How to Cancel Cove Security Subscription Fast (with REFUND!)

⚡ A simple way to cancel a Cove Security subscription is to use a free bill cancel app such as Truebill to find all your unwanted subscriptions and cancel them automatically without the hassle of doing it yourself.

⚠️ Cancel DifficultyHard to Cancel
How to Cancel3 Methods
🚫 After CancellationAt the End of the Billing Cycle
💰 Get RefundGood Chance
💳 Prevent ChargesYes, with a Free Virtual Card

Tired of searching for a perfect way to cancel your Cove Security subscription?

Worry not! You’re in the right place.

We have researched extensively and found the best way to cancel your Cove Security subscription.

Let’s check it out and see how easy it is to cancel your Cove Security subscription.

How Do I Cancel My Cove Security Subscription?

How Do I Cancel My Cove Security Subscription Online
Cove Security Website Cancellation Process

To cancel a Cove Security Subscription, you can use Truebill, live chat, and the official website to request a cancellation. 

Once you’ve supplied the required information and the cancellation request has been processed, the account is closed at the end of the billing cycle, and you will no longer be billed for your subscription. 

We’ve found that using Truebill is the fastest, easiest, and most reliable method to cancel subscription charges from Cove Security.

⭐ Cancel Cove Security Subscription Automatically (Fast & Easy)

Cancel Subscriptions Online

We highly recommend using Truebill to find any unwanted subscriptions you may have and automatically cancel them with ease.

  1. Get the FREE Truebill app and connect your bank account (to find all your active subscriptions).
  2. Tap on the ‘Recurring’ tab at the bottom.
  3. Select your Cove Security Subscription from the list.
  4. Tap on ‘Options’ and choose the ‘Cancel Service’ option. 
  5. Truebill will automatically cancel your Cove Security Subscription for you.

Cancel Cove Security Subscription by Phone Call

If you prefer to cancel your Cove Security Subscription over the phone, you can request membership cancellation by calling customer service. The Cove customer support teams are available all around the clock 24/7 waiting to assist you, and therefore feel free to call them at your convenient time.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Call 1-855-268-3669 for customer service.
  2. Inform them of your intention to cancel your subscription
  3. Provide the relevant information necessary to effect the cancellation request
  4. Provide reasons for your cancelation, and
  5. Request for an email confirming the cancellation. 

Cancel Cove Security Subscription Online by Official Website

You can request membership cancellation by visiting the Cove Security website and following these steps:

  1. Access Cove’s official website and log in to your account
  2. Navigate to My Subscriptions
  3. Click on the Cancel Subscription button
  4. Select a reason for your cancellation
  5. Click cancel to complete the cancellation process

Cancel Cove Security Subscription Online by Live Chat

You can request membership cancellation by live chat and following these steps:

  1. Access Cove’s official website and Log in to your account
  2. Navigate to the contact us page 
  3. At the bottom of the page, click on the ‘Live Chat’ Button
  4. On the Chat Box that pops out, write to the available agent online
  5. Notify them of your intention to cancel your membership
  6. Provide a reason for canceling
  7. Provide relevant information as prompted
  8. Request for email confirmation for your future use.

How to Prevent Future Charges from Cove Security

How To Stop Future Subscription Charges

We’ve all been there – you cancel a subscription, and later on, you find out they’ve been charging your account the whole time. 

Unfortunately, this is all too common when it comes to subscription services.

The best way to prevent future billing with Cove Security is to change your payment method to a free Privacy virtual card that you control, like an ON and OFF switch.

All subscription services charge you a month in advance, and when you don’t pay, they cancel your subscription.

You don’t need to cancel or rely on them to stop billing you when you turn your Privacy card off for that specific subscription.


Here’s how to get started in 3 minutes or less with Privacy:

  1. Get a FREE account with Privacy and connect your bank account.
  2. Create a new virtual card for each subscription and set a monthly limit.
  3. You now have complete control over your subscriptions with peace of mind.

To avoid being charged with free trials, you can make your virtual card expire after the trial is over.

You can also set charge limits to avoid surprise charges or increased rates without your knowledge.

We recommend you use Privacy for all online transactions for safety and security by not exposing your actual card information online.

Is It Hard to Cancel a Cove Security Subscription?


To be honest, yes!

Canceling your Cove security subscriptions can be hectic for you and takes a lot of time.

