5 Real Cash App Flips that Work (& Avoid These Scams)

Are you considering trying Cash App flips to make some extra money?

You’re not alone!

Hundreds of people are doing it every day and making a killing. But is it a scam, or is it safe?

In this blog post, I will walk you through how to do Cash App flips correctly so that you can make money and not lose any in the process.

Keep reading to learn more!

Is a Cash App Flip a Scam or Legit?

Most cash app flips are a scam. That’s just the way it is. I’m sure there are a few legitimate cash app giveaways globally, but most of them are fakes, so you have to be careful who you choose to follow.

The only flip that might be real is when you use a referral code to send $5, and the person sends that $5 back to you so you can get the referral code bonus. But I only recommend that flip when it’s done with a trusted personal friend. All other flips are scams.

I have seen too many people get scammed or lose their money overnight. I even know a few people who have lost thousands of dollars to these schemes, which can be heartbreaking!

Often, the ads are so good because they use good marketing tactics to make them sound as appealing as possible. That’s why you must be careful about what you read on social media.

How Scammers are doing the Cash App Flipping Scam

Some people might try to scam you by saying they can increase your money by flipping cash. They will ask you to transfer money and never give you anything back. Do not send these people any money!

This is how money-flipping scammers will reach you:

  1. It is believed that the Cash App scammers will claim to flip money and act as a “customer representative of service” who has access to flip money.
  2. Screenshots are supplied that are altered to make it appear like flipping money.
  3. Scammers contacted the victim to put up a specific amount of money. This can be as little as $5 to as much as $1,000.
  4. The victim transfers the money believing it will be put into real property, in the market for stocks, or any other way to multiply the amount.
  5. After the victim has transferred funds, the victim usually blocks them.
  6. The Cash App scammer receives the money but will not reply after receiving an initial payment.
  7. In some instances, scammers might offer a lower “flip” to gain users’ trust first, as an investment of a small amount.
  8. Most people will pay a set amount to the scammer and never hear from them.

We recommend you do a Cash App search with the scammer’s cashtag or username and find out any information about them and then do a public record search to verify if they have a record of this type of activity.

Is there any legit way to flip money?

Yes! I’ve got foolproof ways for you to flip money using Cash App, and it is safe! Before we start, though, I want to tell you that it’s not like winning the lottery or getting paid 30% interest on your currency.

Let’s dive deep into it!

5 Legit Cash App Safe Money Flipping Methods

If you want to flip money without being scammed, you can use one of the ways below.

1. Fliping $5 Into $10 on Cash App

This is the most legit way to make money. You can do it with your friends who are Cash App users! There’s nothing wrong with either one.

Steps to Refer Friends Using Our Friend Split Method:

  1. Download the app & enter a free money code
  2. Invite a Friend
  3. Send that friend $5
  4. A friend sends back $5
  5. Send $5 to that friend

We’ve got a little more detail about each of those steps while keeping things nice & simple for those of you who’d like it entirely laid out…

Step 1: Download App & Enter Cash App Free Money Code

Install the Cash App by Square and enter the free cash code.

Only a few steps, and you’ll be done.

Here you go:

  1. Download the Cash App
  2. Open the app to launch the app after it’s been installed.
  3. Enter your number and email address.
  4. Verify your email or phone addresses by entering the code to confirm your number or email
  5. A bank account can be linked to a
  6. Enter your first & last name
  7. Select a $cashtag. This is your Cash app username.
  8. Enter your zip code
  9. Do not bother with this step right now – we’ve got an entirely separate section on this.
  10. Input your Cash App code
  11. Tap the icon for profile (top right)
  12. Tap “Enter Referral Code” (bottom)
  13. Then enter PZJLKLH

Step 2: Invite a friend to sign to open an Account with Cash App.

To invite a friend to the Cash App, follow these three easy steps:

  1. Tap the icon for profile (top right)
  2. Tap ‘invite friends, get $15’ (or a different amount)
  3. Enter the number of your friend’s phone as well as email address (this will allow you to forward the referral hyperlink)


If you’d like to share the link using an alternative app, simply tap the share icon at the upper right-hand corner and choose between Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and more.

It is also possible to click ‘copy’ and then copy it into the program you prefer.

Step 3: Give your Friend $5

To begin the Cash App’s for money, that is a free process going, You’ll need to transfer money to a friend to make your first payment.

To make the $5 payment for the initial payment, you must do these things:

  1. Touch the $ icon on your home screen (bottom right)
  2. Input $5
  3. Tap “pay” to pay
  4. Input your friend’s name or the $cashtag of their name.
  5. Tap “pay” (top right)

Step 4: The Friend Refunds $5

Offer your friend the instructions above and ask them to return you the $5.

This will keep the loop of referral codes, which will increase your cash bonus and add more cash credit to the balance of your Cash App.

