per hour.


Wordy provides a fixed-fee proofreading and editing service.

They will take anybody, regardless of their experience level, but the more time you have spent doing something, the more likely you are to find employment.

The company asks for a 250-word writing sample, and if it is accepted, you are able to work with them.

They do not state how much money you can make on their website, but they mention that “editors usually earn more than proofreaders.”

Resume Edge

Resume Edge is a proofreading website that offers proofreading jobs online, a more detailed editing process, and even online writing services.

This one is a great option for creative writers to find jobs with editing/proofreading assignments.

They are looking for professionals with experience in the proofreading, editing, and writing fields.

You must have a degree to be eligible to work with them.

My Perfect Resume

My Perfect Resume is a proofreading company that provides editing and writing services for clients looking to hire.

Their services include:

  • Resume writing services
  • Cover letter writing services
  • Editing & proofreading job postings
  • Handwriting translations

My Perfect Resume offers competitive pay rates, benefits, and flexible schedules for part-time and full-time employees.

Employees who work 20 hours or more each week receive health benefits, including medical, vision, and dental coverage.

The company also offers a 401(k) plan with employer matching as well as paid time off (PTO).


MediaBistro hires online proofreaders to edit and adjust content for clients who want help with their writing.

They ask for a two-part application process:

  1. Fill out your resume and email it
  2. Complete an assignment that will be judged by the editors themselves

Once you complete this process, you will be taken on as a full-time or part-time proofreader.

WritingJobz is a great resource for finding some of the best online proofreading jobs.

As the name suggests, WritingJobz lists a variety of writing-related jobs, including proofreading.


Lionbridge is a crowdsourced proofreading and editing company based online.

The company hires proofreaders remotely who are paid between $0.05 – $1 per word, depending on your experience level.

You can work any time you’d like according to their flexible online schedule.

Lifetips reports that proofreading work from home jobs are posted online every day, and they claim to hire proofreaders “without prior experience.”

This makes it a great opportunity for people looking to make some income from a business they love — or even one they’re not familiar with.

Quality Proofreading

Another proofreading job source for beginners is Quality Proofreading Jobs, which allows freelancers to sign up and apply for jobs online.

The site only requires a cell phone number, email address, and PayPal account to get started.


Reedsy is a platform for writers, editors, and designers to connect.

Proofreaders have the option of applying directly through Reedsy or finding jobs on freelance websites such as

The company states their online proofreaders make between $0.02-$0.03 per word, but you will be paid between $0.03-$0.06 per word, depending on your experience level. is a site that offers proofreading and editing services to students, businesses, and professionals.

Looking to do academic proofreading?

This is a great job site for finding online proofreading jobs in this niche.

Applicants must complete a short assessment to be considered for work.

The company pays proofreaders $15 per hour with the opportunity for bonuses and raises based on performance reviews.

Dominate English

Dominate English offers proofreading and editing services to students and professionals.

To become a proofreader, you must pass a test that assesses your understanding of grammar, punctuation, and style.

The company pays their proofreaders $10 per hour with the opportunity for bonuses. is a website that connects proofreaders with clients who need their work edited and checked for grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes.

Proofreaders can set their own rates, and the company recommends charging between $10 and $25 per hour.

The amount of work you receive will depend on your availability and the quality of your work.

Job Boards for Proofreading Jobs from Home

There are many online job board sites that list freelance proofreader jobs from home.


UpWork is one of the most popular websites where people may find online proofreading opportunities for beginners.

I like discussing this online work-from-home platform because it is a place for people of all types of backgrounds.

On this online platform for jobs, you can find proofreading as well as editing.

Their system also allows you to gain a rating, which makes it easier for companies to hire you in the future.


Problogger is a website that is specifically for online writers, editors, and proofreaders.

On this website, you can find media-related jobs and other jobs for proofreading as well as editing.

In order to gain access to their job board, you must be a premium member.

Freelance Sites for Proofreading Jobs

There are work-from-home platforms that list proofreading opportunities.

Here are some of our faves!


Fiverr is a freelance online site that has quite a variety of remote jobs.

It can be a great way to find the best online proofreading jobs (and editing jobs) as a freelancer without being tied down and being able to pick & choose the projects you work on.


Clickworker is an online site that hires people for many different types of online jobs, including proofreading.

This site pays workers by the hour.

Freelancer is a site that hires people for many different types of online jobs, including proofreading and editing.

In order to start working as a proofreader on this website, you must take and pass an online test demonstrating your writing skills and knowledge of the English language.

Flex jobs

Flex jobs is an online site that lists many different types of opportunities for job seekers, including proofreading.

In order to start working as a proofreader on this website, you must take and pass an online test demonstrating your writing skills and knowledge of the English language.


LinkedIn is not only a social media site for professionals, but it is also a great site for finding online proofreading and editing jobs.

In order to start searching for the best proofreading jobs on LinkedIn, you must have an account with the site and complete your profile.

You can then search for “proofreading” and/or “editing” in the search bar.

Once you find a job listing that interests you, simply contact the person listed who posted the job.


Guru is an online freelance marketplace that connects freelancers with clients who need their services.

