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9 Cash Advance Apps Like Cleo to Overcome Financial Struggle (2023)

In today’s fast-paced world, having quick access to cash can be a lifesaver. That’s where cash advance apps like Cleo come in, offering an easily accessible and convenient solution for those short on funds.

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With Cleo and its alternatives, you no longer have to worry about finding a traditional lending option during your time of need. This blog will introduce the top 9 cash advance apps similar to Cleo that provide instant money solutions without any hassle.

Key Takeaways

  • Cash advance apps like Cleo offer a convenient and easily accessible solution for those in need of quick cash to cover unexpected expenses.
  • There are several alternatives to Cleo, such as Brigit, Chime, Earnin, MoneyLion, Line, Cash App Borrow, Varo, and FlexWage – each with unique features and requirements that should be considered before applying for a loan or cash advance.
  • While these apps provide accessibility and convenience without requiring credit checks, it’s important to practice responsible borrowing and budgeting strategies due to high fees and interest rates associated with loans. Always read the terms and conditions carefully before accepting any offers.
  • Using cash advance apps can help provide financial support to those who might have been turned down for traditional loans due to their credit score or lack of collateral.

Top 9 Cash Advance Apps Like Cleo

Here are the top 9 cash advance apps like Cleo: Albert, Brigit, Chime, Earnin, MoneyLion, Line, Cash App Borrow, Varo, and FlexWage.

1. Albert


Albert stands out as a popular cash advance app like Cleo for its user-friendly interface and budgeting features. Offering interest-free, fee-free cash advances up to $250, this mobile app serves as a financial support system to help you navigate through moments when you need extra funds.

What truly sets it apart from other options is the individually-tailored savings plan designed for each user based on their spending habits and financial goals. By monitoring your expenses, Albert provides personalized recommendations, which can result in saving more money effortlessly over time.

2. Brigit

As a loan app user, you may already be familiar with Brigit, one of the top cash advance apps like Cleo. This lending platform offers fast cash advances to those in need with minimal hassle.

Brigit stands out among other cash advance apps due to its commitment to help customers avoid overdraft fees and improve their financial health. You can receive up to $250 in interest-free cash advances within just a few minutes after approval – similar to what Cleo provides.

The app’s budgeting tools also give you insight into your spending habits and offer personalized advice on how better manage your finances.

3. Chime

Chime is an innovative cash advance app that has gained popularity among users looking for a financial safety net. Not only does it provide access to funds before your next payday, but it also integrates seamlessly with other well-known loan apps like Cleo, Dave, Varo, Albert, Empower, and MoneyLion.

One notable feature that sets Chime apart from its competitors is the ability to offer interest-free advances up to $100. This functionality comes in handy when you’re short on cash or faced with unexpected expenses.

Additionally, Chime is known for its user-friendly interface and helpful budgeting tools designed to help you save money efficiently.

4. Earnin

I personally love using Earnin as a cash advance app. Like Cleo, Earnin offers small amounts of money without requiring a credit check or direct deposit.

Earnin also has some unique features that set it apart from other apps like Cleo. For example, they offer “Balance Shield” which can help prevent overdrafts by providing up to $100 in advances if your balance gets too low.

Overall, if you’re looking for a reliable and fee-free option for small cash advances, I highly recommend checking out Earnin along with other apps like Cleo such as Chime and MoneyLion.

5. MoneyLion

One of the top cash advance apps like Cleo is MoneyLion, which offers interest-free cash advances to help users cover unexpected expenses. Similar to Cleo, MoneyLion also provides budgeting tools and credit tracking services to help users manage their finances effectively.

Users can sign up for a free account and receive a $150 sign-up bonus upon making their first investment. Additionally, MoneyLion offers loans with competitive interest rates and helps users build their credit score through on-time payments and responsible borrowing behavior.

6. Line

Line is another cash advance app like Cleo that allows you to get instant access to money whenever you need it. This app provides its users with an interest-free cash advance of up to $75 without any credit check or hidden fees.

Line works by analyzing your spending patterns and predicting future expenses, allowing you to stay on top of your finances and avoid overspending. The app also offers cash back rewards for shopping at selected stores, helping you save even more money in the long run.

One unique feature of Line is the “Flex Pay” option, which lets you split an upcoming bill into multiple smaller payments if needed.

7. Cash App Borrow

Cash App is a popular mobile app that allows users to send and receive money, as well as borrow money through their Cash App Borrow feature. With this feature, you can get access to a cash advance of up to $200, which is then deducted from your next deposit.

Although Cash App Borrow may seem like an easy solution for short-term monetary needs, it’s important to consider the high fees and interest rates associated with these cash advances.

If not used responsibly, borrowing money through the Cash App could lead to overspending and financial trouble down the road.

