How to Cancel Chegg Subscription Fast (with REFUND!)

⚡ A simple way to cancel a Chegg membership is to use a free bill cancel app such as Truebill to find all your unwanted subscriptions and cancel them automatically without the hassle of doing it yourself.

⚠️ DifficultyHard to Cancel
❌ How to CancelTruebill, Website, Phone, Desktop, App
❓ After CancellationExpires at End of Billing Cycle 
💰 Get RefundGood Chance

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re trying to cancel a subscription, and the company makes it super difficult? 

You’re not alone. 

Many companies make it hard to cancel subscriptions because they know people will give up and continue paying.

Chegg is one of those companies; you could be facing a hard time trying to cancel your subscription with them. 

They don’t make it easy to find where you need to go or what you need to do.

It is why we are writing this blog post. 

We are going to show you how to cancel your Chegg subscription fast, and if you’re lucky, you might even get a refund!

How Do I Cancel My Chegg Subscription?

To cancel a Chegg subscription, you can use the official website, your phone, and Google Play to request a cancellation.  

Still, we’ve found that using the Truebill app is the fastest and easiest method to cancel your Chegg account altogether.

Cancel Chegg Subscription Automatically (Fast & Easy)


We highly recommend using Truebill to find any unwanted subscriptions you may have and automatically cancel them with ease.

  1. Get the FREE Truebill app and connect your bank account (to find all your active subscriptions).
  2. Tap on the ‘Recurring’ tab at the bottom.
  3. Select your Chegg subscription from the list.
  4. Tap on ‘Options’ and choose the ‘Cancel Service’ option.
  5. Truebill will automatically cancel your Chegg subscription for you.

Cancel Chegg Subscription on the Official Website

  1. From your favorite internet browser, go to the official website of Chegg Inc. at to cancel your membership with Chegg.
  2. Now, fill in the requested information into your Chegg membership account.
  3. Now, look for settings on ‘My Account.
  4. Click on the ‘Orders’ section.
  5. Click on the ‘Subscription’ tab.
  6. Tap on “Cancel Subscription” next to the Chegg app you wish to terminate.
  7. Provide a reason for your cancellation.

You should receive an email from Chegg notifying you that your subscription has been canceled.

You may continue to use the Chegg app services and features until your billing cycle has ended, even after canceling your monthly subscription.

Cancel My Chegg Subscription via Phone

To cancel your subscription, call the Chegg phone number at 1-855-868-1054 to speak with a Customer care support representative. 

Give the rep all pertinent information and details regarding your Chegg study subscription to cancel your membership.

How to Cancel Subscription on Chegg Study Using Google Play?

We all spend a lot of time using our phones. 

Therefore, it might be easier for you to cancel your Chegg subscription using your android.

To cancel your Chegg membership on your phone, follow the steps below:

  1. To begin, you may go to the Google Play website at or your Android phone’s account Settings menu and select your Google Play Account.
  2. Select the ‘Subscriptions’ option in your account ‘Settings’ section.
  3. Now, select the ‘Chegg’ app.
  4. Click on the ‘Cancel’ button to confirm your Chegg study subscription.
  5. Click ‘Cancel Subscription’.

If you don’t have a Google Play account, you can download it via Google Play Store.

How to Cancel Subscription on Chegg Study Using iPhone?

Are you an iPhone user? 

Well, here’s how you can cancel your subscription using iTunes app:

  1. To begin, go to your iPad or iPhone’s iTunes app or the app’s Settings.
  2. To access your Apple ID account, click on your name tab.
  3. Now, click on the top of your display screen where your Apple ID is displayed.
  4. Sign In with your Apple account ID.
  5. Then, go to the ‘View Apple ID’ section.
  6. Locate and click on the ‘Subscriptions’ tab.
  7. Click on Subscription-Manage, then choose the subscription you wish to cancel as a ‘Chegg Study’ from the drop-down menu.
  8. Switch off the ‘Auto-Renewal’ option.
  9. To finish, click the Save button or on Done.

You can visit the Apple customer service webpage for any device-specific query regarding your subscriptions.

Cancel your Chegg Study Pack Subscription using Desktop Computer

Using a desktop computer, follow these steps to successfully cancel the Chegg study pack subscription.

  1. Sign in and go to ‘My Accounts using your desktop computer.’
  2. Select ‘Orders’.
  3. Locate ‘Subscriptions’ and scroll to ‘Chegg Study Pack’.
  4. Now, click ‘Cancel Subscription.’
  5. On the next screen, choose one of the options for why you’re leaving. 

Your subscription will be terminated, and you will not be charged again once you confirm. 