The company accepts all levels of experience, so long as you have excellent grammar and spelling skills.

You will be paid between $3-$5 per hour, depending on your experience level.

Remote is a website that lists many different types of online jobs, including proofreading.

In order to start searching for an online proofreading job on Remote, you must have an account with the site and complete your profile.

You can then search for “proofreading” in the search bar.

Once you find a job listing that interests you, simply contact the person listed who posted the job.

People per Hour

People per Hour is a website that hires freelancers to perform a variety of tasks.

It’s a great place for those who want an online proofreading job with no experience because the only requirement is basic computer knowledge and an excellent grasp of the English language.

You can also apply as a translator if you speak two or more languages fluently, but most clients will likely seek out those with proofreading experience.

Virtual Locations

Virtual Locations is another website that hires remote proofreaders.

They do require previous experience, but it’s a great option for those who want to work from home and have some prior proofreading experience.

Sites for Experienced Proofreading Jobs

If you have experience proofreading and want to find a proofreading job with more opportunities and higher pay, then the following sites are for you.


Scribendi is a proofreading and editing company that typically hires proofreaders with some type of experience.

Don’t have experience?

It’s not the best place to look for proofreading jobs for beginners.

In order to start working for this company, you must have at least three years of experience proofreading and editing essays, articles, and books.

You will be paid $25 per hour.

Proofreading Pal

Proofreading Pal is another proofreading company that hires those with more experience.

In order to start working for this company, you must have at least three years of experience proofreading and editing articles, essays resume, books, and more.

You will be paid $18 per hour.

Scribe Media

Scribe Media is a company that provides editing jobs to work remotely.

In order to start working for this company, you must have at least two years of experience proofreading and editing articles, books, and other content.

Pay is around $17 per hour.

Edit 911

Edit 911 is a proofreading company that hires for home proofreading jobs for those with more experience and editing skills.

In order to start working for this company, you must have at least three years of experience proofreading legal documents, business presentations, academic papers, websites, and more.

They’re known to pay around $15 per hour depending on experience.


ProofreadNOW offers proofreading jobs online as well.

In order to start working for this company, you must have at least three years of experience as a professional proofreader and be able to work 20 hours per week or more.

A freelance proofreader can make around $16 per hour.


Contenta is a great job opportunity to find freelance jobs for an online proofreader with experience.

They require at least three years of experience proofreading resumes, articles, essays, academic papers, dissertations, and more.

Pay is around $15 per hour.

Book Editing Associates

Book Editing Associates is a company that hires for proofreading jobs online.

In order to start working for this company, you must have at least five years of experience as a professional book editor.

You could be paid around $15 per hour.

Cambridge Proofreading & Editing

Cambridge Proofreading & Editing is a company that hires experienced proofreaders.

In order to start working for this company, you must have at least three years of experience proofreading and editing books, resumes, academic papers, essays, and more.

You can expect to be paid around $15 per hour.

Polished Paper

Polished Paper is a proofreading company that fills their online proofreading jobs with candidates holding some type of experience.

In order to start working for this company, you must have at least two years of experience editing and proofreading articles, resumes, essays, and more.

You will be paid $12 per hour.

How Much Can You Earn As A Proofreader?

As with any home-based job, the amount you will make as a proofreader varies widely depending on the company you work for.

According to The Balance, starting salaries can range from $10 an hour up to about $20 an hour, with experienced editors typically making anywhere from $12 – 20 per hour.

These rates are generally based on the standard eight-hour workday, with the proofreader working for around four hours.

How To Increase Your Rate as a Proofreader

One of the best ways to increase your rate as a proofreader is by becoming experienced at what you do.

Familiarity with the rules and procedures that govern the editing industry will help you become more accurate and efficient, allowing you to complete jobs in less time, increasing your hourly rate significantly.

The more experience you have under your belt, the more in-demand you will be as a proofreader, and the higher your earning potential.

Set Up A Professional Editing Website

Another great way to make yourself more visible and attractive as a proofreader is to set up your own professional editing website.

Don’t think you have time for your own proofreading business?

This will give clients a way to find out more about you, see examples of your work, and contact you directly.

It could be very worth it!

It also allows you to showcase your proofreading skills and experience, making you look like a much more desirable candidate.

The Tools to Make Your Proofreader Life Easier

There are also some great tools that you can use to make your proofreading life easier.

Here are some good ones:

  • Google Docs
  • Grammarly
  • Hemingway App
  • McGraw Hill’s Proofreading Guidebook
  • A computer
  • Internet

Niche Down

When starting out, it is important to niche down and find a specific market to focus on.

This way, you can become an expert in that area and provide the highest quality service to your clients.

Some of the best areas to focus on include academic editing, copyediting, proofreading medical documents, or proofreading legal documents.

Once you have a specific area of expertise, it will be much easier to set up a professional website and attract clients who need the services you provide.

Offer Extra Services

Another great way to increase your income streams is by offering additional services.

Some of these services can include formatting, editing, or even reworking the document you are working on when it comes back from the client.

Offering extra services will allow you to make significantly more money per job when compared with just proofreading alone.