8. Varo

Varo is one of the top 9 cash advance apps like Cleo that offers interest-free, fee-free cash advances up to $250. Varo allows users to get a cash advance before their paycheck even comes, saving them the hassle of waiting around for traditional banks.

The app has no minimum balance requirements and no hidden fees for overdrafts or monthly maintenance. Furthermore, there are 10 best cash advance apps that work with Varo, including Dave, Albert, Empower, MoneyLion, Cleo, Chime, Instacash by MoneyLion and Klover.

9. FlexWage

FlexWage is another great cash advance app similar to Cleo that allows you to get your money faster when you need it. One of the unique features of this app is that you can access your wages in real-time rather than waiting until payday.

This can be an excellent option for those who live paycheck to paycheck and need extra funds between paydays. Additionally, unlike many other cash advance apps, FlexWage does not charge fees or interest rates on your advances, making it a more affordable option for borrowers.

My Personal Experience with Apps Like Cleo

My Experience With Apps Like Cleo

Picture this: it was a sunny Tuesday afternoon, and I had just finished a long day at work. As I was driving home, my car suddenly started making a strange noise. I took it to the mechanic, and they hit me with the news – I needed a costly repair. My heart sank. I had just paid my rent and other bills, and my bank account was nearly empty. I needed the car for work, so putting off the repair wasn’t an option.

That’s when I remembered a conversation I had with a friend about an app called Cleo. She had used it once when she was in a pinch and spoke highly of it. I thought, why not give it a shot?

I downloaded Cleo, linked my bank account, and within a few minutes, I was approved for a small cash advance. The money was in my account almost instantly, and I was able to pay for the car repair without any stress.

But here’s the kicker – Cleo turned out to be more than just a quick cash solution. It had these cool budgeting tools that analyzed my spending habits and gave me personalized advice on how to manage my finances better. It even helped me set up a savings plan.

Since then, I’ve been more prepared for unexpected expenses, and I’ve even managed to save a little on the side. I’ve got to say, using Cleo was a real eye-opener for me. It made me realize the importance of budgeting and saving.

Now, I don’t rely on cash advance apps all the time, but it’s comforting to know that they’re there when I need them. Just remember, these apps are a great tool for managing your finances, but they’re not a magic wand. Good financial habits are still key!

Pros And Cons Of Using Cash Advance Apps

Pros And Cons Of Using Cash Advance Apps

Cash advance apps like Cleo have both advantages and disadvantages. On the positive side, they offer access to funds without a credit check and are highly convenient.


Cash advance apps like Cleo offer several advantages to users. Here are some of the benefits you can expect when using these apps:

  • Accessibility to funds: With cash advance apps, you can easily access small amounts of money before your next paycheck. This can help cover unexpected expenses or bills that are due soon.
  • No credit check: Unlike traditional loans, most cash advance apps do not require a credit check. This means that people with lower credit scores or no credit history can still qualify for a loan.
  • Convenience: Cash advance apps are easy to use and available on your mobile device, making it a convenient option for accessing funds on the go.

By taking advantage of these benefits, you can get the financial support you need without the hassle of traditional loans.

Accessibility To Funds

As a loan app user, one of the most significant advantages of using cash advance apps like Cleo is the accessibility to funds. With just a few taps on your mobile device, you can get instant access to cash when you need it most.

Unlike traditional loans that require lengthy applications and approval processes, cash advance apps have streamlined procedures that make borrowing money fast and straightforward.

For example, Cleo offers quick cash advances up to $100 without any interest or credit checks required. This makes it an excellent option for those who need small amounts of money between paychecks or during emergencies.

No Credit Check

As a loan app user, one of the biggest advantages of using cash advance apps like Cleo is that they don’t require a credit check. This means even if you have poor credit or no credit history at all, you can still qualify for a cash advance.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that just because there is no credit check doesn’t mean these cash advances are risk-free. The fees and interest rates associated with these types of loans can be quite high, so it’s crucial to read the terms and conditions carefully before accepting any offers.


One of the most significant advantages of using cash advance apps like Cleo is their convenience. These apps allow users to access funds quickly and easily, often with just a few taps on their mobile devices.

Unlike traditional payday loans that require borrowers to visit a brick-and-mortar store or speak with a customer service representative over the phone, these apps can be accessed at any time and from anywhere.

Plus, many cash advance apps are compatible with popular online banking services such as Chime, further increasing their accessibility for users who prefer digital banking options.


