Free Roblox Gift Card Codes

FREE Roblox Gift Card Codes 2023 Unused List (Updated Daily)

πŸ’³ Roblox Gift Card Codes9 unused
πŸ’΅ Free Robux AmountUp to $20
βŒ› Expires WhenAfter redemption
🎁 Roblox Redeem Codes18 Free Virtual Items

Looking for unused Roblox gift card codes for free Robux in 2024?

I hear you!

And you’re in the right place (can you say…free Robux!?!) 🀩

I’ve got all the info regarding Roblox gift card codes, including how to snag free Robux credit, get your hands on exclusive virtual items, and more hacks to maximize your Roblox account.

If Roblox is one of your favorite games, your search is over for answers about Roblox gift card codes 2024 unused!

I have a way to get a free $20 Roblox gift card code, as well as:

  • A list of unused Roblox gift card codes
  • How to redeem Roblox credit
  • How to send or purchase Robux
  • Troubleshooting help
  • And much more

Big Roblox fan, right? Duh πŸ˜‚

Okay, let’s dig into the good stuff!

πŸ† Get a FREE $20 Roblox Gift Card Code and Exclusive Virtual Items

You can use the Slide app to get as many Roblox gift card codes as you want!

You can do this whenever you need more Robux.

So here is the deal:

Slide app + = Free Roblox Gift Card Codes (+free exclusive virtual items)

This is how it all works:

To start, you’ll get a free $20 credit for the Slide App, which sells digital gift card codes for many popular brands with cashback after the purchase.

You’ll want to purchase gift card codes in the Slide app.

Why GameStop, you ask?

Because sells Roblox gift card codes with free exclusive virtual items for each Roblox gift card code you purchase!

Yup, it’s pretty amazing! 😎

As a bonus, you’ll also get 5% cashback on these gift cards you purchase through the Slide app.

To get your free Roblox gift card codes, follow these steps:

1. Get the Slide app with a Free $20 Credit.

A Screenshot Of The Slide App With A $20 Free Roblox Gift Card Code

Note: Get the Slide app with free credit here. The deal is $5 off your first 4 purchases for $20 total.

2. Search & Select ‘GameStop’ in the Slide app.

A Screenshot Of The Slide App To Get Free Gift Card Codes

Note: You need to get gift card codes because we’ll use these codes to buy Roblox gift card codes in step 6.

3. Enter the GameStop Gift Card Amount & Select “Review.”

A Screenshot Of The Slide App With The Gift Card Code Amount

Note: You’ll instantly get this gift card as a digital code in the app. $10 is the minimum amount for

4. Toggle on “Slide Balance” to Add the Free Credit and Tap “Slide to Pay.”

A Screenshot Of The Slide App With The Free Credit To Get Free Gift Card Codes

Note: At first, Slide will only add a $5 credit and the remaining $15 credit in $5 increments after each purchase. I’ve verified this myself – don’t worry. You may need to add your payment method in this step.

5. Repeat Steps 2-4 to Maximize Your Free Credit (3 more times).

Note: Repeating steps 2-4 another three times will ensure you get the maximum value from your free $20 Slide credit. This is because you get a $5 free credit for each purchase up to 4 times. You don’t need to make another Slide account or anything like that. Just make four separate gift card purchases with the same account.

6. Finally, go to and Get Roblox Gift Card Codes with Your GameStop Gift Card Codes.

πŸ’‘ You can stack your GameStop gift card codes into one purchase on, so I suggest buying as many smaller Roblox gift cards as possible since you’ll also get a free virtual item for each gift card purchase. Also, Slide will give you 5% cashback on all GameStop gift card codes you purchase.

While this method isn’t 100% free, it’s still a fantastic way to get discounted Roblox gift card codes, which is still a pretty sweet deal.

If you do this right, you’ll have (4) $10 GameStop gift card codes for only $20 out of pocket, then convert them into (4) $10 Roblox gift card codes at Plus, you’ll have 4 exclusive virtual items and 5% cashback!

Also, if you need to know how to redeem these codes in your Roblox account, check out our detailed steps here.

More Ways to Get Free Roblox Gift Card Codes (Free Robux!)

There aren’t many methods to get unused, free Roblox gift card codes (for free Robux), but you can do a couple of things to keep these free credits coming in.

You can try using one of our site’s Roblox gift card codes.

That’s a great first option!

Then, you can utilize your Microsoft Rewards account and the Slide app to get free Robux and discounted gift cards regularly.

These are fantastic options to keep getting free Robux gift card codes even after that initial Roblox gift card has been credited & used.

