Cash Advance Apps that Work with Cash App (2022 Verified List)

⚡ Unfortunately, none of the Cash Advance Apps allow you to link or add your Cash App account. However, you may transfer funds between your Cash App account and your Cash Advance App by linking a bank account or the cash advance card offered by the payday app in your Cash App account.

You may need some extra cash for an unexpected expense, but you don’t want to go through the hassle of getting a loan from a bank. 

Applying for a loan from a bank can be a long and tedious process. You have to gather all your documents, make an appointment, and then wait for the approval.

Cash advance apps that work with Cash App are the solution you’re looking for. These apps allow you to get the money you need quickly and easily without having to go through the hassle of applying for a loan from a bank.

This post will cover the best cash advance apps that work with Cash App. This way, you can get the money you need in no time at all.

What are Cash Advance Apps?

A cash advance app (also sometimes called a payday advance app) is an app that allows you to get a short-term loan, usually for a small amount of money. They are a much cheaper alternative to traditional banks’ overdraft facilities, with high fees.

Dave, Brigit, Cleo, Albert, Earnin, MoneyLion, Klover, and other popular cash advance apps include Dave, Brigit, Cleo, Albert, Earnin, MoneyLion, Klover, and others. On the other hand, Cash App does not support all cash advance apps.

Cash Advance Apps typically provide advances with no interest or finance charges but rely on subscription fees and tips to generate revenue. These advances are made against your next paycheck, so you effectively borrow in advance of your payday.

First and foremost, let us address the question of whether cash advance apps allow you to link your Cash App account if you receive a direct deposit into your Cash App account and want to use it to access the advance.

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Cash advance apps require access to your payday and paycheck amount. If you have set up direct deposit with Cash App and want to use the cash advance apps by adding your Cash App account to these apps, it will most likely NOT work. Because these payday loan apps primarily support traditional banks, which they can verify with Plaid and check your record of consistent income, Cash App may not work.

List of Cash Advance Apps that Work with Cash App


If you use Dave and have a Dave Spending account, you can use Cash App to add your Dave debit card as a payment method. You can transfer money from Cash App to your Dave account and withdraw funds from Dave to make payments through Cash App.

Please remember that Dave does not support instant transfers from Cash App to Dave Spending Card (which usually works for other debit cards). A standard deposit transfer, according to Dave, can take up to 5 business days.

Dave provides cash advances against your paycheck in exchange for a $1 monthly subscription fee and linking an eligible external bank account or Dave’s checking account with eligible direct deposits.

A cash advance of up to $250 is available. You must connect an eligible bank account in Dave.

When you open a checking account with Dave, you will receive a Dave debit card. After that, you can add this card to Cash App.

Add a Dave Debit Card in the Cash App:

  • Open Cash App and Log in.
  • Then, tap on the Bank icon at the bottom of the cash app home page.
  • Then, select Link bank.
  • Please enter your Dave card number.
  • Complete the Verification process by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Cash App will be linked to your Dave account.
  • Return to the Cash App’s homepage.
  • Select the bank or dollar icon.
  • Select Add Cash.
  • Enter the amount you’d like to add.
  • Click the Add $ button.
  • Check your identity.
  • Dave’s money will be transferred to Cash App.


You can link your MoneyLion debit card to Cash App to transfer money from your Cash App account to your Money Lion account.

You can get the Money Lion debit card if you sign up for RoarMoney.

If you add your Roar Money Card details to the Cash app, you can use the ‘instant transfer option. Cash App supports instant transfer to such linked debit cards. However, keep in mind that there may be some delays when attempting to transfer funds to fintech debit cards.

Alternatively, you can manually add your Cash App account to Roar Money by entering your Cash App routing and account number. This standard ACH transfer may take 1-3 business days to complete.

MoneyLion operates on a membership model, with the product “InstaCash” (no interest) offering advances of up to $250 before payday. It also offers short-term loans.

