How to Get Paid to Write: 133+ Ways to Make Money Writing (2023)

Want to get paid to write?

We hear you!

And…we’ve got just what you need.

As a writer, you know that your words have power.

They can inform, educate, entertain, and inspire while making money.

It’s possible to get paid to write, and there are many companies that are happy to pay for quality content and freelance writing.

We’ll discuss realistic strategies to make this happen, sites that pay writers, tips & tricks for success as a freelance writer, and much more.

Let’s dive in!

How to Make Money from Writing: Most Realistic Strategies

There are a few different ways to get paid to write, and you might get paid in several ways for one piece.

Here are some various avenues you could look into as you begin your freelance writing journey (or even a freelance writing business!).

Get Paid to Write Articles for Blogs, Magazines, and Journals

You may get compensated to write by publishing pieces on a variety of blogs, periodicals, and journals.

The pay from these online publications can range from a few dollars per article to a few hundred dollars, depending on the outlet.

How do you get started in this type of writing?

You’ll need to research the publications that you’d like to write for and find out what their submission guidelines are first.

Then, send a pitch to the editor that outlines your article idea and how it meets the publication’s needs.

And if you get accepted?

Be sure to follow the editor’s specific instructions for submitting your finished article.

Make Money by Creating Collateral for Content-Hungry Businesses

As business owners get more competitive, they are looking for ways to get their company into the news.

They often turn to writers to help them get this exposure with articles about their business, published on well-known websites.

Having your work published on these sites can bring you a lot of traffic and visibility, which results in more clients for your business.

It’s a win-win.

The pay for this type of writing is usually negotiated before you start writing, and it’s often a flat fee or a commission on the sales that your article generates.

It’s also important to pay special attention to the submission guidelines for these types of freelance writing jobs.

Get Paid to Write by Becoming a Best-Selling Kindle Author

If you want to get paid for writing, there are several options available.

Writing a book may be quite effective.

Not only do you get paid for the writing itself, but you also get royalties every time your book is sold.

Plus, there are no upfront costs–you get paid whether your book sells or not.

To become a best-selling Kindle author, you need to write a book that is high quality and provides value to your readers.

Then, you need to market your book well and get people to buy it.

Once your book hits the best-seller list, you’ll start making some serious money.

Kindle often features new authors and features, so it is a good way to dip your toes into the world of book publishing without having to worry about hard copies yet.

Make Money Writing as a Conversion-Focused Copywriter

Copywriting is a skill that is in high demand these days.

This is because businesses know that they need good copy to convert website visitors into customers.

If you’re a good writer and have a knack for persuasion, then this may be the writing niche for you.

Especially if your goal is making money online because it’s very doable as a remote freelance writer.

As a conversion-oriented copywriter, you’ll get compensated to create website content that pushes readers to take the action you desire.

Build a Niche Blog and Promote Third Party Products

Another way to earn money writing is to start a blog about a topic you’re interested in and get compensated by third parties for promoting their goods.

You’ll get a commission each time someone clicks on an affiliate link or makes a purchase after clicking on an affiliate link.

Each blog post can be a source of income.

Feature articles, personal stories, etc. can all bring in traffic.

This type of writing will not get you rich quickly, but it can be a reliable way to make a steady income if you’re willing to put in the work.

And…remember, it all adds up over time.

Tips for Success in the World of Content Writing

In order to be successful in the world of content writing, there are a few tips that you’ll want to keep in mind.

Here are some tried & true methods and hacks to boost your success right off the bat.

Be a Good Writer

You may be surprised, but being a successful content writer doesn’t directly equate to being a good writer.

In fact, it’s only one part of the equation.

A successful content writer is also an effective communicator with an eye for detail and excellent research skills.

But, if you are a good writer, that’s a great place to start.

There are many ways to improve your writing skills, and the best way to get better is by practice.

Start by writing for yourself – a blog about topics that interest you or pen articles for your own website.

Then, once you feel more comfortable, get involved in the online community and share your work with others.

