Cash App Stocks To Buy Right Now

Best Cash App Stocks to Buy Right Now (2022 List)

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Want to know all about stocks on Cash App?

We hear you!

It’s a pretty awesome feature and can really help with beginner investors especially.

Whether you want to know if Cash App is good for stocks, what the best stocks on Cash App currently are, or maybe you’re specifically looking for Cash App penny stocks, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’ll discuss:

Whether you’re just getting started on the Cash App investing platform or you’re more seasoned with your investment account, this is a great place to start (especially if you’ve got some referral money stacked up!).

Let’s get started!

Are Cash App Stocks Legit?

Cash App Investing, like most brokerages, does not charge commissions on stock trades.

It does not offer trade-in options, mutual funds, or any other products that traditionally have fees.


For the time being, Cash App Investing is a totally fee-free environment!

Overall, this broker’s service is rather basic in terms of its features and services.

However, if you’re a trader looking to get into the stock market, it’s still a decent platform.

Is Cash App Good for Stocks?

Starting investors may find the most value in this platform since there are no fees and you can invest modest amounts via fractional share purchases.

Investors wanting to invest in IRAs and other assets (for example, options and mutual funds) through Cash App should look elsewhere.

Using Cash App is super user-friendly though…

It’s incredibly convenient to be able to store your money, transfer when needed, and buy/sell stocks all from the same platform.

Plus, if you use their Cash Card, the app is pretty much a substitute for a bank and brokerage agency all in one swipe.

By the way, check here if you’re not sure how to change your card on Cash App and need a refresher 🙂

How to Buy Stocks on Cash App

If you’re wondering how to invest in stocks on Cash App, it’s pretty simple.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • On your Cash App’s home screen, tap the Investing tab
  • Start by tapping the search bar and entering a company name or ticker symbol
  • Select the firm whose stock you wish to purchase
  • Tap ‘Buy’
  • Tap the + key to adjust the amount, then enter a custom number or select a pre-set amount
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm your personal information
  • Confirm your PIN or Touch ID if you used one

Pretty easy, right!?!

Cash App Stock List

You can currently invest in a variety of different stocks through Cash App!

Cash App stocks can be bought and sold immediately for the current share price.

You can invest in stocks for as little as $1 per trade. 

There are no commissions when you buy stocks through Cash App. However, there is a fee when you sell stocks on the platform – it costs $5 to sell stocks through Cash App.

Here are some of the best offerings when you’re using Cash App investing:

10 Best Stocks on Cash App Invest In

  • Uber Technologies, Inc. ( NYSE: UBER)
  • Alibaba Group Holding Limited (NYSE: BABA)
  • Fiserv, Inc. ( NASDAQ: FISV)
  • PayPal Holdings, Inc. ( NASDAQ: PYPL)
  • Shopify Inc. ( NYSE: SHOP)
  • Square, Inc. ( NYSE: SQ)
  • Alphabet Inc. ( NASDAQ: GOOGL)
  • Sea Limited (NYSE: SE)

If you’d like a full list of the stocks you can purchase with Cash App investing, here is a full list. [1]

And for more details as to WHY these stocks are great options, check out this breakdown. [2]

Penny Stocks on Cash App

Can you purchase penny stocks on Cash App?

Unfortunately, not yet.

Some stocks on Cash App are only available for purchase in increments of $100 or more, so penny stocks will cost you some serious cash!


Some stocks on the platform are actually available to purchase at just $1 per share.

You can, however, still, get your hands on some stocks that are very affordable–for instance Uber Technologies.  

It’s worth noting that it’ll take 10 shares of Uber stocks to get your hands on Uber stock at just $1 per share.

Cash App Investing FAQs

Is There a Minimum Investment?

With Cash App, there is no minimum amount required to make an investment, although the usual standard fluctuates from broker to broker. In general, most brokers will require a minimum of $500 for stocks. Many brokers require a minimum amount of $1,000 or even as high as $2,000 to open an account and purchase stocks. That said, there is no minimum balance required on the Cash App. However, you must maintain a balance of at least $5 in your Cash App account in order to sell stocks and/or carry out other transactions (for example: send money). With stocks starting as low as $1 per trade, this shouldn’t be an issue. [3]

Can I Buy Stocks on iPhone / Android?

Yes! Both iPhone and Android users can buy stocks through the Cash App platform. There are no current plans to release a version that only works with one operating system over another.

Can you also invest in Bitcoin with Cash App?

Yep! Check this out to find out how to buy Bitcoins from Cash App. It’s very easy and user-friendly.


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