You will continue to access Chegg Study Pack until your current payment period ends.

What Subscription Options Does Chegg Have? 

Chegg has four subscription plans. 

Each one is priced differently according to its features.

Here’s a list of the four pricing plans offered by Chegg: 

  • Chegg Study Plan comes with a monthly subscription charge of $14.95.
  • Chegg Study Pack is more inclusive and asks for $19.95 a month.
  • Chegg MathSolver and Chegg Writing are two more plans specifically targeted for the two named courses. They both have a monthly subscription of $9.95.

Is It Hard to Cancel Chegg Subscription?

If you’re wondering, ‘Is it easy to cancel my Chegg study subscription?’, the answer is no. 

It may be challenging for students to navigate through the cancellation process. 

Fortunately, the Truebill app can assist you in canceling your Chegg membership. 

Simply link your bank account to Truebill, and they will handle the rest. 

You may also utilize Truebill to keep track of your subscriptions, monitor your spending, and more.

What Happens If I Cancel My Chegg Membership?

Are you wondering what will happen when you cancel your Chegg membership?

Once you cancel your subscription, your membership will be canceled, and you will not be charged again. 

However, you’ll have access to the account for the rest of your current billing period and can use its features.

Can You Cancel Chegg at Any Time?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could save some money by canceling your Chegg Inc. account freely?

But, do they have the option?

Yes, luckily, you can cancel Chegg study subscriptions whenever you like. 

Whether it’s Chegg tutors or other programs, Chegg Inc. facilitates cancelations regardless of time.

Chegg Inc. also offers you to pause your service.

Pausing can lock your subscription price, so you don’t have to pay while paused. 

You can access your bookmarks, Q&A questions, and other settings on your account. 

How to Get a Refund After Cancelling Chegg Subscription?

After you cancel your Chegg Subscription with one of the methods above, you can send out an email asking for a refund of unused months.

If you previously tried to cancel your subscription and had trouble canceling, you can use the email template below to request a refund.

I had trouble canceling my membership and thought my subscription was already canceled. I have been billed for months that I did not use the service. I’m requesting a refund for [March – April] of the service, please. 

The trick is to keep it short and sweet and be honest.

Lower Your Chegg Membership Cost Without Cancelling

Are you trying to lower your bill to avoid having to cancel your Chegg Membership?

While no method is a guarantee, there are a couple of things you can try to lower your subscription cost.

Is it worth the effort?

Well, sure, why not?

If it means you don’t have to cancel Chegg services, it’s definitely worth it.

Use a Bill Negotiation Service

There are certain bill negotiation services that will actually cancel services for you or negotiate a lower subscription fee to avoid having to cancel the subscription altogether.

Our favorite option like this?


It’s super convenient, and the process is very user-friendly.

Chegg Company Information

Chegg Inc. offers online tutoring, homework help, and textbook rental services to university and college students.

Chegg was founded in 2005 by Osman Rashid and Aayush Phumbhra.

In 2007, the company was officially incorporated as Chegg Inc.

Among the famous services are Chegg tutors, Chegg math solver, and Chegg writing.

You can make a debit card purchase at Chegg to buy goods and services. 

Here are the essentials details of Chegg, in case you want to contact them:


3990 Freedom Cir, Santa Clara, CA 95054


[email protected]



Live Chat

Help Pages

Chegg Policies

Terms of Service Link –

Return/Cancellation Policy Link –

Cancel Chegg Subscription FAQs

Can You Pause Chegg Subscription?

You can only put your Chegg subscription on hold for a month at a time, with a maximum duration of six months.

If you remember stopping your Chegg subscription but still received a charge, your wait period may have expired. You may also want to sign in to your Chegg account and pick to pause it again if you like.

Does Chegg Have a Cancellation Fee?

While Chegg does not typically charge a cancellation fee, some Chegg services may require that you pay the monthly subscription fee for the remainder of the current payment period.

How to Delete Your Chegg Account Data after Cancelling Your Subscription?

If you want to permanently delete your Chegg account data after canceling your subscription, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Chegg account.
  2. Click on the avatar icon in the upper-right corner of the page and select ‘Account Settings’ from the drop-down menu.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select ‘Delete Account.’
  4. Enter your password to confirm and click on the ‘Delete Account’ button.

Your account and data will be permanently deleted. You will no longer be able to access the Chegg platform or any information stored in your account.

Does Chegg Offer Refunds?  

To request a refund for any unused portion of your Chegg subscription, simply email [email protected] or contact them by phone at 1-855-848-4640. In your email or phone call, be sure to include your name and order number and a description of the issue that led to your Chegg cancellation. 

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