Ibotta Vs Fetch Rewards Guide

Ibotta vs Fetch Rewards 2022 Guide

Seeking some direction in the Ibotta vs Fetch Rewards debate?

They’re both great!

We’ve got details on both, with all the ins & outs of how to earn cash with these awesome cashback apps so you can earn rewards with both if you want.

In this guide, you may quickly navigate to the following sections:

Ibotta and Fetch Rewards are meant to help you save money.

But which cashback app is more effective?

Fetch Rewards or Ibotta, which is better?

That’s what we’re here to find out!

Let’s dive in.

Is Ibotta or Fetch Rewards Better?

That’s a tough one.

Is Ibotta Or Fetch Rewards Better

Fetch Rewards is simpler to utilize than Ibotta, and it takes less time.

Although Ibotta has a larger welcome bonus, a greater variety of incentives, and more flexible redemption choices, it also offers a better rewards program.

These are two free, legitimate shopping apps that incentivize customers to purchase particular goods and submit their receipts after using them.

That being said…

Fetch Rewards is simpler to use than Ibotta, taking less time.

Ibotta, on the other hand, has a greater welcome bonus, more offers, and more flexible redemption choices.

These are two free, legal shopping apps that give diners money for buying recommended items and uploading their receipts.

Also worth noting…

Ibotta is a more durable and diverse program than Fetch Rewards, with more partners and product categories. Furthermore, Ibotta’s online shopping offers are superior to Fetch Rewards’ E-Receipts program. However, you must be comfortable with investing some time into the Ibotta app in order to pre-select deals before.

Let’s take a look at some program benefits compared.

Ibotta vs Fetch Rewards Benefits Compared

Each app has its own advantages and disadvantages.

On the one hand, Ibotta is rather new.

On the other hand, Ibotta is like a gateway drug.

It can introduce you to other apps and services.

Also, Ibotta vs Fetch Rewards both offer similar benefits, including cash back for shopping at your favorite retailers and wholesale stores, as well as savings on travel and entertainment options.

Some specific pros & cons stand out above others.

How Good Is The Ibotta App?

Ibotta’s sign-up bonus is usually $20, while Fetch Rewards provides a 2000-point welcome bonus for the first completed receipt.

How Good Is The Ibotta App

Use our referral code to join with a bonus!

Download the Ibotta app and claim a deal. [1]

Using Ibotta, you can save on everything from toothpaste to frozen meals.

Before you get started…

Don’t forget to enter the refer-a-friend code PJDLSCG after downloading the app on the App Store or Google Play.

You can snag a sweet $20 welcome bonus after redeeming your first qualifying offer and scanning your first receipt.

Ibotta offers more alternative redemptions & ways to earn rewards than Fetch Rewards does.

There are several inquiries asked about the Ibotta vs Fetch Rewards app, which is also available for download on the App Store and Google Play. [2]

Let’s compare pros & cons, shall we?

Pros of Ibotta

  • Ibotta takes less time
  • Ibotta has more redemption options
  • Ibotta allows you to choose from a wider variety of retailers
  • Ibotta has more deals, coupons, and cashback offers on food and groceries
  • Ibotta can be used at your nearest grocery store

Cons of Ibotta

  1. Ibotta has fewer redemption options
  2. Ibotta restricts you to choose from a narrower range of retailers

Ibotta’s Cash Out Requirements

Ibotta pays back $20 and asks for $20.

Fetch Rewards allows you to get your rewards back a lot faster than Ibotta.

After a few trips, there will always be an extra week to collect a free card.

If you do much online shopping, Fetch Rewards may save you money by allowing you to earn a gift card for purchases or a few trips to the shops.

There are some great ways you can utilize this! [3]

You’ll need to make as little money as possible before making your next purchase using Ibotta.

It’s not the greatest alternative unless you’re looking to generate money fast.

Ibotta Redemption Options

Ibotta has fewer redemption options, Ibotta’s restrictions limit users to a minimum of $20 in earnings before cashing out Ibotta vs Fetch Rewards both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Ibotta is the newer app but makes up for it by offering a couple of perks you can’t find with other reward apps.

Ibotta provides a wider variety of redemptions than Fetch Rewards.

Ibotta has fewer redemption options, but it’s great for cashback on groceries and it can be used at any store!

How Good Is The Fetch Rewards App?

Fetch Rewards allows members to earn points by uploading receipts or using coupons.

How Good Is The Fetch Rewards App

It allows you to go shopping and save with a couple of taps.

This app can be used at more than 50 stores, such as Walmart, Albertsons, Publix, Target, and CVS Pharmacy.