Find Your Niche

It may be tempting to take whatever writing work comes along, but this can lead to burnout as you struggle to write about topics that don’t interest you.

Instead, it’s important to find a niche – something you are passionate about – and focus your efforts there.

Focus & passion are incredible tools.

When you’re passionate about a topic, it’s much easier to produce quality content that engages your readers.

Network With Other Writers

One of the best ways to get ahead in any field is by networking with others.

This is especially true for content writing, as it can be difficult to get work without first building up a portfolio.

Start by joining writing forums and get involved in the online community.

There are also plenty of industry-specific sites that can help get your name in front of potential clients, including Craigslist, Upwork, Freelancer, and more.

Finally, Twitter is an excellent place to network with other professionals in your niche.

Common Mistakes People Make When Starting (+ How to Avoid)

Here are common mistakes that people make when starting out as a content writer, plus how to avoid them:

  • Not having a niche. As mentioned earlier, it’s important to find a niche and stick to it when you’re starting out as a content writer. This will help you focus your efforts and produce quality content that engages your readers.
  • Taking any job that comes along. It’s important to be selective with the jobs you take on, especially when you’re starting out. You don’t want to get burned out by writing about topics that don’t interest you.
  • Not having writing samples. Many potential clients will want to see a portfolio of your work before hiring you. This can be difficult if you’re just starting out, but there are plenty of ways to get writing samples without having published work.

26 Sites That Pay Freelancers Over $100

If you’re looking for sites that pay big for writing, then you’ll want to check out these options below.

Making money writing online can be done through a huge variety of topics.

These online magazines, websites, and other successful projects are great ways to get published articles at a good price per post.

1. B. Michelle Pippin

They are looking for well-researched and well-written posts on a variety of topics, including writing, self-improvement, and entrepreneurship.

2. Chicago Health Insurance

They are looking for 500- to 1,000-word posts on a variety of topics related to health insurance, including tips for choosing the right plan and how to get the most out of your coverage.

3. The A.V. Club

They are looking for a fun, irreverent take on pop culture, with an emphasis on new media and music (and the people who make it).

4. Bustle

They are looking for fun, interesting social media posts on a variety of topics related to culture and entertainment, including beauty, fashion, celebrity news, lifestyle, health and wellness, books and literature, TV shows, and movies.

5. BestPickist

They are looking for well-researched and well-written posts on home improvement topics, including but not limited to:

  • kitchen remodeling
  • bathroom remodeling
  • outdoor living spaces
  • decorating with color schemes
  • how to choose countertop materials
  • how to choose flooring materials

6. Dollar Stretcher

They are looking for well-researched and well-written posts on a variety of topics related to living frugally, including couponing, budgeting, saving money on groceries, and more.

7. Sport Fishing Magazine

They are looking for well-researched and well-written posts on a variety of topics related to fishing, including how to choose the right rod and reel, how to tie knots, how to get the most out of your bait, how to get the most out of your time on the water, how to catch specific types of fish, and more.

8. The Escapist

This site is all about gaming news, reviews, and commentary.

9. Freelance Mom

This site is all about helping moms find freelance work and make money from home.

10. Healthy Living

Topics include lifestyle, health, DIY projects, home decorating, or anything else related to healthy living!

11. Worthpoint

Worthpoint is all about researching, preserving, and sharing collectibles.

12. Slate

Slate is a news website that covers a wide range of topics including pop culture, sports, technology, and more.

13. The Layout

The Layout is a site devoted to graphic and web design.

14. Make a Living Writing

This blog is about assisting writers in leaving their day jobs and earning a full-time income.

15. is all about helping moms find freelance work and make money from home.

16. MoneyPantry

The MoneyPantry site is all about money management, money-saving tips, and earning money from home.

17. Pentimento

Pentimento is a lifestyle blog that focuses on parenting, money-saving tips, fashion and style, recipes, decorating, crafting ideas, home improvement projects, travel, and home organization.

18. DailyWorth

The website DailyWorth is a money management site focused on making money more manageable, with a focus on money for women.