Method 1: Free Roblox Gift Card Codes 2023 Unused List (June)

It’s not common to find unused Roblox gift card codes lying around the internet, ready to be redeemed for free Robux.

I have some highly sought-after unused Roblox gift card codes ready to be redeemed.

In lieu of a free gift card code generator (which doesn’t exist), these are your best bet to try out:

List of Free Roblox Gift Card Codes 2023 Unused for June:

  • 915 091 1520
  • 947 726 1418
  • 814 106 0459
  • 910 423 3773
  • 893 344 2769
  • 834 906 0819
  • 815 061 5945
  • 865 061 5425
  • 910 307 9408

This list is up-to-date as of June 14, 2024.

These codes get used fast, but if you have trouble redeeming unused Roblox gift card codes, check out the section below about troubleshooting the issue.

If that doesn’t work, try reaching out to Roblox support.

Other than that, if you wish to get a free Roblox gift card by joining Microsoft Rewards, I have instructions for both methods below.

Method 2: Use Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft promotes Roblox as the complete virtual world in which users can construct, play, and be anything they want.

To support gamers, they introduced the option to earn a $100 Robux eGift card simply by completing some tasks.

Each day, you may earn up to 270 points by completing this!

Once you’ve earned 1,500 points in 5 days or more, you may trade or redeem them for a free $100 Roblox gift card.

It’s a pretty quick & easy way to earn some free Robux without much effort or human verification.

Here’s the task:

  1. Sign into your Microsoft account (create one if you don’t have one yet)
  2. Join the Microsoft Edge program (signing up is free!)
  3. Search with Microsoft Bing using Microsoft Edge for 5 days (either desktop or mobile works)

That’s it!

Seriously, it’s a steal.

Note: This needs to be done within 14 days of joining Microsoft Rewards for it to be valid.

It adds up to a lot of free Robux over time if you think about it πŸ™‚

It’s a deal worth sharing with your friends, for sure.

Free Roblox Redeem Codes List for June, 2024

Here is our daily list of Roblox redeem codes for various virtual items that you can get for your Roblox account.

Free Virtual ItemRedeem Code
Spider Cola Shoulder PetSPIDERCOLA
White Flamingo FedoraMERCADOLIWEEFEDORA2023
Snow Friend Shoulder AccessoryAMAZONFRIEDFD2023
Kinetic StaffDIY
Crown of Electrifying GuitarsROSSMANNCTGWN2023
Peppermint HatTARGETMINFFT2023
Speedy ShadesGETMOVING
Crystalline CompanionWORLDALIVE
Ring of Flames Waist AccessoryBOARDWALK 
Head Slime AccessoryGLIMMER
Ghostly Aura Waist AccessoryTHINGSGOBOOM
Tomes of the Magus Shoulder AccessoryPARTICLEWIZARD

Soulz Codes for Roblox

Soulz is a popular game on Roblox and players are always on the lookout for codes to enhance their gameplay. Here are some of the latest Soulz codes that you can use:

RobloxIsDumbAbilityAbility Reroll
RobloxIsDumbEXP2x XP Boost
shikairerollShikai/Res/Volt Reroll
80KlikesBlue Pill, Weapon Reroll, Shikai/Res/Volt Reroll
newgameSoul ticket
shutdownsrry1 Elemental Reroll
55klikesBlue Pill
tyforfollowsUnknown Reward
demonsoul300k2x soul boost for 60 minutes
1000likes2,000 souls + 2x soul boost for 10 minutes
adou6000likesUnknown Reward
gleamsamaFree Spins
ourplehedgehog15 Free Spins
resetmystatsUnknown Reward

Remember to redeem these codes as soon as possible, as they can expire anytime.

Please note that the codes are subject to change and may not work if they have expired or if they have been used already.

What is a Digital Roblox Gift Card Code?

Digital Roblox Gift Card Codes

A digital Roblox gift card code is emailed to you after purchase.

All gift card codes are emailed to the email associated with your Roblox account; this is why it’s so important never to share this information with anyone and keep it secure.

Even though gift card redemption should be instant, sometimes there’s a delay due to processing issues.

Typically though, your Robux balance should update automatically after you press the ‘redeem’ button.

You should still get your free Roblox gift cards within 1-2 business days, regardless of the type of gift card code you receive, as long as you’ve done everything correctly.

Various Available Designs

There are a variety of different designs available for digital Roblox gift card codes.

Part of the fun of getting a digital card might be picking out your design.

They typically have the Roblox logo and some branding from partners or merchandisers.

