How to Cancel Stash Account Fast (with REFUND!)

⚡ A simple way to cancel a Stash subscription is to use a free bill cancel app such as Truebill to find all your unwanted subscriptions and cancel them automatically without the hassle of doing it yourself.

⚠️ DifficultyHard to Cancel
❌ How to CancelTruebill, Website, E-mail, Phone
❓ After CancellationExpires at End of Billing Cycle
💰 Get RefundGood Chances

Are you looking for a way to cancel your Stash account?

Great! You’re in the right place.

We have done extensive research and found the best way to cancel your Stash subscription.

Let’s dive right in, and I’ll show you exactly how to cancel your Stash account completely.

How Do I Cancel My Stash Account?

To cancel a Stash account, you can use three methods to request a cancellation. 

Still, we’ve found that using the Truebill app is the fastest and easiest method to cancel your Slash account altogether.

Cancel Slash Subscription Automatically (Fast & Easy)


We highly recommend using Truebill to find any unwanted subscriptions you may have and automatically cancel them with ease.

  1. Get the FREE Truebill app and connect your bank account (to find all your active subscriptions).
  2. Tap on the ‘Recurring’ tab at the bottom.
  3. Select ‘subscription’ from the list.
  4. Tap on ‘Options’ and choose the ‘Cancel Service’ option. 
  5. Truebill will automatically cancel your Slash account for you.

Cancel Slash Account on the Website

Here are the steps to close your Stash Beginner or Stash Growth account from the Stash website if you’re no longer interested in investing:

  1. Begin by deleting the Stash app from your phone.
  2. Log in to the main website at from your web browser.
  3. In the upper right corner, click on your name.
  4. This will bring you to a new page. Click on ‘Subscription’.
  5. At the bottom of the page, select ‘Close my Stash for Good.’
  6. Follow the steps given to finalize closing your account.

Here are the steps to close your Stash+ account:

  1. Check that your external bank is linked to your Stash account.
  2. Ensure “Auto-Stash” is turned off for your IRA account.
  3. Sell the investments showing in your IRA account. You may have to wait up to 3 days for them to settle.
  4. It’s important to wait up to 6 business days to be able to access any recent deposits and ensure they are available to withdraw.

Cancel Slash Account by Email

You can delete your account completely by emailing the customer services support team at [email protected].

In the subject line, write ‘Request to close account’ or something similar.

In the body of the email, request that the support team remove your account permanently from their database, and click ‘Send.’

Cancel Slash Account by Phone

You can easily cancel your monthly charge for your Stash subscription or account by telephoning the customer support services team at 800-205-5164.

Note: With all these methods, remember that there is a difference between canceling your subscription and canceling the matching account.

What Account Options Does Stash Have? 

There are three main account options:

Stash Beginner

The Stash Beginner account is designed for the investing beginner, as its name suggests. It costs just $1 per month and offers:

  1. Advice for beginner investors.
  2. A personal portfolio.
  3. Stock-Back Card.
  4. $1k insurance access.

Stash Growth

For $3 per month, Stash Growth offers everything included in Stash Beginner, plus:

  1. Advice for growing your personal finances.
  2. Smart Portfolio: not just a personal portfolio.
  3. Retirement Portfolio. 


For $9 per month, Stash+ offers everything in Stash Growth, plus:

  1. Advice for family finances with Stash+ Market Insights.
  2. Investment access featuring two custodial accounts.
  3. Banking access: 2 x stock with Stock-Back card.
  4. $10k life insurance access.

Stash also has a Kids Portfolio, which is a custodial account.

If you no longer want to continue with your Stash custodial account, contact the customer service team through the ‘contact support’ option on the web page, emailing them at [email protected] or telephoning them 800-205-5164.

If you want to cancel your retirement portfolio, you will also need to contact the customer service team.

Is It Hard to Cancel Stash Account?

This subscription is hard to cancel primarily because the different accounts and methods to cancel Stash subscriptions and accounts can be confusing.

There’s also a difference between whether you cancel your subscription plan or close your account.  