19. Semaphore

If you’re searching for a way to make money writing about music, Semaphore is the ideal spot for you.

That could mean anything from album reviews and artist interviews to top-ten lists and op-eds on the latest industry news.

20. FreshBooks

The FreshBooks site is all about accounting, invoicing, money management, payment processing, and more.

21. Thriving Family

As a member of the group, you’d be paid to write engaging articles on a monthly basis, as well as access to numerous resources that can assist you in becoming a better parent.

22. Transitions Abroad

If you’re a travel lover, Transitions Abroad is the perfect place to get paid to write.

That could mean anything from destination guides and interviews with ex-pats to tips for living abroad and student travel.

23. The Travel Writer’s Life

They accept submissions on a wide range of topics, from adventure travel to food and wine, and they’re always on the lookout for new writers.

24. Vibrant Life

Vibrant Life is focused on building a sense of community and is looking for writers who can create interesting, educational articles on a variety of topics related to health and wellness.

25. IncomeDiary

IncomeDiary provides content about money management, blogging, money-saving tips, and how to earn money from home.

26. Babble

As a writer for this website, you’ll get the chance to pitch articles on everything from parenting topics to food, beauty, and relationships.

6 Get Paid to Write Online Content (Websites, Blogs, etc.)

There are a plethora of sites that will pay you to write online content.

This can be in the form of website articles, blog posts, product descriptions, or even social media updates.

The possibilities are endless!

Some of the best sites that will pay you for your writing include the following.

1. Copyhackers

Anything from short blog posts and money-making ideas to ebooks and case studies.

2. Listverse

They accept submissions on a wide range of topics, from science to history to entertainment.

One catch? Your submission must be list-based.

But don’t let that stop you—with a little creativity, you can come up with a list for just about anything.

3. Narratively

Narratively is a storytelling-based site that pays its writers based on engagement.

The more readers interact with your story (clicking, commenting, sharing), the more money you make.

And if you’re looking for an assignment, their open assignments page means there’s always something to write about!

4. Reader’s Digest

Reader’s Digest is looking for freelance writers who can provide topics for their syndicated stories and develop new ideas that will appeal to a wide range of audiences.

5. Unemploymentville

Anything from writing about your job search experiences to sharing money-saving tips.

6. Writer’s Digest

Writer’s Digest is a trusted name when it comes to writing and publishing, so if you’re looking for a place that values your work, they should be near the top of your list.

As a freelance writer for the magazine, you’ll get the chance to contribute money-making ideas, how-to content, book reviews—even short nonfiction and humor pieces.

6 Make Money Online Writing with Freelance Websites

There’s money to be made by writing content for other people if you’re willing to work hard and put in the time.

Freelance websites will generally let you do just that, as long as you adhere to their guidelines and produce high-quality content on a regular basis.

1. CopyPress

CopyPress is looking for writers who are experts in their industries.

If you are an expert in your industry and know how to grab the attention of your readers, this could be the perfect freelance writing opportunity for you.

2. Fiverr

Fiverr is a great place to start if you’re looking for freelance writing gigs.

As a writer, you can offer your services for as little as $5 per gig.

3. iWriter

iWriter is a great site for beginner freelance writers.

As a writer, you can choose from a variety of writing jobs (ranging from blog posts to product descriptions) and then submit a bid.

4. nDash

They offer two kinds of writer accounts: Basic and Pro.

The Basic account is free, but it limits the number of jobs you can accept at one time.

The Pro account costs money, but it allows you to choose from a larger variety of jobs and accept as many as you want.

5. Textbroker

Textbroker lets you bid on text-based writing projects, which means that the site provides endless opportunities for anyone looking to make money by writing online.

As a writer, you can choose from a variety of writing jobs (ranging from blog posts to product descriptions) and then submit a bid.

6. Upwork

Working with Upwork means that you can bid on jobs and then connect your client with content that meets their specifications.

They are looking for writers who have experience writing website content, brochures, blog posts, landing pages, and more.

6 Make Money Online by Writing About General Interests Sites

General interest websites pay well and tend to have a large audience that is actively looking for content.

