Cash App $100 to $800 Money Flip Real? Blessing Loom Scam Messages

On social media, I saw a friend post about how she had just made an extra $100 to $800 flipping her Cash App money.

Intrigued, I clicked on the link to learn more and saw that it was as easy as sending your Cash App money to someone’s phone number, and then they would flip it back to you for a profit.

I decided to try it out myself and within minutes had flipped $100 into $800! Could this be true? Or is it another blessing loom scam? Keep reading to find out…

What Is Cash App?

Cash App is an app owned by Square that allows users to receive and send money from friends and family. It’s one of the most popular mobile payment apps available, and it’s especially popular with millennials.

The app is free to download and easy to use. You can send or receive money with just a few taps, and you can also use the app to pay for goods and services online. Plus, Cash App offers a built-in security feature that makes it one of the safest mobile payment apps available.

If you’re looking for a fast, easy, and safe way to send or receive money, then Cash App is the app for you.

What Is A Cash App Flip?

A Cash App flip, also known as a Cash App scam, is when Cash App scammers trick someone else into sending them money through the Cash App mobile payments app with the promise of returning the money plus extra cash later.

Unfortunately, we can see Cash App scam giveaways on the internet and social media platforms today. So before you send anyone any money through a Cash App bank account, be sure to do your research and make sure you’re dealing with a reputable person or company.

There are a few things to look for to help protect yourself from Cash App scams, like checking to see if the other person has a verified Cash App account and verifying their phone number. And if something feels too good to be true, it probably is!

Can You Turn $100 To $800 On Cash App?

No, you absolutely cannot turn $100 into $800 on Cash App. That’s not how the app works. Cash App is a payment platform that allows you to send and receive money from others, but it does not allow you to gamble or make investments.

So if somebody tells you that you can turn your $100 into $800 on Cash App, they’re lying to you. Stay away from those types of schemes!

However, some Cash App rumors online claim you can flip your Cash App money to make a quick profit. So let’s find out more about these rumors…

How To Turn $100 Into $800 Cash App?

To start the process, the person in charge posts an intriguing request for members to join the “money circle” or “blessing loom.” Because social media algorithms display posts to your closest family and friends first and you’ll be able to fool those you love about the most.

In essence, the article says that if you are a part of the circle and offer a blessing to someone for just $100, and then share your original post. You’ll receive eight installments of $100 in exchange for a total value of $800. This sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Why You Really Can’t Cash App $100 To Make $800?

No, you really cannot Cash App $100 to make $800. It is not possible to turn a profit that quickly through this method.

There are a few reasons why this is not possible. First, the app takes a cut of every transaction. So, even if you manage to find someone willing to trade goods or services for less than they are worth, you will still only be making $75 or so after the fees are taken out.

Additionally, it can be challenging to find people willing to trade fairly. Most people would rather sell their goods or services for the best price possible instead of trading them for something else of lesser value.

Consequently, you will not likely find someone willing to trade their goods and services for less than they are worth, and it can be challenging to find people who are ready to trade fairly.

As a result, you’ll only end up making a few dollars at most from this method of flipping Cash App money. You will not turn $100 into $800 through Cash App. It is not possible.

However, the app does provide an easy way for you to send and receive money from friends and family, so it’s still a good option if you’d like to get paid or pay someone back for something quickly.

So that’s what I found out about Cash App rumors of turning $100 into $800… But this article also mentioned something about the Cash App blessing loom scam. I decided to look into it and found the information below…

Never Participate In The Cash App $100 To $800 Flip.

You may be asking yourself why it’s a bad idea to put up $100 to win $800. In the end, it’s nothing even if you lose at the final.

Perhaps for the average person, this may not seem like an amount of money, but the majority of those who fall victim to this fraud are in a challenging financial situation. They think that if they could only get $800, it would bring food to the table or new shoes for their children’s feet. This method is a scam.

Joining the $100-$800 Cash App circle is taking advantage of those willing to part with the last bit of cash in exchange for better things to come in the future.

However, regardless of whether you believe the risk is worthwhile, be aware it is not legal and should be cautious about them.

Don’t urge your family and friends to participate in this deceitful scheme. Instead, recognize it for the scam and look into legitimate methods to flip money. A lot of people believe that there’s a line between genuine and fraudulent practices to flip money; however, so long as you don’t transfer money to someone else, and you are confident in the people who you pay, then you’ve already signed up to safely using the Cash App.

Other Cash App Scams

Pet Deposit Scam $800 Cash App

There are a few different types of pet deposit scams, but they all have one thing in common–the scammer asks for money upfront, usually in the form of a Cash App or money transfer, and then disappears with the money.

Some scammers will claim to be pet transport or relocation companies and ask for a deposit to cover the cost of moving your pet. Others will post ads online for pets that they don’t have, and when someone responds, they will ask for a pet deposit to hold the animal. And finally, some scammers set up fake websites or social media profiles for rental properties and demand a pet deposit before you can view the property.

So if you’re ever asked to pay money upfront, be cautious. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Cash App $800 Phishing Scam

Cash App Phishing is a new scam going around that involves people receiving text messages (usually from someone they know) saying that they’ve been sent money through Cash App and to click on a link to claim it. You’ll inadvertently download malware that can give the scammers access to all your personal information if you do.

So if you receive a message like this, don’t click on the link. Instead, delete the message and report it as spam. And be extra vigilant about any unsolicited messages concerning Cash App or any other financial app or service.

What If I Get Scammed On Cash App??

Please change your Cash App PIN as soon as possible and notify Cash App Support if you believe you’ve been a victim of phishing or a scam.

They have an email address in their help section to write to them directly.

And if you know someone who has fallen victim to a scam, encourage them to change their Cash App PIN immediately and file a police report.

Will I Get My money Back If I Get Scammed?

No, you won’t get your money back if you get scammed.

Because Cash App can’t provide a refund if the item you purchased isn’t the amount you paid for, it’s a better idea to pay via Cash App after you have to know the person who purchased it in person and get the items given to you. 

Don’t pay money to anyone you don’t know who promises to provide you with something at a later time.

What To Do If I Receive Blessing Loom Scam Messages?

Cash App users should know that these messages are scams. Please do not reply to them or click on any links you might see in the message.

The scammers behind these messages could be using various phone numbers and email addresses, so please don’t reply to any message that you’re unsure about. If you have any questions about Cash App, don’t hesitate to contact the Cash App team. Cash App representatives will surely help you out.


While the Cash App is a fantastic payment service app, there are a lot of scams out there, which you need to be aware of if you are a Cash App user.

Cash App Scammer mainly targets vulnerable Cash App users On social media sites by submitting fake requests using fake requests, money flipping, and mobile app referral. At the same time, YouTube videos promote fake Cash App generators. You’ll often see the Cash App scammer replying with “Dm me” messages to potential victims, never dm them.

We hope this article helps you be more aware of these cash flipping scams and stay safe with your money transactions. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop a message or comment below.

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