Using cash advance apps like Cleo can be convenient, but there are also some disadvantages to consider. Here are a few to keep in mind:

  • High fees and interest rates: Cash advance apps often charge high fees and interest rates, which can add up quickly if you don’t repay the loan on time. Make sure you understand the terms before borrowing.
  • Potential for overspending: Since cash advance apps make it easy to get money quickly, there is a risk of overspending or relying too heavily on these loans. It’s important to use them responsibly and only when necessary.
  • Limited borrowing capacity: Cash advance apps typically have limits on how much you can borrow, so they may not be able to cover all of your expenses. If you need a larger sum of money, you may need to look into other options.
  • Impact on credit score: While cash advance apps don’t typically require a credit check, using them frequently could impact your credit score negatively. Lenders may view frequent payday loan usage as a sign of financial instability.

It’s important to weigh the pros and cons before using any cash advance app. While they can be helpful in certain situations, it’s best to use them sparingly and only when necessary.

High Fees And Interest Rates

As with any loan or credit product, it’s important to consider the costs and fees associated with cash advance apps. Many of these apps have fees that can add up quickly, especially if you need to borrow frequently or for longer periods.

In addition, some cash advance apps may charge high-interest rates, making the borrowed amount even more expensive in the long run.

Before using a cash advance app like Cleo or one of its many alternatives, make sure you understand the costs involved and compare different options based on their fee structures and interest rates.

Some apps may offer lower fees but higher borrowing limits, while others may focus on providing financial planning tools and incentives to help users build better money habits over time.

Potential For Overspending

As a loan app user, it’s important to be aware of the potential for overspending when using cash advance apps like Cleo. While these apps can provide quick access to funds in times of need, they may also encourage you to spend beyond your means.

To avoid overspending, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of your budget and financial goals. Set limits on how much you borrow from these apps, and make sure you’re only taking out what you truly need.

Additionally, consider setting aside some funds each month towards building an emergency savings account so that you won’t always have to rely on loans when unexpected expenses arise.

Limited Borrowing Capacity

As a loan app user, you may find that some of these cash advance apps have limited borrowing capacity. This means that the amount you can borrow at one time is often restricted to a relatively low limit.

However, other apps like Earnin and Dave offer higher borrowing limits based on factors such as income and spending habits. It’s important to research and compares different cash advance apps before choosing one to ensure that it meets your individual needs and borrowing requirements.

Qualification And Factors To Consider Before Applying

Qualification And Factors To Consider Before Applying

Before applying to any cash advance app, it’s important to consider factors like minimum age requirements, bank account, and income criteria, credit scores, and responsible usage strategies.

Minimum Age Requirement

To qualify for a payday or cash advance loan from apps like Cleo and other similar loan apps, you must be at least 18 years old. This is a standard requirement to ensure that the borrower has reached the legal age of consent.

If you’re younger than 18, unfortunately, you won’t be able to apply for these types of loans yet. However, if you’re eligible based on your age, it’s essential to consider whether taking out a cash advance is the right choice for your financial situation.

Always make sure that you can pay back any borrowed funds in full and on time before taking out any loans.

Bank Account And Income Requirements

To apply for cash advance apps like Cleo, most require you to have an active bank account. This is because the app needs to link to your bank account information and monitor your income flow to verify eligibility for a loan.

Some apps even require that you have a consistent monthly income or direct deposit set up in your account.

It’s important to note that while some cash advance apps may be more lenient when it comes to credit score requirements, having a steady income from an established bank account is crucial in qualifying for their services.

Credit Score And Borrowing Limit

Your credit score and borrowing limit are two essential factors to consider before applying for a cash advance app like Cleo. These apps typically allow you to borrow a limited amount of money, which is based on your income and creditworthiness.

For instance, Cleo allows first-time borrowers to apply for up to $70 without interest charges, but this limit can increase over time as they get to know you better. Similarly, other apps like Brigit may offer advanced features if you have a good banking history or high credit scores.

Responsible Usage And Budgeting Strategies

As a loan app user, it is crucial to adopt responsible usage and budgeting strategies when utilizing cash advance apps like Cleo. These strategies can help you avoid overspending and financial trouble down the line.

One useful strategy is creating a budget based on your income and expenses.

Another important strategy is avoiding unnecessary borrowing. While cash advance apps offer accessibility to funds, it’s essential to only borrow what you need and not overextend yourself financially.

Lastly, regularly monitoring your account activity can help ensure that you’re staying on top of your spending habits and catching any fraudulent transactions early on.

By adopting responsible usage strategies such as creating a budget, avoiding unnecessary borrowing, and monitoring account activity regularly, loan app users can make the most out of cash advance apps while keeping their finances in check.

Conclusion: Finding The Right Cash Advance App For You

In conclusion, there are several cash advance apps like Cleo that can help you get the money you need to cover unexpected expenses or improve your financial situation. From Brigit to Chime and Earnin, each app has its unique features and requirements that you’ll want to consider before downloading.

