How to Cancel EoS Gym Membership Fast (with REFUND!)

⚡ A simple way to cancel an EoS Gym membership is to use a free bill cancel app such as Truebill to find all your unwanted subscriptions and cancel them automatically without the hassle of doing it yourself.

⚠️ DifficultyHard to Cancel
❌ How to CancelTruebill, In-Person, Phone, Mail, Email
🚫 After CancellationExpires Immediately
💰 Get RefundGood Chance

EoS Fitness is an excellent gym with plenty of locations and amenities.

However, there could be reasons why you need to cancel your membership.

Maybe you’re moving to a new city, or your financial situation has changed, and you want to save some money.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to cancel your EoS fitness membership and get a refund (if you’re eligible).

How Do I Cancel My EoS Gym Membership?

To cancel an EoS Fitness membership, you can use your phone, visit them in person, send the EoS Fitness’s manager a letter or write them an e-mail to request a cancellation. 

Still, we’ve found that using the Truebill app is the fastest and easiest method to cancel EoS Fitness account altogether.

Cancel EoS Membership Automatically (Fast & Easy)

Cancel Subscriptions Online

We highly recommend using Truebill to find any unwanted subscriptions you may have and automatically cancel them with ease.

  1. Get the FREE Truebill app and connect your bank account (to find all your active subscriptions).
  2. Tap on the ‘Recurring’ tab at the bottom.
  3. Select your EoS Fitness Gym membership from the list.
  4. Tap on ‘Options’ and choose the ‘Cancel Service’ option. 
  5. Truebill will automatically cancel your EoS membership for you.

Cancel EoS Membership In-Person

Regardless of the gym’s location, this method will work.

You will need to go to the gym in your location during business hours and talk to the support staff.

The address will be available on the website when you insert a location to find your gym.

Be sure to bring your contact details, agreement number, and signed cancellation notice.

Tell the customer representative that you would like to cancel your EoS membership and ask if you can get a refund.

They may ask you to comment on your reason for leaving, write your comment and sign it. 

The support staff will process your request and give you a confirmation number.

Cancel EoS Fitness via Mail

Regardless of which gym you joined, you may cancel by mail.

You must send a notice to the gym where you joined with your signature and date to cancel your membership.

You can find the address by following the steps:

  1. Open the official EoS website using your browser.
  2. Locate and click on ‘GYM NEAR ME’. 
  3. Insert your city, ZIP code, or state to find your gym.
  4. Now click on your desired gym and get the contact information.
  5. Save this information for future use.

Cancel EOS Fitness by Phone

If you can’t make it to the gym in person, you can also cancel your membership by phone. 

You can find the contact detail of your particular gym on the website.

Call the customer service number and have your membership information ready.

The customer service representative will ask for your name, address, and membership number.

They will then cancel your membership and give you a confirmation number.

Cancel EoS Fitness Membership Online by Email

If you joined online, you might have the option to cancel your membership online by email.

  1. First, you will need to log in to your account on the official EoS Fitness website through your browser.
  2. Once you’re logged in, click ‘Gym,’ locate the Contact Us page and send an email requesting to cancel your membership.

You can also directly email them at [email protected]

Don’t forget to include your contact details and notice of cancellation.

What Membership Options Does EoS Have? 

EoS Fitness offers many membership options to choose from.

Here are the most popular EoS Fitness gym membership options:

  • Basic Package

The basic package is priced at $9.99 per month.

It is a month-to-month membership that can be canceled at any time.

The basic package gives the participant access to cardio and strength equipment.

  • Blue Package

EoS Fitness Blue package is also a month-to-month membership.

The package is priced at $21.99 per month.

With this membership, you get access to almost all the amenities, including yoga classes, group fitness classes, cycle classes, and more.

  • Black Membership

This monthly membership subscription costs $26.99 per month.

It gives you access to everything that the gym has to offer, including premium amenities like recovery massage chairs and unlimited guest privileges.

Is It Hard to Cancel EoS Subscription?


The process to follow before you can cancel an EoS subscription can be daunting.

You need to either visit the gym in person or call customer service to cancel your membership.

To make your life easy, there are free cancellation services like Truebill that will do it for you.

By linking Truebill to your account, there’s a good chance you can get your gym membership fees refunded too.

What Happens If I Cancel My EoS Fitness Membership?

If you cancel your EoS Fitness membership, the management will revoke your access to the gym.

You will no longer have access to any of the gym’s amenities or services.

Can You Cancel an EoS Fitness Membership at Any Time?

Yes, you can cancel your EoS membership at any time. 

However, you may be charged a cancellation processing fee of $15.

How to Get a Refund After Canceling EoS Fitness Membership?

After you cancel your EoS membership with one of the methods above, you can send out an email asking for a refund of unused months.

If you previously tried to cancel your membership and had trouble canceling, you can use the email template below to request a refund.

  • I had trouble canceling my membership and thought my subscription was already canceled. I have been billed for months that I did not use the service. I’m requesting a refund for [April – May] of the service, please. 

You can find the EoS contact information below.

The trick is to keep the email short and sweet and be honest.

Lower Your EoS Membership Cost Without Canceling


Are you trying to lower your bill to avoid having to cancel your EoS Fitness membership?

While no method is a guarantee, there are a couple of things you can try to lower your membership cost.

Is it worth the effort?

Well, sure, why not?

If it means you don’t have to cancel membership services, it’s definitely worth it.

Use a Bill Negotiation Service

There are certain bill negotiation services that will actually cancel services for you or negotiate a lower membership fee to avoid having to cancel the membership altogether.

Our favorite option like this?


It’s super convenient, and the process is very user-friendly.

EoS Company Information

EoS Fitness is a gym chain based in the United States.

It is based in several locations, from Arizona to Florida.

EoS offers a variety of membership options, including basic, blue, and black.

The fitness center is famous for advertising fun, energetic classes like Zumba and Cycle.

EoS Membership Charge on Your Bank Account

The EoS subscription collections can show on your bank account as CHECKCARD ABC*EOS FITNESS 888-8279262 AZ ON 07/22, EOS FITNESS ABC CLUB FEES PPD ID: 1710602737, CHECKCARD 06/10 ABC*EOS FITNESS 888-8279262 AZ, POS Debit – – EOS FITNESS HENDERSON NV, or in other similar ways. 



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EoS Policies

Cancel EoS Membership FAQs

Many fitness enthusiasts want to be sure about all the details before signing up for a gym membership. From collections to refunds, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about canceling EoS memberships.

Can You Pause EoS Subscription?

Yes, you can put your EoS membership on hold. However, this is only available at selected locations. To do so, you will need to visit the gym in person and fill out a form.

Does EoS Offer Refunds? 

If you cancel your subscription within three business days of signing up, you are eligible for a full refund. However, if you cancel your subscription midway, EoS does not offer refunds for membership fees. If you cancel your membership, you will not be refunded for any unused days.

Does EoS Have a Cancellation Fee? 

Many participants comment on the cancellation service charges of $15, considering them unfair. So, yes, EoS does charge a cancellation fee.

Does EoS Offer Personal Training?

Yes, EoS offers personal training services. To sign up for personal training, you will need to visit the gym and talk to a staff member.

If you have subscriptions with other Health & Wellness services, you might also need to Cancel Fitness 19 Membership to avoid more unwanted charges.

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