Ibotta Browser Extension Guide

Ibotta Browser Extension 2022 Guide

Looking into the Ibotta browser extension for convenience & extra savings?

We dig it, and we’ve got the info you need.

In this guide, you may quickly navigate to the following sections:

The Ibotta browser extension is a free tool that shoppers can use to earn cashback on purchases all from the comfort of their own home!

It’s super convenient and a great browser extension to help you save money and earn cashback with online grocery, grocery pickup (even Walmart pickup), and even other online retailers.

So, let’s dive in, shall we?

What is Ibotta?

What Is Ibotta

Ibotta is a cashback app that partners with more than 1,500 retailers both online and offline.

The company was founded in 2012 and has expanded into the top cashback app for shopping.

It has paid out more than 1.6 million dollars in rewards to its users since starting.


Their partners include grocery stores, restaurants department stores, pet products, and the travel industry where cash-back rewards can be earned on things like hotels and airfare.

Over 35 million users and more than 1 million app downloads.

What is the Ibotta Browser Extension?

What Is The Ibotta Browser Extension

Ibotta is a browser plugin and mobile app that allows you to earn cashback on purchases at supermarkets, online merchants, travel, and other outlets.

And the extension does that?


Ibotta is the only browser plugin that gives you cashback on individual grocery items at your favorite retailers and delivery services, such as Instacart, Walmart, Target, and even local grocery pickup and online stores.

There are various tips & tricks you can use to get the most out of it as well. [1]

How to Download the Ibotta Extension

How To Download The Ibotta Extension

You can download the Ibotta extension by:

  1. Click on the black, circular button that says “Download.” This will direct you to their downloads page.
  2. You can either click “Add to Chrome” (if you use it) or choose your operating system (if you do not).
  3. Once you get there, press “Download”.

You’re all set!

Once it’s finished downloading, you can peek at the settings and get to using it right away.

If you’re using Firefox, you can start here. [2]

How to Use the Ibotta Browser Extension

How To Use The Ibotta Browser Extension

Step 1: Navigate to the ‘Ibotta’ website. Once on this page, scroll down until you see the extension (shown below). Click on it and press “Add.”

Step 2: Register or Login to Ibotta. Once you have successfully added the browser extension, a pop-up window will appear asking if you would like to log in or register an account. This would be a good time to either register or log in.

You can register by entering the required information in the pop-up window shown below. Once you have registered, you will be able to use your account for cashback offers via the browser extension!

Step 3: Navigate back to Ibotta’s website and shop as usual. Now that we have successfully installed and registered/logged in.

You can navigate back to Ibotta’s website and shop as you normally would. As soon as you make a purchase, cashback will be added to your account!

How to Remove the Ibotta Extension

Not digging the extension anymore?

How To Remove The Ibotta Extension

Or maybe just not using it, preferring the Ibotta app instead?

No worries!

It’s just a couple of simple steps.

Here’s how to remove the Ibotta browser extension:

  1. Click on the icon
  2. Press “Remove”

Yes, it’s actually that easy 🙂

You will then have to re-download it if you want it back at a later time.

Other Benefits with More Relevant Results

There are, of course, many other benefits to utilizing this browser extension with your Ibotta account when it comes to online shopping.

Other Benefits With More Relevant Results

Besides the potential to earn cashback, you can also get more personalized content from pickup and delivery retailers, online ads, etc.

Let’s take a look at some of these perks.

And for more info on how it really works, check out this page from Ibotta. [3]

Personalized or Generic Ads

When using Ibotta, you may notice that the ads on the right side of your screen are personalized or generic.

This is determined by how much information Ibotta has collected from you.

The more information they have – such as where you live – the better they can target advertisements to your interests.

This can be beneficial.

You can get more targeted ads for online retailers you may enjoy that you didn’t know about before, or be notified of deals happening through promo codes.

Not comfortable with the level of personalization?

That’s fine too, you can always choose to opt-out.

Customized Youtube Homepage

Another benefit of using the Ibotta browser extension is you can automatically redirect yourself to your personalized Youtube homepage.

And this means?

Every time you open YouTube, your customized home page will be loaded with your favorite videos instead of the suggested page!

To set it up, simply go to the Ibotta home page, then select Youtube from the bottom of the menu.

Abuse Measure Audience Engagement

Google uses cookies and data to assess audience engagement and site statistics to see how their services are used.

If you agree, they’ll also take advantage of cookies and data to improve the quality of their services and create new ones.

And the choices?

You can choose between:

  • Show tailored content based on your preferences
  • Show customized or generic advertisements

Based on your choices, they may also provide advertising on their own sites and third-party sites that better match your interests.

Google Searches Related

For non-personalized content and advertisements, what you see may be altered by things like the material you’re presently viewing and your location (ad serving is based on general area).

Personalized content and advertisements can be based on those factors as well as your actions like Google searches and videos watched on YouTube.

This can be a good thing if you like discovering new things!

Pros & Cons of Adding the Extension for Ibotta Users

What are the various pros & cons of adding this extension to your browser to save money and get cashback from online retailers?

Online grocery is a huge one (yes, even Walmart grocery)!

It goes further than that, though.

Pros of the Ibotta Browser Extension

A browser extension is a little button that not only extends the functionality of your web browser but also makes Ibotta easier to use when you shop.

There’s no need to open up a separate application and enter its login credentials – it does everything in-page (and usually adds some extra functionality like coupons).

It’s so…easy!

Simply click on the Ibotta browser extension when you’re about to make a purchase and it will automatically apply cashback offers before you complete your payment.

Cons of the Ibotta Browser Extension

There are no obvious downsides to this browser extension, however, some users may feel uncomfortable with the amount of information they share with Ibotta.

That being said, though…

If you prefer not to share your location, search terms, and other data with Google – you may want to uncheck the box.

Final Thoughts

The Ibotta browser extension can be a great way to earn extra cashback when shopping online.

It is compatible with most major browsers, and it also lets you earn cashback for watching videos.

Like the Ibotta app?

Enjoy earning cashback with online retailers?

The Ibotta browser extension is right up your alley and we’d highly recommend giving it a go.


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