Despite this, you can easily cancel your subscriptions swiftly using Truebill. Canceling your subscription has never been easier than this!

What Happens If I Cancel My Cove Security Subscription?

After terminating your membership, Cove Security will not have any obligation to provide services applicable to your subscribed service plan.

On the other hand, you will not be obligated to pay for the service plan unless there is any outstanding debt for services rendered or products supplied by Cove Security. 

Can You Cancel Cove Security Anytime?

You can cancel your Cove Security plan as long as you have fulfilled any applicable obligation.

You can do so by calling 1-855-268-3669, after which Cove will provide you with a termination notice via email on their file.

Your service plan covering monitoring services will terminate at the end of the current prepaid monthly membership.

How to Get a Refund After Canceling Cove Security Subscription

After you cancel your Cove Security Subscription with one of the methods above, you can email or call asking for a refund of unused months.

If you previously tried to cancel your subscription and had trouble canceling, you can use the template below to request a refund by email or phone.

  • I had trouble canceling my membership and thought I had already canceled my subscription. I have been billed for months that I did not use the service. I’m requesting a refund for [MONTH – MONTH] of the service, please. 

You can find the Cove Security contact information below.

The key is to keep the email or call short and sweet and be honest.

Some companies will not offer a refund, but some do on a case-by-case basis.

Lower Your Cove Security Subscription Cost Without Canceling


Are you trying to lower your bill to avoid canceling your Cove Security Subscription?

While no method is a guarantee, there are a couple of things you can try to lower your Subscription cost.

Is it worth the effort?

Well, sure, why not?

If it means you don’t have to cancel subscription services, it’s definitely worth it.

Use a Bill Negotiation Service

Certain bill negotiation services will actually cancel services for you or negotiate a lower subscription fee to avoid canceling the subscription altogether.

Our favorite bill negotiation service is Truebill

It automatically searches for all your subscriptions, so you can review which bills need to be reduced or canceled.

It’s super convenient, and the process is very user-friendly.

What Subscription Options Does Cove Security Have? 

Cover Home Security System is offered in two membership plans, namely,

  • Basic Service Plan: This Cove plan is charged 50 cents a day or $15 a month, and comes with benefits such as 24/7 live alarm monitoring, smash and grab protection, as well a one-year equipment warranty.
  • Plus Service Plan: Home security system under this plan allows the customers to access Alexa and Google Home integration, smartphone control, and lifetime equipment warranty at 83 cents a day or $25 a month.

Cove Security Company Information

Cove home security company is a Utah-based home security business offering an easy-to-install DIY security system with a touch-screen control panel, DIY sensors, and smart home integration services.

Other services and products include alarm panels, cove security systems, outdoor cameras, and carbon monoxide detectors.

Further, Cove security’s basic plan includes professional monitoring, which covers an environmental monitoring plan for those with smoke alarms.

They also have their services available on the Cove security app, where the top-tier member with a long-term contract can reach out to a monitoring team for quick assistance.

📣 Social Media Accounts

🌐 Website Address

📬 Mailing Address

14015 S Minuteman 
Dr Draper, UT 84020-7929,
United States

📧 Email Addresses

📞 Phone Numbers

💬 Live Chat

💁 Help & Support Pages

Cove Security Policies

Cove Security Subscription Charge on Your Bank Account

The Cove Security Subscription can show on your bank account as Cove Smart LLC, Cove Smart, LLC or in another similar manner.


Cancel Cove Security Subscription FAQs

Can You Pause Cove Security Subscription?

It is not possible to pause your Cove security subscription. Therefore, you are only left with an option to cancel and maybe resubscribe later if you wish to continue to enjoy their home security systems.

Does Cove Security Offer Refunds? 

Yes! According to their terms of use policy, Cove will refund any unearned services charges concerning an entire calendar month and where you had paid all advance services. This notwithstanding, Cove will not pay a refund for any unearned charges for a partial month.

Does Cove Security Have a Cancellation Fee?

Cove Security Company does not charge any membership termination fees compared to other home security companies. However, this does not exclude you from honoring any payment for products such as an alarm system or any other services you have purchased before your cancellation request.

How to Delete Your Cove Security Account Data after Canceling Your Subscription

For Cove Security to delete any of your data on their Cove system, we advise you to write to them via [email protected] and request the deletion of your account data. 

If you have subscriptions with other Home & Garden services, you might also need to Cancel Terminix Service to avoid more unwanted charges.

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