There are plenty of money-making opportunities on sites like these, but you’ll need to produce high-quality content that stands out from the rest.

If you’re up for the challenge, these are some of the best money-making opportunities for writers online.

1. Vibrant Life

We had mentioned this one further above, but it applies here as well.

Vibrant Life’s content is focused on money-saving tips, money-making ideas, and advice for living a frugal lifestyle.

2. The War Cry

This is a magazine published by The Salvation Army that has been in publication for more than 135 years!

They are always looking for new contributors to write articles on a variety of topics related to The Salvation Army, Christianity, and more.

3. Guideposts

They accept narrative articles based on real-life accounts of individuals who have accomplished specific objectives, battled challenges, or acquired life lessons as a result of their religion.

4. Chicken Soup for the Soul

Chicken Soup for the Soul is pretty well-known; its content is all about motivating and inspiring.

5. Power for Living

Power For Living is a community of friendly and supportive Christians.


AARP focuses on content about money-making ideas, money-saving tips, health and well-being advice—all things that are important to older adults.

6 Get Paid for Writing Creative Works Sites (Poetry, Fiction, etc.)

Want to look at a writing career with a more creative style?

You could look at some of these sites, which feature articles in styles such as poetry, greeting cards, and short stories.

1. The Antioch Review

The Antioch Review is a journal of nonfiction essays and fiction published by faculty and staff at the small private institution known as Antioch College in Ohio.

2. Blue Mountain Arts

Blue Mountain Arts is a greeting card and publishing company that offers money for writing original poems and verses.

3. Deaf Poets Society

They only publish essays, short stories, and poems (no book reviews or creative nonfiction).

They also accept previously unpublished works, so you can submit your work even if you haven’t had it published anywhere else.

4. Rattle

Rattle is a magazine with a focus on contemporary poetry and short stories, so if you want to get serious money from your writing this might be a good option.

5. The Threepenny Review

The Threepenny Review is a literary magazine that publishes essays, short stories, and poems (including translations).

You’ll get paid more money for longer pieces, but that doesn’t mean they won’t publish your short stories or poems.

6. Poetry Nook

Their focus is on publishing poems that engage readers and push the boundaries of what can be done with poetry.

They also offer money for book reviews and interviews with other poets, as well as those by unpublished authors who are looking to gain exposure.

9 Write About Vacation/Travel

If you enjoy traveling and writing about your experiences, there are a few websites that will pay you for your work.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ones out there to take a look at for travel writing.

1. Transitions Abroad

If you’re looking for a writing gig that will pay you to travel the world, check out this website.

2. Wanderlust

Wanderlust is a website and magazine that focuses on travel and outdoor activities.

Be sure to read their guidelines carefully before submitting, as they have a few specific requirements.

They also offer money for book reviews and photo essays.

3. Great Escape Publishing

Great Escape Publishing is a journal that focuses on the business of travel.

They publish essays, fiction, and poetry from authors looking for paid opportunities where they can get their work done while traveling – photographers, writers who prefer working remotely via email or Skype; tour guides at tourist attractions all over town!

4. Alaska Airlines Magazine

They’re looking for unique experiences that you’ve had while traveling – whether it’s your first time to Hawaii or you visited Europe last summer.

5. Travel + Leisure Magazine

Travel + Leisure Magazine is always looking for writers to write about destinations all over the world.

6. Air Canada enRoute

The Air Canada enRoute publication is all about Canadian travel and is looking for writers who can publish articles about their travels in Canada.

7. Horizon Edition Magazine

The in-flight magazine for the airline that flies you – any destination, anytime.

A monthly in-flight publication read by over half a million travelers every month!

8. Delta Sky Magazine

Delta Sky Magazine is a monthly magazine that’s read by over 8 million passengers.

Delta Sky is a magazine that offers readers insight into the world of travel and business.

They are always looking for “executed stories about life, work adventures abroad or at home – all told through compelling photography.”

9. MotorHome Magazine

Motorhome Magazine is a monthly publication that’s read by over 1.5 million truck-campers and RV owners.