However, the easiest way to cancel a Stash account is to use the Truebill app, because it finds all your unwanted subscriptions and cancels them automatically

What Happens If I Cancel My Stash Account?

Stash may not refund any prepaid part of the Stash fee for the month that you close your account, especially if you have joined recently.  

However, you will be able to access Stash until the end of the monthly billing period after your account is closed.

This means you can continue accessing the Financial Counseling Service via the web on your PC, laptop, or smart devices with no additional expenses. You can also check on any Stash charges, but you will be unable to open any accounts.

When you cancel your investment, this means your account is completely closed and your funds are refunded into your external account by Stash direct deposit.

Can You Cancel Stash Account at Any Time?

Yes, you can cancel your account with Stash for good at any time through the Stash website. If you have any problems, contact customer support at [email protected]

As well as having your account canceled,  you can also choose to cancel the monthly plan for your current subscription.

How to Get a Refund After Cancelling Stash Account

After you cancel your Stash account with one of the methods above, Stash will refund your money to the bank account that is linked to your account. 

It’s important that you double-check that the bank account linked to your account is the one you wish to receive the money into.

The refund will take two business days to appear in your bank account, however, if you are looking to avoid capital gains tax, or to keep your investment, you may want to transfer your investments to a new broker.

If you’ve previously tried to cancel and had trouble, reach out to the customer services team for assistance.

Lower Your Stash Account Cost Without Cancelling

Are you trying to lower your bill to avoid having to cancel your account?

While no method is a guarantee, there are a couple of things you can try to lower your monthly subscription cost.

Is it worth the effort?

Well, sure, why not?

If it means you don’t have to cancel Stash account services, it’s definitely worth it.

Use a Bill Negotiation Service

There are certain bill negotiation services that will actually cancel services for you or negotiate a lower subscription fee to avoid having to cancel the account altogether.

Our favorite option like this?


It’s super convenient, and the process is very user-friendly.

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Cancel Stash Subscription FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

Why can’t I withdraw my money from Stash and close my Stash account?

If all your investments still appear in your account, you will need to sell them first before being able to withdraw your funds.  

SEC regulations state that the money from the sale needs to go through a process of being held for two business days before it can be moved from Stash bank to your bank. 

Once you’ve canceled your account, you’ll receive a statement so you can feel confident that your monthly fee has been canceled, your account has been closed, and the process is complete.

If you require any additional instructions, just contact the customer service team.

I’m having trouble using the website to close my Stash account. 

If you’re having any difficulties, simply email customer support at [email protected], or you can phone them at 800-205-5164

Why can’t I cancel my Stash account through the Stash app?

At present, you can’t cancel your account or subscription through the app. You will need to go to the website to complete the process. However, you can view your Stash financial information on the app.

Can You Pause Stash Subscription?

Yes. From the bottom navigation bar, choose “Auto-Stash.” On the next page, tap the three dots that you can find in the top right-hand corner. You can either pause or change the date of your upcoming Auto-Stash from here.

Does Stash Have a Cancellation Fee?

There are no Stash charges for cancellation. 

However, if you transfer your funds to a new brokerage account, Stash will charge a $75 outgoing transfer fee. 

To open a new brokerage account, you can get recommendations from others or just search for “open brokerage account” using your favorite search engine.

Stash uses Apex Clearing Corporation as the outgoing broker, and you’ll need your account number before initiating a transfer.  

You can find your account number on your Stash account statement. You’ll also need to find out what details your new broker requires.

How to Delete Your Stash Account Data after Cancelling Your Subscription 

When you cancel your Stash subscription, this doesn’t automatically close your account. It just stops your subscription. 

Your account will remain there until you decide to close the account. 

So it’s essential to take steps to remove the money from your account, not just cancel your Stash subscription.  

To close your account completely, you need to ask for your details to be removed from the database permanently.

Does Stash Offer Refunds? 

Once you cancel your Stash subscription, your Stash invest account remains open until you decide to cancel your Stash account.  

Once you cancel the account, your Stash capital will be refunded into the account that you nominated when you opened the account. 

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