You can also use an external bank account to validate your direct deposit and balance history with MoneyLion. There are a few things to keep in mind when connecting an external bank account to MoneyLion to be eligible under their terms.

  • The bank account has been open for at least two months and receives regular income/paycheck deposits.
  • It has a favorable balance.


You may not be able to use Earnin with Cash App. According to Earnin, transfers to prepaid cards or prepaid accounts, including Cash App Card, are not supported.

Chime Spot Me

Chime can also be used with Cash App by adding your Chime Debit Card or Chime Bank account as a payment method.

If you have a Chime account, you can use Chime Spot Me to get an advance of up to $200 (depending on your direct deposit).

Albert compatible

If you have an Albert Savings account with a card, you can add it to Cash App and use it to transfer funds from Albert to Cash App as needed. You can also use the instant deposit to transfer your Cash App funds to this card.

However, it will not work if you want to link a Cash App Card in Albert App.

According to the Albert website, to gain access to Albert Instant (cash advance facility), you must link a debit card to a bank account where you receive your income. Albert Instant does not support prepaid or cash cards because they lack the functionality required to receive and repay cash advances.

It also provides the following list of prepaid cards that Albert Instant does not support:

It also includes a list of prepaid cards that Albert Instant doesn’t support.:

  • Netspend
  • Walmart Money
  • BankMobile Vibe
  • Go2Bank
  • AccountNow Prepaid Visa
  • American Express Reserve
  • Money Network Pay Card

Although Albert does not explicitly call out Cash App Card in the above list, it may or may not work.

Is it possible to borrow money using Cash App?

Yes, Cash App does allow you to borrow money. However, it’s still in a testing phase, not available to everyone and limited to loans of $20 to $200.

According to TechCrunch, loans are funded quickly and must be repaid in four weeks or less. However, carrying a balance for an extended period can add up – Cash App charges a 5% flat fee to borrow, plus an additional 1.25 percent per week after the grace period.

As long as you understand that a Cash App Borrow loan is best for quick repayment, the new tool may be helpful when you’re short on cash.

Borrowing Money From Cash App Borrow

As previously stated, Cash App Borrow is not yet available to everyone. The only way to find out is to check. Follow these ten easy steps to borrow money from Cash App:

  • Launch the Cash App.
  • Tap on the Cash App balance in the lower-left corner.
  • Navigate to the “Banking” section.
  • Look for the word “borrow” in the dictionary.
  • If you see the word “Borrow,” you can apply for a Cash App loan.
  • Select “Borrow.”
  • Select “Unlock.”
  • Cash App will tell you how much you can borrow.
  • Please read the user agreement.
  • Accept a Cash App Borrow loan.

How to Connect Cash Advance Apps to the Cash App?

If you want to use Cash App with these cash advance apps, you should open a traditional bank account for direct deposit. Then use this bank account or debit card as a bridge between the Cash App and cash advance apps to move the funds between them by individually linking such traditional bank accounts in both the apps.

You can then use the bank account as a bridge to move funds back and forth.

You can also use online-only banks such as Chime, which work with cash advance apps and are linked to Cash App. Chime Bank also has its cash advance service, Chime Spot Me.

Another possibility is that if you want to access funds from these payday advance apps on your Cash App, you can do so by linking the debit card or bank account that you have set up with these cash advance apps, such as Dave and MoneyLion, in Cash App. You can then transfer the borrowed funds to your Cash App account or cash out your Cash App balance to such advance accounts. However, this establishes a direct fintech-to-fintech connection, which is not ideal but serves the purpose.


If you want to fulfill personal loan, payday loans, or cash needs, then Cash App Borrow feature can help you. The best part is it works smoothly, and other than the current peer-to-peer lending service, it also allows users to link a bank account and pay bills using its debit card.

We hope this article will help you use Cash App for personal loans or cash needs. You can also check why a person should avoid a payday loan.

Thanks for reading this article.

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