They’re always looking for interesting, well-written pieces about life on the road – including “Interstate road trips, new discoveries at campgrounds across America, and exploring fabulous destinations.”

5 Sites That Pay You to Write About Short Stories

There are many websites that pay money to writers of short stories – here are just a few definitely worth checking into.

1. Tor

They take submissions for their original short fiction, novella, and non-fiction.

For Novellas, they offer an advance against royalties depending on factors such as the length of the story and how commercial it can be.

2. Clarkesworld

This award-winning magazine has been winning awards left and right with their stories that cover all sorts of topics from aliens to time travel!

3. Harper’s Magazine

This long-standing magazine is a great place to get your work seen by actual editors and agents.

They do not publish genre fiction, so you’ll want to make sure your story is up to snuff if that’s the market you’re targeting.

4. The New Yorker

This venerable magazine is the cream of the crop, and also one of the most difficult to break into.

While they don’t publish genre fiction, they are open to all sorts of literary fiction.

They do not pay upfront for submissions, but they offer “ kill fees ” if your story is accepted but then killed (i.e. not published).

5. Asimov’s Science Fiction

This magazine is open to all sorts of science fiction stories, from hard science fiction to fantasy and everything in between.

4 Sites That Pay You to Write About Parenting

If you’re a parenting expert, then there are a number of sites that would be happy to pay you for your advice and insights.

1. A Fine Parent

A Fine Parent is a parenting website that encourages parents to work together and learn from each other’s experiences.

Writers for this site must be familiar with the current issues surrounding parenting and carefully read guidelines before writing.

2. Scary Mommy

Scary Mommy is a website that’s devoted to honest, funny, and raw stories from parents.

They accept both new and experienced writers and are open to a variety of topics related to parenthood.

3. Babble

Babble is a website that’s dedicated to today’s top parenting news and trends.

As an established contributor to Babble, you’ll need to provide three pitches per month in order for your articles to be considered for publication.

Youth Today

If you have experience working with and writing about young people, Youth Today is a website that wants to hear from you.

2 Sites That Pay You to Write for Kids & Teens

If you’re passionate about writing and want to share your work with a younger audience, then check out these sites that are always on the lookout for new talent.

1. Cicada Magazine

The Cicada Magazine is a great place to get your name out there.

With its target market made up largely of teenagers and young adults, this online publication offers up to $2250 per article!

2. Cricket Magazine

Kids who love horses and horseback riding will enjoy reading stories in this magazine.

Cricket Magazine provides a wide range of opportunities for its writers, including travel stories, sports pieces, interviews with industry experts, and more.

5 Sites That Pay You to Write About Lifestyle

We all want to make money writing, but sometimes we’re not sure where to start.

Here are a few sites that will pay you to write about lifestyle topics.

1. Girls Life

The Girls Life magazine is a great resource for all of the latest updates and advice on how to handle relationships, celebrity gossip, grooming tips, and more.

2. NY Times’ Modern Love Column

The New York Times is always looking for contributors to the Modern Love column, which features essays about love and relationships.

3. L.A. Affairs

L.A. Affairs is a column that reveals the dating scene in and around Los Angeles, California–and it’s not all sunny!

4. Heroes and Heartbreakers

Heroes and Heartbreakers is a website for people who love romance novels.

They accept freelance submissions on a variety of topics, including reviews, interviews, and essays.

5. Italian America

This website is devoted to all things Italian American, from food to travel to the history.

They are looking for personal essays on experiences that have shaped your Italian American identity.

2 Sites That Pay You to Write About Education

If you are passionate about education and love to write, then these sites are for you.

They will pay freelance writers on a variety of topics related to education.

1. Teaching Tolerance

Teaching Tolerance is a magazine for teachers.

They provide content about diversity and multiculturalism to create an inclusive environment in schools, colleges, or universities across America – from pre-k all the way through graduate school!

2. American Educator

American Educator is published by the American Federation of Teachers (AFT).

