How To Convert Gift Card To Cash

How to Convert Gift Card to Cash: 14 Fast & Simple Methods

⚡ To convert your gift card to cash, the fastest and easiest way is to sell the gift card to CardCash. You'll get around 85% cash value for the gift card with an instant money deposit in your bank account within 24-48 hours.

Need to know how to convert a gift card to cash?

We’ve got you covered!

Or, if you want to find out how to transfer a gift card balance to the bank, we’ve got methods for that as well.

Yes, there are many methods in which you can turn a gift card into cold hard cash or at least get it transferred to a bank account so you can have more flexibility when you spend it.

We’ll go over these methods along with some tips & tricks to get the most money from your gift cards.

Let’s dive in!

11 Unique Methods: How to Convert Visa Gift Cards to Cash

Gift cards can make a good gift sometimes, but other times, you’d really just rather receive cash or have the money in your own account to use for rent, bills, a different purchase, etc.

Or maybe someone gifted you a card, but it’s for a particular store you don’t like.

Whatever the reason, it sure would be nice to be able to use the full value of that card for something different or put it in your own pocket, right?


So, here are several methods to transform your gift card balance into cash or get them transferred into your bank account.

There is enough variety that you should be able to find a method that works for you.

1 – Use Your Visa Gift Card to Buy Other Merchants’ Gift Cards

What if you have a Visa gift card, but the retailer at which you want to spend it doesn’t accept it as a valid form of payment?

You could use your prepaid card to purchase other merchants’ prepaid gift cards.

You’ll want to make sure that the merchant you’re shooting for actually accepts that type of prepaid card, of course, so you don’t end up wasting your time.

Assuming they do, then you’re all set to do the exchange without issues.

2 – Add It to Your PayPal Wallet

The PayPal wallet is a great place to keep all your prepaid cards.

Once you add it to your PayPal account, then you can use it at most any other online retailer and also withdraw money from an ATM if you have a PayPal card.

It’s a great way to do some online shopping or make some bill payments.

Just make sure the retailer you want to use accepts PayPal, of course.

3 – Use the Visa Gift Card to Pay Your Bills

Your Visa Gift Card may not be accepted everywhere; however, it is the perfect payment method to use for paying your bills.

You can use it to pay your cable bill, your cell phone bill, dues for organizations you are a member of, etc.

All you have to do is enter how much you want to put on the card and how long the term of the payment will be.

4 – Add It to Your Venmo Account

Venmo is a great option to use when you have received a Visa Gift Card as it allows for cashback payments.

PayPal isn’t the only way to get cash from your gift card!

You can always choose how you want to spend your money and how much of a percentage to keep on the gift card for yourself – there is no limit!

This, too, is a great way to use your Visa Gift Card and make sure you receive how much money you deserve.

Also, Venmo doesn’t charge any fees to transfer the money into your bank account, so you can save money on fees and get the same price/full value of your original card.

5 – Go to a Gift Card Exchange Kiosk to Trade It In

If you are looking for a fast way to get money from prepaid cards then how about heading to the nearest gift card exchange kiosk?

You can trade-in your Visa Gift Card at these kiosks and receive cash right away instead of waiting for it in the mail.

You can usually find kiosks like this in shopping malls and grocery stores.

Typically, they’re similar to an ATM machine.

You’ll enter your prepaid cards’ information, decide which offer(s) you’d like to accept, and a voucher will print for you to present to the cashier of the store to get your money and finish the exchange.

6 – Sell Your Visa Gift Card Through an App

You can also sell your Visa Gift Card through a mobile app!

There are various apps out there that allow you to easily sell your gift card and receive the funds back in return.

This is a quick way to get cash without having to wait for it in the mail.

The fees, though, when you sell gift cards to this type of mobile app, are typically quite high.

If you want to get more money for your card, another method would work better, although if you really want to sell your gift card, this is a quick method.

Want to simply sell your gift card?

Our favorite app for this is called Raise.

It’s basically an entire universe in your smartphone built around gift cards.

To sell a gift card on the Raise app, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Raise app on your phone; search for the specific gift card you want to sell
  2. Find it and click ‘Sell’
  3. Enter how much money you want to receive for it
  4. Enter any selling restrictions or blacklisted cards
  5. Next, enter how quickly you can process your payment once it sells
  6. Choose which mailing carrier/method you would like to receive your money
  7. Once you hit ‘Sell Now,’ the app will take care of the rest and sell your card for you

It’s pretty simple, and you can actually purchase other cards through their store as well, so it’s worth it to have a look around while you’re in there.

