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WorldRemit Referral Code: $20 Transfer Sign Up Bonus

Get A $20 Sign Up Bonus

Are you on the hunt for a WorldRemit referral code to use at signup for a bonus?

We’ve got you covered!

There’s a $20 sign-up bonus with your name on it just below 🙂

In this article, we’ll discuss:

WorldRemit is a great way to transfer money and send money online, especially if you’re looking for a transfer service that works well with international transactions.

Let’s help you get started!

Use A WorldRemit Referral Code

Use A Worldremit Referral Code

You can use this unique referral code at signup: REFERRAL CODE HERE

Yes, this WorldRemit coupon code ACTUALLY WORKS and it’s easy to use.

We’ll show you how to enter it next. [1]

How to Enter the Referral Code

To enter the referral code, you have to go through this short registration process:

  1. Go to and click on the orange “Sign Up” button in the upper right-hand corner of the WorldRemit homepage
  2. Enter an email address, password, and country into the three boxes provided at the top of the page
  3. At WorldRemit’s legal agreement page, scroll down to where it says “Referral Code”
  4. Click on that link and you will be taken to WorldRemit’s referral code box; enter the code there

That’s easy enough! 🙂  

WorldRemit Referral Program

The WorldRemit referral program is available for WorldRemit account holders. [2]

Worldremit Referral Program

How to be eligible?

You must have a WorldRemit UK bank account.

There is no limit to how many friends or family members you can refer, or how much you can earn through the WorldRemit referral program.

The WorldRemit Referral Program also allows for multiple referrals if they are referred at different times.

This will allow you to continue earning $10 per month for every person that becomes and stays active with WorldRemit after 3 months of signup.


You’ll also earn extra bonuses after each friend signs up three new people within 3 months and has them remain active too!

Here’s a breakdown of how WorldRemit’s referral program works:

  • You earn $10 per month for every WorldRemit customer that you refer who signs up and uses WorldRemit. You will receive this bonus each month even after they become an active WorldRemit user.
  • If any of your WorldRemit customers sign up new WorldRemit customers, you’ll get paid too. You and the WorldRemit customer that referred their friend will both earn $10 for each month that both WorldRemit accounts remain active.
  • If a WorldRemit user refers more than one person to WorldRemit in 3 months (say 5 total), WorldRemit will give you and the WorldRemit user that referred 5 people a bonus of $25 per month.
  • You can also get paid in WorldRemit Travel Money as part of WorldRemit’s referral program.

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WorldRemit FAQs

Can I transfer money from referral earnings into my own bank account?

No, WorldRemit earnings go directly into WorldRemit Travel Money. WorldRemit Travel Money is great to spend on things like hotel stays, travel expenses, and more because it can be used anywhere in the world that MasterCard is accepted.

Does WorldRemit have a lot of money transfer fees?

WorldRemit offers a number of ways to transfer money, and rates depend on how you want WorldRemit to bring your money. WorldRemit can send money directly into your bank account or WorldRemit Travel Money account (where it is often possible to buy WorldRemit vouchers with the WorldRemit Travel Money). [3]

Is there a limit to how many people I can refer to WorldRemit?

WorldRemit does not have a limit to how many people can be referred, but users who would like their referral earnings to go directly into WorldRemit Travel Money must have accounts with WorldRemit UK bank accounts.


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