They are an authoritative source of information on issues concerning the teaching profession.

2 Sites That Pay You to Write Jokes

Writing jokes is a great way to exercise your creativity and earn money at the same time.

If you have an aptitude for making people laugh, here are some online publication options where you can apply.

1. Cracked

Cracked provides content for the internet generation.

From movie parodies to lists, Cracked has it all!

They are looking for writers to create original, humorous content on topics that revolve around pop culture.

2. Reader’s Digest

Reader’s Digest features a humor/joke section.

You can submit a joke or just pitch an idea including a personal story and see exactly what sticks.

2 Sites That Pay You to Write About Business & Money

If money is a topic that you want to learn more about, there are several companies that will pay you for writing or editing.

A few of these sites include the following sites.

1. eCommerce Insiders

This site pays for articles about eCommerce, online marketing, or business in general.

2. iWorkWell

This site seeks articles about work/life balance, career development, and productivity.

A Site That Pays You to Write About DIY & Home Improvement

If you’ve been tasked with a do-it-yourself project at home, there is money to be made in writing about the experience.

Many of these companies are looking for writers who can write step-by-step guides on how to complete different projects from home improvement and personal finance bloggers.

If your story inspires or educates readers, you may even be able to turn it into a money-making opportunity.

This publication is looking for writers who can provide their readers with money-making and money-saving tips for projects and initiatives around the home.

You don’t need to be an expert, just someone who has a knack for do-it-yourself projects.

5 Sites That Pay You to Write About Politics, News & Entertainment

If money is the topic of your writing, then this section is for you.

Here are some companies that are looking for writers to write about money in politics, money in entertainment, money in news, and money in specific areas like parenting or relationships.

1. The Christian Science Monitor

The Christian Science Monitor is a publication that provides content about money in politics, money in entertainment, money in news, money in parenting, money in relationships.

2. High Country News

High Country News focuses its circulation on the American West, and it’s not just because of their name!

3. The Sun Magazine

The Sun Magazine is looking for money-related stories on topics including money in entertainment, money in politics, money in the news, finance, money at home.

4. The Nation

The Nation is a political magazine; they are looking for money-related stories on topics including money in the news, finance, money at home.

5. Salon

The Salon is a publication that has been around for a long time and they’re still going strong.

They are looking for money-related stories on topics including money in entertainment, money in politics, money in the news, finance, money at home.

6 Sites That Pay You to Write About Web & Technology

The money in the web and technology is not always easy to find, but if you’re passionate about this kind of money and you can write effectively then it’s worth a shot.

Here are some places that will pay you money to write.

1. A List Apart

A List Apart is a web design publication that is looking for money-related stories on topics including money in entertainment, money in politics, money in the news, finance, money at home.

2. iPhone Life Magazine

The money in the web and technology is not always easy to find, but if you’re passionate about this kind of money and you can write effectively then it’s worth a shot.

iPhone Life Magazine covers everything to do with Apple products including money-related articles on topics including money in politics, money in the news, finance, money at home.

3. The Layout

The Layout is a web design blog that is looking for money-related stories on topics including money in entertainment, money in politics, money in the news, finance, money at home.

4. is the home for some of your favorite Photoshop tutorials and how-to videos, but this site has its focus on Adobe software such as After Effects or Illustrator too!

5. DigitalOcean

DigitlaOcean is a cloud hosting service with tons of features that also serve as a library for tutorials and step-by-step guides about Linux or FreeBSD.

6. Polygon

Polygon is an entertainment gaming website that is looking for money-related stories on topics including money in politics, money at home.

18 Sites That Pay You to Write About Sports & Outdoor

The money in sports and outdoor activities can be very lucrative, but it’s also tough to make money for writing.

Here are some places that will pay you money to write about sports and outdoor activities.

1. Canoeroots

Rapid Media is a publishing company that has four different magazines.

Canoeroots specifically is about canoeing and kayaking.

2. Sporting Classics

Sporting Classics is a hunting, fishing, and shooting magazine.

3. Blade Magazine

Blade Magazine is a publication that is all about knives and the knife industry.