The final step…

Step 5: Give Your Friend $5 again.

You’ll have to transfer $5 again to your friend.

Technically, this isn’t necessary, as it is not required since the Cash App’s Cash Rewards bonus loop is completed. However, we recommend this as a bonus for signing up with your friend who is helping you to earn cash by using this method.

It’s your choice, however!

2. Flipping $5 Into $15 or Even $30 with No Limit

Cash App gives you an incentive of $30 when a family or friend member sign-ups for an account with the special code. Every referral has to connect an account with a debit card and then utilize the app to pay at a minimum of $5 within 14 days to enable the bonus.

You can donate $5 to a family or friend member and ask them to send the exact amount back to you to trigger bonuses for everyone. Every time someone uses your promo code, you’ll earn $30, and they earn $5.

Utilize to take advantage of the Referral code to participate in the bonus method of sending $5 to new accounts linked with friends and family members over and above. There is currently no limit to the number of invitations you can send. It’s possible to flip the same $5 repeatedly until you’re done making money (which is unlikely).

3. Flip Bitcoin with Cash App Investing

Using this feature, called the Auto Invest feature on Cash App, it is possible to flip Bitcoin by automating selling and buying it. Automating this process will help you gain and keep Bitcoin’s value regularly and increase your profit margin.

There is a minimum amount of $10 you need to establish an account to invest in Bitcoin for the automation feature. Costs for investing with Cash App include government fees (such as SEC) that are communicated before confirming any transactions.

4. Flipping Stocks with Cash App Investing

Switch stocks with regular transfer on Cash App. Use your Auto Invest feature to designate the amount of money you’d like to put into investing and the frequency of your investment. This is an excellent method to increase your wealth by investing it in a way that will automatically promise to grow as stocks rise.

The most popular stocks are Amazon, Shopify, Square, Apple, etc. You can also look up and buy ETFs through Cash App. The costs associated with this feature are any taxes you should know before trading.

5. Flipping Second-Hand Finds With Cash App

There’s a lot of potentials to earn money the flipping second-hand items. The trash of one person could be someone else’s treasure. Find cheap items Clean them up, and then sell them on Cash App. You can use the cash you earn from selling these items to convert your profits into Bitcoin stocks, stocks, or ETFs.

Fake Cash App Money Flips you should Avoid

These are the types of scams that could be floating about. Be cautious and steer away from these scams.

Turning $100 to $800 on Cash App

A scam, sometimes referred to as”money circle “money circle,” promises customers a return of $800 on their initial investment of $100. If you sign up to the group and make payments using Cash App, the fraudsters claim that you’ll be next to get the $800 in a matter of hours.

In essence, you won’t have to pay back your money, and the scammer has already collected an impressive sum from the participating people. The message typically comes from the account of a social media site or text message that explains the rules for the Cash Game and then asks whether you would like to participate.

While some real individuals are behind these scams, they don’t fully understand the problem with this method. If you can convince only a few people to join, then certain people will get extra cash. But, as with any system, the structure’s base deteriorates, and many people cannot recover money. Cash App’s $100-$800 scheme isn’t an authentic cash App money-making opportunity to join.

Cash App Money Flip Software

There aren’t any legitimate Cash App money flip software programs available. They want customers to download the “software” to access your account. This could result in being able to withdraw your money. Beware of any offer to download the Cash App software for money flipping, regardless of how legit the advertisement seems.

Self-Proclaimed Bitcoin Flippers

There are fraudsters out there eager to seize the chance of investing in Bitcoin to your benefit. It is advised never to let a third party manage your money, Bitcoin included. Instead, put your money into Bitcoin for yourself.

Avoid falling for the Cash App flip hack scam. The fraudster will steal your money instead of investing it on your behalf.

Requests to Accept Payment via Check

There are all kinds of scams involving check payments being circulated. Beware of scammers who promise you that they’ll mail you a huge check if you pay money through the Cash App to them or an account with a “college” $Cashtag.

Instead of being rewarded by having to pay more, in the event of doing the fraudster a “favor,” the check they issue to you bounces. In the end, they’re long gone, as is the Cash App money.

This is not an arrangement that you should be part of. It could lead to them escaping your funds. It’s challenging to stop these criminals.

Other Common Cash App Scams

There are many other scams done on Cash App. Let’s take a look at the most common ones:

Fake Payment Notifications from Online Buyers & Strangers

Scammers pretend to be Cash App and claim they have received a payment.

Emails to Phish Cash App

Phishing emails are another common way to scam Cash App users. Scammers pretend to be Cash App and send scammers emails containing phishing links. They want you to click on these links. Their ultimate goal is to steal personal information.