You can earn bonus points that stack up until you’re ready to cash out or use your rewards for free gift cards.

Pros of Fetch Rewards

  • Fetch Rewards offers have more redemption options
  • The Fetch Rewards app provides higher rewards in general
  • Able to get free gift cards instead of just earn cash

Cons of Fetch Rewards

  • Fetch Rewards has fewer deals, coupons, and cash back offers on food and groceries
  • Fetch Rewards restricts you to choose from only about 50 stores (that should continue to increase though as they gain popularity)

Fetch Rewards’ Cash Out Requirement

The most important factor in Fetch Rewards’ earning potential is the amount of money required to join.

Reward applications such as Swagbucks and Mistplay are the only comparable cash-generating solutions.

You can use 3,000 points for each prize that allows you to redeem certain gift cards.

There’s a long list of reward systems, ranging from $5,000 to $10,000; however, Fetch is generally easier to join than Ibotta, which is more generous than other applications such as Swagbucks.

Fetch Rewards’ Redemption Options

Swiping points results in free gift cards.

Gift cards are subject to frequent price adjustments, but you should have no difficulties redeeming them for a large store.

Just upload receipts after each shopping trip to rack up points, then you can redeem gift cards once your cashback rewards are high enough.

Are you also a Chase customer?

You may use your Chase Pay credit card to exchange points for gift cards at select retailers like Starbucks, Target, and Walmart.

The app is available in the United Kingdom and the United States.

How Do I Claim Cash Back?

If you use Ibotta at the point of sale, you may get up to $10,000 in cashback after your purchase.

How Do I Claim Cash Back

Alternatively, if you prefer a PayPal transfer, you can receive up to $10,000 in cashback.

Fetch Rewards is a little different.

You’ll earn points for scanning your grocery list receipts.

For special offers, you may get up to 10,000 points.

There is no PayPal option, but you must deposit at least $20 via a checking account in order to take advantage of the cashback offer.

A Fetch Reward has a value of $1 and is earned every 30 seconds.

You can spend your points on merchandise from the same vendors as usual, such as Amazon or Google Play.

Earn Rewards and Points

To access additional offers, I use Ibotta and Fetch Rewards, which both require me to scan barcodes.

Some items need to be scanned for with a computer or smartphone.

Earn Rewards &Amp; Points

The minimum return amount is high.

The only two apps that assist me in earning rewards for grocery purchases are Fetch Rewards and Ibotta.

If you put in the effort to unearth Ibotta offers and scan barcodes with Ibotta, why not take advantage of the extra 10 seconds per shopping trip and submit your receipt to Fetch as well?

You can use both of the Fetch Rewards and Ibotta applications with the same grocery receipt.

It’s a clever technique to save money.

If no deals are discovered, you’ll make little money.

It doesn’t really matter which is the best cashback app, because you can use both Ibotta and Fetch Rewards!

Besides, the time it takes to scan receipts is so minimal.

It’s worth it for how much money you could save when you upload receipts regularly with both Ibotta and Fetch Rewards.

Everyday purchases can really add up, especially if you’re using them as a grocery rebate app and shopping online (online purchases and even convenience stores can earn cashback rewards from both Ibotta & Fetch Rewards’ apps!

Bottom Line

Fetch Rewards and Ibotta enable you to save money on your grocery purchases, drugstore purchases, convenience store purchases, online retail purchases, and more.

They often operate differently, yet the aim is to assist people financially.

When you shop at a supermarket using a cashback card, such as the one you used on your loyalty card, you may save money and time.

Because they’re free to use, you won’t be out any money if you decide to give them a go.

It will also assist you in determining where each smartphone app can help improve your life.

Ibotta vs Fetch Rewards FAQs

When learning about Ibotta or the Fetch rewards system, users will be asked to answer a variety of additional questions regarding the applications.

Can you use both Fetch Rewards and Ibotta?

Yes. You can usually use Ibotta at the same stores as Fetch Rewards. And it’s highly recommended.

Is Fetch Rewards better than Ibotta?

Fetch Rewards is not necessarily better than Ibotta. Ibotta offers more alternative redemptions than Fetch Rewards, Ibotta app users will earn $10 for 20+ snaps of their receipt or Ibotta, Ibotta has more deals, coupons, and cashback offers on food and groceries Ibotta can be used at your nearest grocery store Ibotta provides the best deal through the Snap feature.

Is Fetch Rewards legit?

More Rewards is a genuine mobile app that helps you save money on your purchases. You may use your reward apps to scan receipts, which will earn you more money. You can use incentives to purchase gift certificates, freebies, or donations after they’ve been given out.


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