How to Cancel SiriusXM Subscription Fast (with REFUND!)

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⚠️ DifficultyHard to Cancel 
❌ How to CancelTruebill, Website, Phone Call, Live Chat, or App
❓ After CancellationExpires at End of Billing Cycle
💰 Get RefundGood Chance

Hunting for ways to cancel your SiriusXM?

Great! You’re in the right place. 

In this article, you will get a complete guide on how to cancel a SiriusXM subscription. 

Whether you are tired of affording costly subscription plans of SiriusXM or want to save a few bucks per month while preferring the free radio, whatever the reason it may be, you can cancel your SiriusXM subscription with a refund. 

We have done extensive research and found the best ways to cancel your SiriusXM Subscription.

Let’s dive deep into the methods to cancel SiriusXM subscriptions without further ado.

How Do I Cancel My SiriusXM Subscriptions? 

Canceling a SiriusXM radio subscription is a hard task. Luckily, we have found some simple methods to cancel your subscription. 

You can cancel your SiriusXM subscription online, by phone, through making a live chat, or through the app. 

We will show you how to do this with simple step-by-step instructions for each method.

Cancel Any SiriusXM Subscription Automatically (Fast & Easy)


If you have any unwanted subscriptions, use Truebill to find and cancel them easily. 

Follow the simple steps to cancel the subscription automatically. 

  1. Start by signing up for Truebill for FREE and linking your bank account.
  2. At the bottom, you will find a Recurring tab. Tap on it. 
  3. Select your SiriusXM subscription from the list.
  4. From the Options, select the Cancel Service option.
  5. Tap on it and cancel your SiriusXM subscription. 

How To Cancel SiriusXM Subscription Online

SiriusXM allows you to cancel its online radio service through its official website. 

Here is how the online cancellation process proceeds. 

  1. Visit the SiriusXM website
  2. Log into your SiriusXM account. 
  3. Go to your account page and tap on the Manage Your Account button in the top-right corner.
  4. Find the Change Billing Info. Option from the menu and click on it. 
  5. Finally, end your subscription by clicking on Cancel Service

How To Cancel Subscription On SiriusXM Service by Phone

Making a phone call to SiriusXM customer service is a simple way to cancel a SiriusXM satellite subscription. 

You need to call on their numbers, and your subscriptions will be ended.

But kindly do bear that their phone numbers, i.e., 1-888-539-7474 or 1-866-635-2349 are not reachable 24/7. 

The agents are available to respond to your queries from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays. 

However, on weekends you can reach them until 8 p.m.

Once you have made a call, you will reach a SiriusXM agent who will ask you about the reasons for canceling the subscription. 

Further, the customer service employee will offer you the best solutions to resolve your issues.

Be prepared to stay firm on your decision if you want to cancel your subscription, as the customer service employee will try his best to stop you from ending your subscription. 

How To Cancel SiriusXM Through Making A Live Chat

Don’t want to call a customer service agent and want an alternative way to contact customer support? 

Don’t fret! 

Online chat with a live agent is another way to cancel the subscription. 

You can start an online conversation with customer support on the SiriusXM website. 

Here are the simple steps you need to follow: 

  1. Open a web browser on your computer. 
  2. Go to the SiriusXM website or visit here.
  3. Here, you will find three options: TransferModify and Cancel
  4. The Cancel section will show you the option to Chat with an Agent

Click on it and start discussing your issue about canceling your SiriusXM radio membership.

How to Cancel Your SiriusXM Subscription From the Mobile App

If you sign up using the mobile app, you will get two different ways to cancel the SiriusXM subscription. 

Whether you are using an Apple iPhone or Android device, here is how you can cancel your SiriusXM subscription on your device. 

Cancel SiriusXM Subscription Using an iPhone

  1. Open the iPhone setting app from your iOS device. Type the Apple ID or name at the top of the page. 
  2. Click on the Subscriptions. Choose SiriusXM from the list showing all the subscriptions. 
  3. Click Cancel Subscription to confirm that you want to end this subscription. 