7 – Convert Your Visa Gift Card to Cash By Selling It to a Website

There are various websites out there that will allow you to sell your Visa Gift Card in exchange for cash.

These websites buy gift cards from people at a discounted price and then resell them for whatever they value them at.

You can easily add how much money you want back into your bank account by selling the visa gift card on these websites.

Our faves are CardCash and Gift Card Granny, but there are others as well.

Just be sure to look around at read some reviews to make sure you’re not using a scam website.

8 – Sell Your Visa Gift Card to Other People

If you are looking for another way to get cash then how about selling your gift card to someone else?

There are many people out there who will buy gift cards.

Keep in mind, however, that many people will not want to pay full price, otherwise there really isn’t a lot of incentive for them to purchase it in the first place.

So you’ll most likely have to accept less than the full value if you go this route.

9 – Use It to Buy a Money Order

You can buy money orders with your gift card balance, then it can be deposited to your bank to be used for whatever purchases you need to make.

You’ll want to check around your local area first to see where this method might be available because it does vary.

Walmart and other big box stores are typically a good bet to check first.

10 – Give Them Out as Gifts

You can always give your gift card as a gift to someone else!

This is a great way to let the person know how much you think of them and how you value their friendship.

Not only that, it’s another way for you to use the card without just letting it sit there unused.

11 – Turn Your Visa Gift Cards to Cash By Buying & Reselling Items

While this method isn’t quite as quick or easy as others on this list, it does work if you’re okay with a few extra tasks along the way.

Basically, the way it works is you can use your gift card online or in-store to make purchases for items on sale or very high in demand (if you can find them).

Then, you can resell them and find yourself actually making money from the whole ordeal.

With the gift card being used up at this point, you could sell these items however you choose to do so, whether online or in-person.

3 Other Gift Card Conversion Ideas You May Want to Consider

Regardless of the method that you decide to use to convert your gift cards into cash, here are some questions you may want to consider.

This depends on what you plan to do with the gift card money, of course.

If you want to make this exchange to purchase something very specific, these questions may be very useful to you.

1 – Can You Put a Visa Gift Card in Your Bank Account?

No, how much money is left on a Visa Gift Card cannot be directly deposited into your bank account.

If you want to spend the money from your own account instead of directly from your card, you’ll want to scroll up to the top of this article.

We’ve got a ton of different methods you can use to turn that balance into your own money to deposit and spend as you need.

2 – Can You Use a Visa Gift Card at an ATM?

No, Visa gift cards typically do not have ATM capability as they are not set up the same way as a debit card.

You don’t usually have a PIN set or the usual security features, so most (if not all) ATMs will not accept these types of cards.

There are a few ways outlined (quite a few, actually) in this article, however, that will allow you to get cash from your card with a couple of easy steps.

3 – Can You Transfer a Visa Gift Card to the Cash App?

This situation is pretty similar to the idea of making a deposit into a bank account from your gift card.

While you cannot transfer the balance directly from the card to Cash App, there are plenty of workarounds.

Take a look at all of our methods outlined above.

Once you have the funds liquidated from the card, you can deposit them into your Cash App and spend it however you desire.

3 Tips & Tricks to Get the Most Money From Your Gift Card

When it comes to finding out how to convert a gift card to cash or depositing it into your bank account, there are a lot of factors involved.

As you’re going through the process, here are some tips & tricks to keep in mind to get the most money from your gift card and end up ahead.

1 – Check the Value of the Card Before Selling

You need how much cash you can get out of your gift card(s), of course.

This may seem obvious, but it’s a good first step to ensure you don’t make a mistake along the way that could derail or delay the entire process for you.

2 – Check for Fees or Expiration Dates

If you’re going to go through the trouble of converting a gift card into cash, you’ll probably want to make sure the card is valid first.

That involves checking for any expiration dates.

You’ll also want to check for fees so you know the actual amount of money you’re dealing with as you go through the process.

3 –  Compare Offers/Methods to Get the Best Deal

There are a lot of options to choose from with how to convert gift cards to cash.

It’s important that you compare the fees, time and how much money they will give you for how quickly you need the funds.

This way, you can choose which method(s) work best for your particular situation to get the result that works best for you.

Visa Gift Card to Cash FAQs

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