4. BirdWatching Daily

BirdWatching Daily is the leading website for birdwatching enthusiasts of all levels of interest and expertise.

5. Sport Fishing Magazine

Sport Fishing Magazine is focused on saltwater, freshwater, and small game fishing topics.

6. Canoe & Kayak

Canoe & Kayak focuses on content regarding all things paddling, including of course canoes and kayaks!

7. Hoof Beats Magazine

Hoof Beats Magazine is the first publication of its kind in America, and it’s written by horse enthusiasts.

The United States Trotting Association authors this quarterly journal for owners who want more information on how to care for their horses’ feet health-wise or just enjoy reading about them!

8. USDF Connection

The United States Dressage Federation (USDF) Connection is the go-to place for dressage riders, trainers, and enthusiasts of all levels.

9. Wooden Boat

A bi-monthly magazine for Wooden Boat owners, builders, and designers.

10. Kung Fu Magazine

They are looking for all things related to Martial Arts, from the training and techniques of well-known martial artists.

11. Black Belt Magazine

Black Belt Magazine is the world’s number one martial arts magazine that has been published for more than forty years.

12. Boys’ Quest

The Boys’ Quest publication offers content about outdoor skills, nature exploration, the environment, adventure sports, and fitness techniques.

13. The Chronicle of the Horse

The Chronicle of the Horse is published by the United States Equestrian Federation for more than thirty years.

14. Kitplanes

Kitplanes, published by the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), has been in business for over two decades.

15. Backpacker

Backpacker is a magazine that’s all about the outdoors, and they love to share money-saving tips with their readers!

16. Gray’s Sporting Journal

Grays Sporting Journal is where outdoor enthusiasts go to share their various hobbies and interests.

From fishing, hunting, or just plain old hiking – this site has something for everyone!

18. Horse & Rider

Ever since its debut in 1891, Horse & Rider has been a magazine for fans of horse riding.

So it’s no surprise that they want content related to horses and riders!

6 Sites That Pay You to Write About Special Topics

Do you have a knack for writing about specific topics?

If so, there are a number of sites that will pay you to write!

These sites typically don’t require you to have any previous experience, and they can be a great way to start building your portfolio.

1. Pentimento

Pentimento is a quarterly magazine that focuses on personal essays, memoirs, and poetry.

They are looking for heartfelt pieces that deal with an array of topics.

2. Drum! Magazine

Drum! Magazine is a publication that’s all about music, and they are always looking for new writers to contribute.

3. LightHouse

The Lighthouse is a non-profit organization that provides services to people who have been incarcerated.

Their publication focuses on the many issues that face the incarcerated population, and they always need new perspectives.

4. Porthole Cruise Magazine

Seeking submissions from writers who have been aboard a cruise ship.

They are looking for articles that provide readers with money-saving tips, things to do when they get on board, and money-saving tips when the cruise ends!


DRAFT is a literary magazine that offers money for your work.

They are looking for essays, short fiction, and poetry!

6. Rapid Media Magazine

Rapid Media Magazine is about the latest technology, gadgets, sports, and entertainment.

They are looking for writers who can contribute content related to these topics!

7. Maine Boat, Homes & Harbors

Maine Boat, Homes, and Harbors is a magazine that focuses on all things boating!

They are looking for submissions related to money-saving tips, how-to’s, product reviews, and more!

8. Country Magazine

The Country Magazine is focused on everything related to the way we live in our day-to-day lives.

Whether it be fashion, food, drink, or travel tips – you’ll find something for everyone here!

A Site That Pays You to Write About Science

Science is a fascinating topic, and there are a number of sites that are looking for writers who want to share their knowledge with the world!

If you have a passion for science, these sites might be perfect for you.

1. Analog

Analog Science Fiction and Fact is a magazine that focuses on the science of the future.

They are looking for articles that focus on how technology will affect our lives.

2 Sites That Pay You to Write About Farm & Gardening

There are hundreds of websites that will pay money for your writing.