Cold Pitch

Another great way to find work as a proofreader is to cold pitch companies.

This involves finding companies that may be in need of a proofreader and sending them an email or letter introducing yourself and your services.

You can find a list of potential companies to target by doing a Google search for “proofreading jobs + company name”.

Things to Know Before Becoming a Proofreader

Before becoming a proofreader, it is important to be aware of the following.

What Skills Do I Need to Find Proofreading Jobs?

The skills that you need include:

  • Attention to detail
  • Strong focus and concentration
  • Excellent grammar and punctuation skills
  • In-depth knowledge of English grammar
  • Attention to detail
  • Great communication skills
  • Ability to work independently and meet deadlines
  • Organization
  • Be familiar with popular writing styles such as APA, MLA, CMS, AP, and CSE

Do I Need Any Qualifications to Become a Proofreader?

There are no specific qualifications needed to become a proofreader.

However, it is helpful to have a Bachelor’s degree or higher.

Many proofreading jobs also require candidates to have at least 3-5 years of experience in the proofreading and editing industry.

Once you’ve had a run at some proofreading jobs for beginners, being an online proofreader can be much more lucrative.

Deadline Date and Pricing

Proofreading jobs vary in price depending on the client, type of document, and length.

It is important to charge a fair rate for your services.

Be sure not to undercharge, as this will result in low earnings per hour.

However, it is also important not to overcharge either as you may be passed up by other proofreaders.

A great way to ensure you are charging a fair rate is by using the 1/3 rule.

This involves multiplying your per-hour wage by 3 and adding it to your per-page fee.

For example, if you make $25 an hour and charge $0.05 a word, then a 300-word document would cost $15.

Resistance To Price

Proofreading is one of the only jobs where you will not have to price shop or work for less than your normal rate.

When working with a client, it is important to convey that you are worth the money they are paying and you will not be undersold by another company offering cheaper rates.

Client Scams

When looking for proofreading jobs online, it is important to keep in mind that there are many scams out there.

Some of the most popular scams include:

Upwork Scams – when an employer posts a job on Upwork, pays you half the agreed-upon price and then disappears after you complete the project.

Google Docs Scams – when a potential employer posts an advertisement for proofreading positions on Google Docs claiming they are looking to hire several people.

In reality, it is just one scammer attempting to gain personal information from multiple applicants.

The Laundry List Scams – when a potential client contacts you or sends you a form that has been pre-filled with names and information of other applicants.

You are supposed to submit your name in place of the other candidates.

This is typically used when there is only one job posting out there, but the potential employer wants to hire multiple people for it.

Is Being a Proofreader Worth It?

The answer to this question really depends on you.

If you are someone who is great at concentrating and has excellent grammar skills, then proofreading may be a great option for you.

However, if you don’t have the attention to detail or grammar skills required for the job, it may be best to look for another option.

How to Choose the Best Proofreading Job for You

When looking for proofreading jobs, it is important to find one that is a good fit for your skills and personality.

Some of the best ways to find the right proofreading job for you include some of the following aspects.

Are They Hiring Specifically for Proofreaders (NOT Editors)?

One of the biggest ways to find proofreading jobs is by searching for them on job boards like Indeed and Monster.

However, it is important to look closely at the ads before applying.

Some want editors; some want proofreaders, and others just want someone who knows Microsoft Word or Adobe programs.

The best way to know for sure is to read the job listing carefully.

How Much is the Pay?

When looking for proofreading jobs, it is important to know that the pay may vary.

The best way to ensure you are getting a fair rate is by searching for proofreading jobs that pay at least $10/hr or more.

Is This an Entry-Level Job?

Proofreading can be a great option if you are looking for an entry-level job.

Proofreading jobs for beginners are definitely out there!

However, it is important to note that some proofreading jobs may require experience.

If you don’t have any experience, consider starting out by volunteering or interning with a local company or organization.

Or, consider taking an online proofreading course and putting together an editing sample to attach to your resume when you’re applying to jobs for proofreading online.

Are the Hours Flexible?

Many people choose to do proofreading online because it allows them to work from home.

If you are someone who works much better alone and doesn’t like to be around people, this could be a great option for you.

However, if you enjoy social interaction and working with others, then it may not be the right fit for you.

Are They Hiring Now?

The best way to find proofreading jobs is by searching for ones that are hiring now.

If the job listing says they are accepting resumes, this means you can fill out an application and submit it at your convenience.

However, if it looks like the company has already filled the opening, then there’s no need to waste your time reading the job posting.

Proofreading Jobs from Home: FAQs

Is Proofreading a Legitimate Career?

Proofreading is definitely a legitimate career–especially if you want to work from home. If you are good at catching errors in written material, proofreading may be the perfect job for you. The most important thing about proofreading is staying detail-oriented and having excellent grammar skills.

What Does Being a Proofreader Entail?

Proofreading entails reading over written material and checking that the material is free of any errors or typos. You may also be asked to provide suggestions for how to improve the document. Typically, proofreaders will read their work off of a computer screen, but some proofreaders are given paper documents to proofread.


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