Current design options for Roblox gift card codes include the following categories:

  • Featured
  • All Occasions
  • Favorite Characters
  • Congrats
  • Seasonal
  • Popular Games
  • Illustrated
  • Community Created

Some examples of designs include:

  • Cool Ski Dude
  • Fireworks Lighter
  • Funky Camera
  • Gear/Roblox Logo
  • Happy Face Sunglasses
  • Hockey Stick & Puck

You can even choose a Roblox gift card from their 2020 eGift Card Design Contest, which features 18 unique winning designs.

If you wish to see all the unique entries, these winning designs are featured on their site.

What Can You Get With Roblox Gift Card Codes?

Gift cards work just like any other form of payment on Roblox.

This means that you can use your free gift card (even a discounted one, they work the same) to obtain in-game items directly through the web.

You can find all sorts of exclusive virtual items for sale.

You can obtain & collect these items!

Remember that not every item is included in these promotions, and purchases aren’t always guaranteed.

How to Use & Redeem Roblox Gift Card Redeem Codes


There are 2 different types of Roblox gift cards besides just the physical vs. digital varieties.

Roblox gift card codes provide users with Robux credits, which are virtual (they’re credited to your account balance) and can be used to access in-game purchases.

Or, you can get a Roblox gift card that has real money value.

This could be used to buy memberships but not much else (if you’re springing for a premium subscription, this money could be beneficial for that purpose).

Regardless of which type of Roblox gift card codes you choose, you’ll want to note ahead of time that they can only be redeemed in a browser, not through an app.

Redeeming Roblox Gift Card Codes In Your Account

To redeem a Roblox gift card in your account is relatively simple.

Here’s how:

  1. Log into your Roblox account
  2. Click on the gift card redemption page (remember, use your browser)
  3. Enter the Roblox gift card code when prompted, then click the ‘Redeem’ button (this will add the Robux to your account)
  4. If you don’t receive a message about the redemption being a success, you may want to check your balance to make sure it applied correctly (instructions on how to do this are a little further below)
  5. If you do receive a message that the redemption was a success, click the ‘Use Credit’ option when prompted to spend your free Robux accordingly.

Redeeming Roblox Gift Card Codes with a Purchase

You can also redeem Roblox gift card codes during at checkout if you prefer.

Here’s how:

  1. Select the product you want to buy (most likely from the Avatar Shop, Membership page or Robux page)
  2. Choose the option ‘Redeem Roblox Card’ when prompted during the payment method section during checkout.
  3. Click ‘Continue’ and enter the Roblox gift card code in the provided field
  4. Click the ‘Redeem’ button – this will update your Roblox credit balance automatically
  5. Select ‘Submit Order’ to finalize your purchase, and you’ll see a confirmation message verifying that it was submitted successfully

How to Check the Balance on Your Roblox Gift Card

Not sure how much Roblox credit is left on your card?

To check the balance on your Roblox gift card, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Roblox account and go to
  2. Scroll down on the page until you can see “Check Your Balance” under “Balance Inquiry Options.”
  3. Enter the 16-digit code on your gift card, hit enter, or click “Check Status.”

Your current balance for that specific gift card will show up, as well as a history of recent activity from the account associated with that gift card.

Roblox Free Virtual Items

Whenever you purchase a Roblox gift card, you unlock a free virtual item (yay!).

There are some pretty cool gift options to choose from πŸ™‚

Here are some examples of free virtual items currently available and/or have been available in previous months (they rotate & change monthly):

  • Pasta Dish Hat
  • Pasta Tongs Hat
  • Pasta Strainer Hat
  • Pasta Pot Backpack
  • Bacon Plate Hat
  • Chips and Dip Hat
  • Broccoli Head
  • Bacon Cape
  • Thick Bacon Ponytail
  • Spiky Bacon Mohawk
  • Crown of the Masterful Chef
  • Mighty Back Fork
  • Golden Domino Sword

How to Buy or Send a Roblox Gift Card

The easiest way to buy Roblox gift card codes is through the Roblox site.

That being said, if you wish to use either Microsoft Edge or the Slide App to get free Robux, you can find instructions on completing those methods towards the top of this article.

If you want to purchase Roblox gift card codes on their site, here is how to do so.

How to Buy

To purchase a Roblox gift card is simple!

Here’s how:

  1. Select ‘Gift Cards’ from the menu
  2. Choose ‘Buy a Gift Card’ when prompted
  3. Enter the recipient (you can purchase for yourself or friends/others), then click on the ‘Pick a Gift Card’ button
  4. Select the type of Roblox gift card you wish to purchase (you can choose a physical card or a digital one)
  5. Choose the card design, the amount of the gift card, and the number of cards
  6. Add your payment information when prompted, then submit your order

How to Send

To send Roblox gift card codes, you don’t need to complete any special steps.