Several sites that accept submissions about farm and gardening include some of these ideas.

1. The American Gardener

The American Gardener is a 64-page bimonthly magazine with nearly 20,000 members.

Topics include anything and everything about farming and gardening.

2. Hobby Farms

The term “hobbyist farmer” usually connotes someone who loves to grow their own food and animals.

This is the case with Hobby Farms magazine, which publishes articles on how-to for those interested in starting up small-scale farms or raising backyard chickens from eggs sold at local farmers’ markets!

10 Sites That Pay You to Write About Art

If you have an advanced degree in art, museums are looking for art essayists to write about specific artists or types of art.

1. Beat&Button

Kalmbach Publishing Co.’s Beat&Button is the ultimate resource for all things jewelry-making.

From projects and how-to guides, inspirations tips interviews with big designers!

2. Howlround

Howlround’s content is focused on all things theater, including information about shows and theaters.

3. SpinOff

Spinoff is a magazine dedicated to all things related to the performing arts.

4. HOW

All about graphics design – from tutorials and guides to inspirations, showcases, and more.

5. The Artist’s Magazine

The Artist’s Magazine is looking for artists who want to share their knowledge with other artists.

6. Pastel Journal

Pastel Journal is the only national magazine devoted to pastels.

It features interviews with artists, how-to demonstrations of painting techniques, and more!

7. Ceramics Monthly

Whether you want to submit tips, tutorials, or personal stories about working in the ceramic arts industry, Ceramics Monthly is here for all your needs.

8. The Earth Island Journal

The Earth Island Journal is dedicated to telling the compelling stories of people who are fighting for a better future.

These brave souls will be our inspiration, and we hope you’ll join them in their fight against man-made pollution.

9. Western Art & Architecture

Western Art & Architecture is looking for writers who are willing to share their love of western art with the rest of the world.

10. Writers Digest

Writer’s Digest is always ready to help you write your best work.

The organization provides resources and feedback on the latest trends in writing, as well as tips for finding an agent or publisher; all with a goal of making it easier than ever before for beginning writers to get published.

3 Sites That Pay You to Write About Religion

Religion and spirituality are eternal topics that never get old.

If you love writing about these topics, check out the sites below to see how you can earn money by submitting your work!

1. Devozine

Devozine wants to help strengthen young people’s faith in Christianity.

2. The Quiet Hour

The quarterly issued Quiet Hour is an excellent opportunity to take some time for yourself, relax, and reflect.

The featured stories are meant as inspiration or humor from experience with prayer at the end of each one.

3. Sports Spectrum

Sports Spectrum connects athletes to their communities, offering articles that explore both spirituality and sports.

Other Strategies to Get Paid to Write

If you’re not interested in any of the sites listed above, or if they don’t offer the type of writing that you’re interested in, don’t worry!

Of course, these are just a few of the many options that are available to you when it comes to getting paid to write.

There are plenty of other ways for you to get paid simply for writing.

Pitch to Your Favorite Publications

One strategy that can work especially well is to pitch your favorite publications.

Many online and print magazines are always on the lookout for new contributors, so take some time to familiarize yourself with their guidelines and send them a proposal!

Start Your Own Blog

If you’re more on the creative/technology side, or if you want to be able to share your voice with others online, starting your own blog is another option.

You can write about anything that’s of interest to you and monetize it through advertisements or affiliate links!

Launch a Career as a Writer

If you’re ready to become a full-time writer, don’t be afraid to take the plunge!

No money? No problem.

Start your blog and get writing every day; it’ll pay off in the end when you have enough money saved up to invest in starting your career–and that’s all it takes!

Writing for Money FAQs

Can I Get Paid To Write Letters?

Sure! Sites like MyLetterDesk will pay you money to write letters. Their average check for a letter is $5.00 so it’s not much, but you can do quite a bit of writing in an hour depending on how many words they want in the letter.

Who Will Pay Me to Write?

It depends on what you’re writing about, of course. There are companies that will pay money for articles and other content; however, the money is typically much less than what a professional writer might make in their field or trade.

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