These links can lead you to fake survey pages to claim a gift if you complete an online questionnaire. In other cases, these links will take you to fake Cash App log-in pages that require log-in credentials. Scammers could record the credentials you provide on these pages and then use them to hack your Cash App account and withdraw your funds. They may even steal your identity. They won’t be able to use your information for identity theft.

Fake Cash App Giveaways

Cash App hosts giveaway campaigns from time to time. For example, in 2019, they offered several giveaways called #SuperCashAppFriday, which attracted many people to take part. Scammers posing as Cash App fraudsters used the campaign to make fake offers. They asked people to “direct message” them and retweet their tweets to receive money. Scammers will instead try to get your Cash App credentials or instruct you to transfer funds to them.

How to Avoid Cash App Money Flipping Scams?

Many scams exist and not just Cash App Money Flipping.

Cash App users should know that “flipping” cannot be done during a typical scam. Cash App and celebrities may offer legitimate giveaways, but you must exercise caution.

They will often pretend to be executives and famous celebs’ assistants or act as Cash App customer service reps in impersonation scams.

Avoiding their traps is the best way to avoid falling for them, no matter how tempting the offer might be. You should know that they are fakes and don’t let them in. Report them if you have time. To report them, tap the icon at the top of the tweet or comment and select Report Tweet.

It is important to remember that Cash App is unavailable outside the United States. However, #SuperCashAppFriday giveaways are only open to U.S. residents.

Tips for recognizing and avoiding scams

We strongly recommend you use Cash App to send money.

  • Send payments only to people you trust
  • Double-check the recipient information before you send any money. This will ensure that you have sent the right amount to the correct person.
  • Check out their profile to determine if the person you are looking for is real.
  • Send money, not to people promising you money in the future.

What to do if I get scammed?

Report a possible scam payment using these steps

  1. Tap the profile icon at the top right corner
  2. Tap Support
  3. Select Report a Payment Problem
  4. Follow the prompts to select the payment.

These steps can be used to report and block scam accounts associated with potential scams.

  1. Launch the Cash App by tapping on a Customer Avatar to view a profile. Search for a profile using a name, $Cashtag, or Phone Number.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of your profile and tap on “Report” or “Block.”
  3. Follow the next steps by selecting one of these options.

Additionally, you can contact the Cash App Support team through

Cash App Can Be an Amazing Tool if it’s in the Right Hands

Scammers always seek a way to get into apps such as Cash App. It is essential for people who utilize any application to be aware of the latest scams. If you don’t feel certain about something, trust your gut. It’s your job to distinguish between legitimate opportunities and scams.

If done correctly, Cash App flips can bring income to your bottom line. No matter if you require some extra cash today or in the near coming years, Cash App has a solution to make your goals become a reality. Install the app now, get started with these tips, and you’ll be on the road to earning more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Are Cash App flips genuine or scams?

A) Most of them are scams. Cash App deals only with real money, and if you receive a cash prize from Cash App, it would be a giveaway or award for participating in contests.

Q) Can I make money using Cash App flips?

A) Yes, but it’s never easy to flip money. You must be smart, study the market, and follow trends carefully. We have shared the top 5 ways to make a Cash App flip, but you need to keep a few other things in mind.

Q) Do Cash app flips work?

A:  Yes! Cash app flips work as long as you don’t violate cash apps ToS. We have shared how to flip the Cash App for money legally.

Q) How do we save our cash app accounts from a cash app scam?

A: A few things to save your cash app account from cash app scams.

  • We recommend you only send money to people you trust using Cash App.
  • Double-check the recipient information before you send any money.
  • Check out their profile to determine if the person you are looking for is real.
  • Send money, not to people promising you money in the future.

Q) How do I send money without getting scammed?

A: The Cash App sends only money you have authorized yourself to send. You can send payments to people you trust or be part of contests or giveaways.

We also recommend checking their profile before sending them any money if you don’t know the person. This will ensure that you have sent the right amount to the correct person.

Q) How do I report a scam transaction?

A: You can report any kind of scam transaction using these steps:

  • Launch Cash App. 
  • Search for a profile using a name, $Cashtag, or Phone Number.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of your profile and tap on “Report” or “Block.”
  • To report a transaction that you did not authorize, report it here.

Conclusion: Avoid Scams At All Cost

Have you ever encountered a cash app flip that sounded too good to be true? Unfortunately, there are many scams out there designed to take your money. But don’t worry – we’ve got your back.

In this post, we shared five real cash app flips that work and will help you make some extra money.

We also warned you about three of the most common scams in the flipping world and gave you tips on avoiding them. So what are you waiting for? Start flipping!

Let us know about any other scams you encounter in the comments below, and we’ll help you.

Thank you for reading 5 Real Cash App Flips that Work (& Avoid These Scams), please browse our other Scams articles, including $750 Cash App Reward, which may also interest you.

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