How To Delete A Venmo Account

How To Delete Venmo Account, Activity, or History + Get $5 For Doing It (2022)

You want to delete Venmo account information & history permanently.

You’ve come to the right place!

We’ll guide you through the steps to close your account.

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In this article, we’ll discuss:

Before you rush off to simply delete the mobile app from your phone or personal computer, remember that deleting the app won’t close account details.

Any financial transactions are still stored as well as account settings & bank accounts.

Let’s take a peek below at how to get rid of your Venmo app the right way.

Can You Delete a Venmo Account?

Yes, you can delete your Venmo account completely. [1]

Can You Delete A Venmo Account?

But be careful, this is permanent!

This action cannot be undone.

Please see the Venmo delete account instructions below:

Deleting your account will remove it permanently from their servers.

This information is not recoverable by anyone or anything after you delete it.

Why Delete Your Venmo Account?

You may want to delete a deceased person’s Venmo account.


Maybe you just don’t use it anymore and want the account closure just so it’s not sitting out there open.

Whatever the reason, the steps to delete your account are pretty straightforward.

How to Delete a Venmo Account Permanently

How do I cancel my account?

How To Delete A Venmo Account Permanently

You can delete your Venmo account by tapping “Cancel my Venmo Account” at the bottom of the Profile section when using a computer. At this time, you aren’t able to delete your account from the mobile app.

Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Go to Venmo and login into the site on your computer.  You can delete a Venmo account from this screen (where it asks you for your email address), but I recommend you delete an account through the app itself for convenience sake.  If you delete an account through another source, like the computer-based website or app… be sure to have easy access to a device that will let you log in using your old password!  I do recall reading something about needing to delete accounts before wanting an additional login information sent out, so keep that in mind too.
  2. On the mobile app… go ahead and delete all of your cards from Venmo by pressing in “Edit Account Options” (the three lines on the upper-right hand side of the screen) and then delete your cards from this list by pressing “Edit”
  3. (note: delete your personal Venmo card last!).  The rest of the delete process is pretty cut and dry, just confirm that you want to delete your account when it asks for verification.

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Deleting Profiles Instead of Accounts

By deleting your personal account, your business profile will be permanently deleted (if you have one), and Venmo cannot reactivate it.

It’s good to know this ahead of time.

If you have multiple profiles and if you close your Venmo account, both of those profiles will be deleted from the Venmo app.

If you’ll still need a money transfer app at some point, it may benefit you to simply close a profile or delete your history than delete your entire account.

If you simply want to delete one of your personal or business profiles without deleting your entire account, the delete process is slightly different. [2]

To delete a profile:

  1. Log into your Venmo account (the one you want to delete)
  2. Click on the “Profile” header in the upper right hand corner of the app
  3. Choose whichever profile you want to delete
  4. Click “Delete Profile” at the bottom of the screen
  5. On the next screen, check that it’s choosing your personal or business profile and not your main Venmo account
  6. Click delete

Easy Peasy!

Deleting Account History

When you delete your Venmo account, the transactions and money in your account will be removed.

This cannot be undone!

Please delete only if you want to delete this information forever.

If you would like to delete a certain transaction, follow these steps:

  1. Log into the mobile app  or go directly to
  2. Click “Details” next to the transaction
  3. In the pop-up window, click “Delete Transaction” > Confirm Delete Transaction (this is permanent!)

Note: If you delete your entire account and then realize that you wanted to keep some of those transactions… they are gone for good!

Better safe than sorry when it comes to saving digital data!

What’s more… deleted accounts and delete transactions cannot be recovered.

If you delete something by accident, then there’s nothing you can do to get it back.

You might want to double-check your delete steps before pressing delete.

Deleting Venmo Account FAQs

If I close my Venmo account, can I reopen it at any point?

No, closing/deleting your Venmo account will result in permanent deletion of all of your transaction history, bank account information, account settings, login details, personal records, etc. It’s a full deletion of your personal & financial information from their system.

Do I need to contact Venmo to delete my account?

You don’t need to contact Venmo unless you’re closing an account for a deceased person, in which case yes, you would want to reach out to access Venmo customer service with a death certificate at the ready and any other important documents. [3]


  1. Close Your Venmo Account
  2. Business Profiles
  3. Contact Venmo

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