While these apps offer accessibility, convenience, and no credit checks, they also come with high fees and interest rates, so responsible borrowing and budgeting strategies are crucial.

Be sure to research each option carefully before applying for a loan or cash advance.


What is a cash advance app like Cleo?

A cash advance app like Cleo is a financial tool that allows users to access funds ahead of their next paycheck or short-term loans for emergency expenses. These apps often link to the user’s bank account and use algorithms to determine eligibility for borrowing based on spending habits and income.

How does a cash advance app work?

Cash advance apps work by analyzing transactional data from your linked bank account to evaluate lending risk and approve you for an amount that can be borrowed. Once approved, the funds are unlocked and typically transferred directly into your checking account via ACH deposit or other electronic payment methods.

What fees are associated with using a cash advance app like Cleo?

Fees vary between providers but are generally lower than traditional payday lenders which charge higher APRs (Annual Percentage Rates) on small-dollar loans due within weeks instead of months-long timeframe offered through these fintech solutions, which carry potentially less expensive interest rate options as well as smaller processing charges. Some apps may also offer additional subscription services at various pricing levels where users can receive personalized budgeting assistance or credit score monitoring features depending upon the service selected along with client needs.

What fees are associated with using a cash advance app like Cleo?

The primary risk of using these applications lies in potential overreliance, whereby individuals might run the risk of becoming trapped in a cycle of debt if they continuously borrow against future payroll during times when unexpected hardships arise – however, this risk applies more broadly across all forms personal loan products not just specific fintech platforms themselves. Additionally, potential unethical practices amongst some newer players within emerging digital lending marketplaces underscore the need for thorough research before committing oneself blindly to newest latest offerings available today, thus avoiding scams/fraudulent behavior that could lead consumers astray while costing them time/money down line if things go awry, later on, due problems encountered with their financial services provider chosen.

What are the best apps like Cleo for managing money and getting cash advances?

Some of the best apps like Cleo include Albert, Dave, MoneyLion, Earnin, and Brigit. These apps offer various features like budgeting tools, instant cash advances, and money management solutions to help you control your finances effectively.

Can instant money apps like Cleo help provide a payday loan when I need money urgently?

Yes, instant money apps such as Cleo, Dave, and Earnin can offer you a cash advance or short-term loan when you need money urgently. They are designed to give you a cash advance until your next paycheck comes in, helping you cover urgent expenses without waiting for payday.

What features can I expect from budgeting apps like Cleo?

Budgeting apps like Cleo offer various features to help manage your money effectively. You can expect budgeting tools that enable you to categorize and track your spending, set spending limits, and get notifications when you approach those limits. Additionally, these apps may offer cash advance features, financial advice, and options for savings accounts to help you achieve your financial goals.

How can apps like Cleo 2023 improve my financial situation?

Apps like Cleo 2023 may offer improved features and functionality to help you better manage your money, such as AI-powered insights, personalized financial advice, savings goals, and more. They can also help you access instant cash advances when needed, keeping you from falling into financial hardship.

How do apps like Cleo and Dave loan money?

Apps like Cleo and Dave connect to your bank account and analyze your financial transactions to provide personalized advice on how to manage your money effectively. They may also offer cash advance features, which allow you to get cash quickly when you need it until your next payday.

Do I need to download the app to access services offered by apps like Cleo?

Yes, in most cases, you need to download the app and create an account to access the services offered by apps like Cleo. The app usually connects to your bank account to provide personalized features, from cash advances to budgeting tools.

How does the cash advance feature work in apps like Cleo?

In apps like Cleo, the cash advance feature allows you to borrow a small amount of money, typically up to $100, to cover urgent expenses until your next paycheck arrives. Once approved, the amount of the advance will be transferred to your bank account almost immediately. When your paycheck comes in, the borrowed amount (plus any fees, if applicable) will be automatically repaid to the app.

Are there any drawbacks to using loan apps like Cleo compared to traditional payday loans?

While loan apps like Cleo offer convenience and quick access to cash advances, they may have lower borrowing limits and fees than traditional payday loans. Also, they require a bank account to access their services. However, the benefits often outweigh the drawbacks, as these apps provide more accessible and user-friendly financial management options, and they can help users avoid falling into a cycle of high-interest debt.

How can Cleo help me manage my money better, and what makes it different from other apps?

Cleo is a great money management app that uses AI to analyze your financial transactions and offers personalized financial advice. It also features budgeting tools and cash advance options. What sets Cleo apart from other apps is the conversational interface, which makes managing your money more engaging and enjoyable.

Are there any cash-back reward features in apps like Cleo to save money?

Yes, some apps like Cleo may offer cash-back rewards on purchases made at specific retailers or online stores. These rewards can help you save money while shopping and make the most of your spending. Be sure to check individual apps for their specific cash-back reward programs.

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