Cancel SiriusXM Subscription Using an Android

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  2. Tap your profile picture in the top-right corner of the screen. 
  3. Find the Payments & Subscriptions option from the drop-down menu and tap Subscriptions.
  4. Select your SiriusXM radio subscription.
  5. Click on the Cancel Subscription button to end your membership. 

Is It Hard to Cancel SiriusXM Subscriptions?

While most services offer immediate cancellation in different ways, SiriusXM is not the most convenient option. 

The cancellation process may include visiting the company’s site, chatting with an agent, calling them by phone, and using the mobile app. 

Since all these methods are not easy and time-consuming, canceling through these methods is not a piece of cake for everyone. 

Why not opt for an automated process that is easier and fast?  

A great idea, though! 

Truebill offers the easiest way to cancel all the unwanted subscriptions automatically. 

Using this app, even the hard to cancel subscriptions such as SiriusXM can be canceled without breaking a sweat. 

What Happens If I Cancel My SiriusXM Subscription?

Once you have ended your SiriusXM subscription, you will not be able to avail yourself of its membership services. 

You can not stream its content on the SiriusXM app and other different connected devices and speakers. 

Canceling your SiriusXM radio subscription does not charge any hidden money. 

It will limit your access to all the membership plans. 

Can You Cancel SiriusXM Subscription at Any Time?

If you want to cancel its subscriptions, you can do so at any time. 

Whenever you desire to cancel a SiriusXM subscription, ensure to cancel subscriptions at least 24-hours before your next billing cycle starts. 

It will save you from being charged before your next subscription. 

Moreover, you will not find hidden money or fees for SiriusXM membership cancellation. 

How to Get a Refund After Canceling SiriusXM Subscription?

Once you have canceled your SiriusXM radio subscription, you can send an email requesting a refund of unused months. 

A short, straightforward, and honest email asking for a refund would work best to request a refund. 

Here is a template that will help you send an email to get a refund after canceling the SiriusXM subscriptions purchased.   

  • After enjoying the SiriusXM free trial period, I subscribed to its services via debit card purchase. I canceled my membership three months ago for my new car’s radio. Considering my subscription was canceled, I did not use the services. But unfortunately, it did not get canceled. Despite not using the service, I have been billed for months. Please refund me for January- March 2022 of this service.

Lower Your SiriusXM Subscription Cost Without Canceling

Are you frustrated with the costly subscription of SiriusXM but still want to enjoy its services? 

Well, here’s a solution! 

You can lower your bill without canceling your SiriusXM radio subscription. 

Out of many methods to lower your subscription charges, you need to use a method that is effective and worth the effort. 

Let’s find out the best option:

Use a Bill Negotiation Service

Since many bill negotiation services help you lower your subscription cost, finding the best and easiest to use is a bit of an intimidating task. 

We have got you covered! 

Try Truebill! 

You can conveniently lower your SiriusXM subscription cost using this service without canceling it. 

You can enjoy its subscriptions without denting your wallet with its user-friendly process. 

SiriusXM Company Information

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Take a peek below: 


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Insider Tips & Cancel Subscription FAQs

Can You Pause SiriusXM Subscription to Avoid Cancellation?

Yes, it is possible to suspend your subscription to avoid cancellation. A suspension of up to six months can be applied once per calendar year to your subscription. An automatic reactivation of a suspended subscription will take place either six months after the suspension request or on the requested date.

How Much Does a Lifetime Subscription For SiriusXM Cost?

SiriusXM offers a lifetime subscription package that costs up to $400. The company claims that users can receive access to their services as long as the original device is functional. 

Does SiriusXM Prorate Cancellations?

SiriusXM offers some non-refundable subscriptions, such as lifetime and trial ones. SiriusXM customer agreement states that you would receive a prorated refund if you wanted to cancel any other subscription. 

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