During the purchase process, you are prompted to enter the recipient of the Roblox gift card.

This information is used to deliver the free Robux immediately to whomever it’s intended for.

If you’ve purchased it yourself, you should receive an email notifying you of the Roblox gift card.

What Are Roblox Gift Card Codes?

Roblox gift card codes are unique that can be redeemed on Roblox for free Robux.

You might receive these gift cards as free giveaways at events like comic conventions or even through promotions with partners (like Monopoly) and other similar opportunities.  

Roblox does not officially give these away. However, they are typically promotional tools used by partners.

You can redeem Roblox gift card codes for free Robux is because of how these codes work on the platform.  

When redeemed, these game cards (like iTunes gift cards) add credit directly to your account’s internal virtual wallet.

You can also purchase Roblox gift card codes in the form of real money for free games or your premium subscription, but I’ll get into that further below.

Physical Roblox Gift Cards

Roblox gift cards can come in physical form, just like when you purchase a gift card at any other physical store.

They are essentially like prepaid gift cards and can be purchased at most major retailers where gift cards are sold.

Here are some big box stores where you can find Roblox gift cards for sale (these would be purchased with real-world money, not in-game currency):

  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Walgreens
  • Kroger
  • CVS
  • Best Buy
  • 7-Eleven
  • Dollar General
  • Family Dollar
  • Safeway
  • Albertson’s
  • GameStop

You can also purchase them from your Roblox account; they will mail the physical card to you.

Tips & Tricks for Using Your Gift Card Wisely

I’d suggest using your Roblox gift card codes wisely, of course.

There are so many items that users can obtain and collect as they play.

Using this reward to your best advantage is a good idea, though.

I would suggest purchasing custom-made items with it, such as hats or clothes.

You can also use the free Robux to purchase new games and features for your character.

These items will give you the most bang for your buck as you continue to play.

Why is My Roblox Gift Card Code Not Working?

If your Roblox gift card codes aren’t working, there are a few things you can try to troubleshoot to fix the issue.

Here are some ways to resolve the problem:

  1. Check that you’re entering the code correctly – make sure there aren’t any extra spaces before entering and that each character is entered exactly as it appears on your Roblox gift card (this could also include letters/numbers reversed).
  2. Double-check that you didn’t mistype either of these things or enter an incorrect billing address when the gift code was entered initially. Roblox won’t accept responsibility if your purchase doesn’t go through due to typos since they already processed your payment (you’ll see a confirmation message for this in your email after submitting it).
  3. Make sure that you’ve added enough Robux credits to cover the full cost of what you want to buy – if you don’t have enough Robux or credit in your account to purchase the product, it will return an error message saying that ‘Your transaction couldn’t be completed’.
  4. Check to make sure you’re using a valid credit card – if your card is expired, has already hit its spending limit or doesn’t contain available funds that are high enough for the full amount of what you want to buy (this includes free items too), you won’t be able to use it for this purchase.

If all else fails and/or you need help with something else entirely, contact Roblox customer support directly so they can guide & assist you accordingly.

Or, you can visit their FAQ page, which is quite helpful for answers to many common queries.

Free Roblox Gift Card Code FAQs

Do Physical Gift Cards Cost More Than Virtual Roblox Gift Card Codes?

Yes, although not by much. There is a $0.99 handling fee added to physical gift card purchases.

Can I Change the Value of a Roblox Gift Card After Paying for It?

No, you may not. After you’ve paid for a Roblox gift card, the process is finished, and you cannot make changes.

Can I Buy an eGift Card for Myself?

Yes, you can purchase a Roblox gift card for yourself! After you complete your purchase, you’ll receive a 16-digit code and a link to redeem it. Follow the instructions, and you’re good to go.

When Do Roblox Gift Card Codes Expire?

Neither Roblox gift card codes nor physical Roblox gift cards have any expiration dates attached to them.

Are Roblox Gift Card Codes Reloadable?

No, Roblox gift cards are not reloadable; once the balance has been used, you would need to purchase a new card or use a different payment method to continue earning Robux on your account.

Is There a Gift Card Code Generator for Roblox Gift Card Codes?

No, such a tool does not exist. Some sites out there may advertise free games and millions of free Roblox gift card codes such as these, but if you see them, they are scams. They are just trying to get you to visit their site page to get you to enter some personal information and end up losing money.

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